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The Festivities of Christmas – Spreading Cheer with ZebraBlinds!

Christmas-Gift -

Christmas-Gift1Spreading Christmas Cheer with ZebraBlinds!

December is upon us, and that means the holidays are as well! We have a few more weeks to wait until we are able to enjoy the festivities of Christmas and New Years, but that wait isn’t long! In the blink of an eye the holidays will be here. The kids will be back from school for a few weeks, and you’ll be off of work for a few days as well. Make good use of your time by indulging yourself in all the fun activities you can do during this time of year. Looking for something less active, and more leisurely? Hey, do that instead. Make your holidays whatever you want them to be. Let Zebra Blinds be here to give you some fun ideas and tips to make your holidays the best they can be this year!


Zebra Blinds is an online custom windows treatments store with a mission – we want to give you the best in window treatment fashion, while helping you out in your daily life. During the winter holidays, we want you to have the best gift ideas, the best meals, and of course, the best set of window treatments that money can buy. As a big part of Christmas is giving, we also want you to be able to give gifts that are memorable and of course, usable. Face it, there are many gifts that you store in your basement, never too see light again. Do you want people to feel the same way about your gifts? Don’t let it happen! Sometimes homemade gifts are your best bet, as they can be customized to suit the needs of the person you’re giving them to. Search the Internet to find different things you can make. Here are a few quick gift ideas for select members of your family.


Have a cocktail or wine lover in your home? Make them an alcohol lovers gift set! Creating a themed gift is a great way to demonstrate the care you took when making or buying a gift. Buy a cocktail recipe book, or better yet, create printed recipes on colorful card stock. Give them a few main items that are used in making cocktails; grenadine syrup, and cocktail shakers are staple choices. Wines and alcohols (like rums and vodkas) are also great choices for your cocktail basket. If you like, you can include a few different glasses- wine, pint, and martini glasses are all unique items for your basket. If you want to make your basket pop with color, you can also include a few fruits or lemon and limes, as long as they are used quickly! Include accessories like corkscrews, wine charms, and bottle openers to complete your basket.


Have a little explorer in your home? Let them discover the world around them with an adorable adventure set! Include a net to catch critters with, a magnifying glass to look at them, and gum boots in case they try to get messy! Include a book with animal and insect identification so your little explorer can learn while they play. Include granola bars, juice boxes, and even some gummy candy treats so they don’t tire out while on their adventure!


For the inner baker, there is a baking box. Fills yours with edible treats, or raw ingredients that need to be baked by them. Fill the box with items like frosting tips and reusable icing bags for cake bakers. Include food coloring and a bag of icing sugar so they can create their own unique designs for their creations. For cookie lovers, add chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, white chocolate blocks, and even the occasional chocolate bar for cooking. Baking trays or cupcake holders are also great items for baking boxes. Get creative with yours!!


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