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Outdoor Solar Shades – Best solution to Protect Your Home From UV Rays and Harsh Glare

Outdoor Solar Shades

Beat the Heat Elegantly and Smartly This Summer with Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades

Summers are becoming more and more merciless with the passing seasons, and the world is getting hotter. Sky-rocketing temperatures are making the surroundings so harsh not only outside the home but also inside. The strong heat waves make the surroundings uncomfortable and unpleasant. To help survive the heat, ZebraBlinds has come up with the most reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective Outdoor Solar Shades solution to shield your home.


Motorized Outdoor Solar Shades

They are the most effective solution to a hot and uncomfortable outside area. They filter the sun’s rays and let you enjoy the view with the option of roll-up screen. Made of special heat absorbing materials, these smart solar blinds and shades block the UV-rays and sunlight while maintaining your view. These can be installed on both windows and doors.


Motorized Outdoor Blinds


Top 5 Features of Smart Outdoor Solar Shades

Have you ever been outside during hot summer days? What is the first thing you do to protect yourself from scorching sunlight? You wear sunglasses. Our exterior solar shades are just like sunglasses for your windows and doors. They will make your home look smart and sleek, and will also provide protection from harmful UV radiations. Available in various designs, color shades, patterns, materials and textures, here are the features of these solar shades:

#1. Saves Energy!

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, energy consumption is increasing at a drastic rate. But, energy is not getting produced at the same rate. Being one of the most developed nations over the decades, we should reduce our energy expenses. How can energy consumption be reduced? By reducing the use of those electric instruments like your Air Conditioner. We use AC to make our home cool and comfortable. We want to stay away from the hot unpleasant weather of outside. Why can’t we use a better and reliable alternative? Our home becomes hot when sunlight enters in it. Instead of using our AC which contributes to a lot of environmental waste and energy use, we can cover our doors and windows with our motorized solar shades which are not only budget-friendly but environment-friendly as well. These motorized smart solar shades block the sunlight from entering in your area keeping it soothing and relaxed all day long. These smart solar shades are very easy to install, operate and clean. Beneficial for the environment, they are made with special materials which absorb the heat and maintain the temperature of your space.


Remote Control Solar Shades


#2. Amplify comfort!

These motorized solar shades stop bright and irritating glares from the sun, protecting your eyes from harmful radiations and increased comfort levels. Working, studying or watching television can be difficult when the ambiance of the home is not comfortable. They maintain a cozy atmosphere and also enhance the look of the place.


#3. Shields electric equipment and furniture

No more replacing of furniture or other electronic appliances which are damaged because of the direct contact with sunlight. With our exterior smart solar shades, the lifespan of such articles can be greatly enhanced. These perfect light blocking window treatments are very beneficial in conserving such expensive upholstery.


#4. Lowers the requirement of Air Conditioning

Your home needs air conditioning when the temperature rises and disturbs our comfort level. We are so dependent on non-renewable energy that we have forgotten to conserve it for our future generations. We should initiate the conservation of energy by taking small steps. Reducing the usage of air conditioning is one important step among them. Implementing solar shades is the most popular Eco-friendly option opted not only in homes but in offices, schools, colleges, shops, etc. These smart simple initiatives in today era of rapidly emerging technologies are of great importance. Our outdoor sun shades for decks minimize the heat transfer which makes the ambiance cooler. When the temperature is maintained so effectively by these solar shades then you won’t feel any need of using AC.


#5. No more harmful UV radiations

The effects of UV radiation can be acute as well as chronic. So ignoring it and letting the radiations enter your space can be dangerous. Tanning and sunburn are some of the acute effects while skin cancer, damage to the eyes and suppression of immune system are some of the major effects. Our smart solar shades shield you and your family from such diseases to a great extent. They absorb or reflect back the hard glare and harmful radiations making your home a safe and sound place.


Smart Solar Blinds and Shades


Operate Smart Outdoor Solar Shades with Smartphones

Technology has its own pros and cons. On one side, it is affecting our environment by contributing to the ecological imbalance and on another side, it is making things simpler and user-friendly. Now it depends on us that to which kind of technology we give our support. If we want a safe and harmless environment for our future then obviously we will go with the Eco-friendly technology that can be an alternative to another one which stops us from conserving energy. So, installing smart solar shades comes with the technology that will help you contribute to energy conservation and also will not make any hassle in your day-to-day operations.


Smart Outdoor Solar Shades with Smartphones


Our motorized smart sun shades have built-in Z-wave technology which enables them to be controlled from anywhere in your home with just a touch of a button. You can operate them via a portable remote, your smartphone and tablet. This technology also enables you to give voice commands to your solar shades. For that, you will need voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo. You can also control the visibility range through the windows which vary from 1-14%. 1% solar fabrics block 99% UV rays and 14% solar material blocks 86% of the damaging rays.

These remote-controlled smart solar shades are a great and worthy deal which will also inspire others to contribute to energy conservation. At affordable prices, numerous colors, sizes and design options, ZebraBlinds is offering the best quality solution for your home. So shop today and take initiative for a good cause.

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