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6 Tips on Improving Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades

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Home Decor with Room Darkening Shades “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”, said Thomas Dekkar. There is nothing more annoying than the lights streaming through your window, shredding your precious golden chain to pieces, precisely when you just want to steal a few more winks. As we all know, early to bed, early to…

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Enhance window decor spending less! The recession has of late become a dreaded word. A large retail chain winds up operations, and we realize that the phenomenon has reached our doorstep. The recession is an overall slowdown in economic activity that results in businesses shutting up or down- sizing operations. Job losses and widespread unemployment follow. Yes, We need to…

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Why Horizontal Blinds aren’t a Good Option for Sliding Patio doors


Best Solutions for Patio Sliding Glass Doors Vertical Blinds.   Have you noticed how people can drive you insane out of their sheer obtuseness? I mean, sometimes they just don’t make sense, be it that they wear clothes that don’t suit them but they just have to coz it’s the latest fashion statement or that they eat out at places…

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  WINDOWS REFLECT YOUR PERSONALITY Every time I drive past residential neighborhoods, what draws my attention to individual homes is the state of their Windows. Depending on the season and the time of the day, some are left open to let light and breeze through, and the sight of sheers fluttering pleasantly gives an appearance of peace and harmony; window…

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Avoid frightful Headaches with Blackout Cellular Shades

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Blackout Cellular Shades a remedy for a migraine and SAD Those who are prone to headaches know all too well the awful feeling of walking into a brightly lit room the morning after having tossed and turned all night – that instant nausea coupled with the dreadful and insistent hammering behind the eyes! Nothing gives relief at that point –…

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Use window dressings to add value to your home

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Window dressings the gateway to creativity. ‘Quality time’ is a very modern phrase coined to reflect precious moments spent with near and dear ones amidst present-day rush where the commitments keep one away from home most times. Being with dear ones in comfortable surroundings has become a cherished, looked-forward-to event. What better place than one’s own home for the purpose?…

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Buy Window coverings online from Canada & save on hidden charges

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Save on PST, import tax, clearing charges & custom brokerage fees. The largest sale in the US is already over and, as usual, we on the Canadian side were left out to dry. While our U.S counterparts were enjoying the massive savings from special sales such as Black Friday and Boxing day, we were left with the mediocre, overpriced goods…

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SKYLIGHTS BLINDS, SHADES AND SHUTTERS Skylights or ‘roof windows’ as they’re known are by no means a modern invention – in fact, they’ve been in use for centuries. Years and years ago, when houses were built with sloped overhanging roofs to shade spacious, wrap-around balconies, hardly any light would reach the interiors of the houses, so small glass panes were…

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The face of the home!

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The face of the home! If eyes are windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes of a house that provide a glimpse of the world without and within. And if we were to carry forward the analogy and continue with this comparison of a house with a woman’s face – we would discover a whole range of similarities…

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DO-IT-YOURSELVES viz. CUSTOM ROMAN BLIND   If you’re a hardcore fan of fabric, but tired of the looks of drapery, Roman blind is THE most viable option to go for. Enough of the masses of fabric trailing on the floor, catching dust and spewing out allergens…a Roman shade is a tailored panel of fabric that can be fitted into the…

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