Nursery Window Treatments

10 Essential Do’s and Don’ts For Nursery Window Treatments

Nursery Window Treatments

The idea of decorating nursery windows is an incredibly pleasant task and you should think about both beauty and safety for this particular room.

Dressing your nursery windows is not just a design choice—it’s a safety concern too. For your kids, Nursery Window Treatment Ideas include so many beautiful Child Safety Blinds and Shades options, such as Kids Blackout Nursery Curtains or Baby Blackout Blinds. The proper window treatments will help your baby sleep longer and more comfortably. More importantly, these window coverings will prevent the room from getting too hot during the summer time.

Child Safety Blinds Shades


Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts While Designing Nursery Window Treatments


Nursery Window Treatment Ideas not only enhance the decor of your room but also help to lower energy bills by providing insulation against the summer heat and warm the room during the winter cold. But there are some style guidelines to follow to get the right look. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow –

#1. For Small Spaces, Do Consider Blinds – Curtains generally need to be larger than your windows to function properly. If you have a small room, then curtains will create a cluttered look. So in that case, blinds will be the best choice for your nursery windows.

#2. Don’t Choose Floor Length Draperies – When selecting curtains for nurseries, avoid floor length draperies. It’s always best to keep them short, simple, and out of reach from kids.

#3. Do Consider Similar Styles – While choosing window coverings for your nursery, it’s important to choose same style, pattern, and colors for every window treatment. They should match your wall décor. Narrow your focus and create a more cohesive design.

#4. Do Consider Going Green – Designing an eco-friendly nursery is good for everyone, especially your baby. Choose from our nature-friendly window treatments that have no harmful, chemically treated materials and will keep you and your family healthy. For example, you can choose Natural Shades or Real Wood Blinds for your windows.

#5. Do Consider Safety – When it comes to nursery window treatments, prevention is the first thing to consider. Blinds with long and exposed cords can pose a strangulation hazard for small kids. Choose from our cordless window coverings or motorized treatments that will keep your kids safe and secure.

#6. Keep Your Space Cool – It’s a good idea to install heat-reflecting, UV-blocking window treatments for your nursery. Installing insulating window shades or blinds can help your little one beat the heat during afternoon naps. For example, choose our cellular honeycomb shades as they act as the best insulators. Air pockets of these shades will trap the air from going outside or coming outside. Because of this heat gain and heat loss feature, your room keeps cool in the of summer and hot in the winter. In this way, you can save on your energy bill also.

#7. Do Combine Window Treatments  Layering Custom Made Roman Shades with drapery panels is a great choice for your windows. It’s a beautiful idea to give any space texture, and the perfect way to enhance the look of your room. Combining window treatments is one of the best ways to give your room a polished and sophisticated look. You can consider window valances or cornices with beautiful draperies also. A window valance softens the look of your home and even adds textures, style, and color. For a more dramatic look, consider window cornices.

#8. Make Sure your Window Coverings are Properly Measured and Installed – Measuring is the first thing where most of us seem to go wrong. Measure properly so that your window treatments can fit properly to your windows. Even after purchasing your products, make sure to install them correctly. Curtain rods and blinds can be dangerous if they fall due to improper installation. To stop this, all curtain hardware should be attached directly to a wall stud or secured with the appropriate wall anchors. For more information, you can check out how to measure or how to install window treatment videos and articles.

#9. Don’t Use Tension Rods – As they are not secured to the wall, tension rods may fall anytime, especially when your kids try to pull on the curtain panel, making them an unnecessary hazard.

#10. Don’t Save your Curtains for Last – While dressing your windows, always choose the fabric elements first. It will be easier to choose your textiles first and then buy paint to match.


What Type of Child Safety Blinds and Shades Should You Choose For Nursery Windows?


  • Cordless Window Coverings –

Cordless Window Coverings

When choosing for window treatments, go for the cordless lift option. Cordless window treatments are the most popular choice to have in your home if you want to avoid any tangled cords or knots. Not only are they the safest lift option available, they also provide a beautiful look, more high-quality functionality, and style benefits.

  • Blackout Drapery –

Blackout Drapery

For a better sleep, choose blackout curtains for your room. These draperies are made up of heavy fabrics that can completely block out sunlight will keep your nursery cool and comfortable. Heavy drapery also helps insulate your home from outside noise, creating a peaceful environment.

  • Motorized Window Treatments –

Smart Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are a great option for your nursery. As they are cordless, so they will not create any danger or hazards for your kids. These coverings are automated so they will work automatically to control light and temperature. You can operate them from anywhere in your room.


Decorate Your Nursery Windows with These Simple Guidelines

If you want a cozy and relaxing nursery room for your little ones, then choose from our best nursery window treatments that can make your baby’s nursery a safer, more comfortable, and more inviting space. If you have any doubt related to design or appearance before choosing a fabric or style, you can order free samples offered by us to see how they look at different times in the day.

For any other help or questions, call our design experts or leave a comment for us. They will help you to customize the best products that best fit in your room.

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