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Using a Palladian Shelf to Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian Shelf To Divide Your Extra Tall or Arched Windows

Palladian, Arched or Bay Windows – Large & Wide

The architectural beauty of a gorgeous bay window, a Palladian or an arched window is unparalleled. These are specialty shaped large window openings that can be quite a stunner and help your rooms make a bold style statement. They help frame your outside view, flood your space with natural light and create a bright and cheerful ambiance. While these broad window openings are extremely attractive and show-stealer in your home, dressing these windows can be a challenging task. In the absence of special hardware to support these window coverings, it can be an impossible task to gain the privacy you need for your rooms and filter light. This brings us to a very special feature that window coverings use and that is a Palladian shelf. They help you to hang blinds on arched or Palladian windows with ease.

There are different challenges posed by window treatments and a Palladian window shelf can help address many of these. Your job does not end with selecting the right window treatment for your homes and neither does our job end with selling window treatments. Proper installation of these window treatments is as much your concern as ours. Improper installation can ruin your entire experience of window treatments and can even end up damaging them.
Palladian Window Shutters

Need for Palladian Shelf

Let us corroborate with the help of an example, the need for a Palladian shelf for your window treatments. Take, for example, your bedroom or living room has a large wide window with a half-moon arch at the top of the window. These windows are not uncommon or non-functional at all. They are common and oozing with charm and elegance. But how do you decide which window treatment to choose for these windows. If your window is wide and large, your window treatment will be wide and large too to be able to cover the window in length and breadth. You might think that purchasing a large window covering is enough. The problem lies when you try to mount these big window treatments without providing sufficient support to the entire blind. It will cause the window blind to bow.

To extend support to the blind you could attach center brackets. But what if there is a wood casing to drill the brackets into. If you try to drill into the transom which is an aluminum separator located between the arch and the window it could result in damaging and breaking the window. It could cause the glass to crack and even end up releasing argon gas which is placed between the window panes. The purpose of argon gas is to fill the thermal holes to prevent any air leakage. It could damage the lift operation of the windows, rending them dysfunctional and lead to loss of energy. These will not only cause irreparable damage to the windows but also render the warranty of your windows null and void. Most window manufacturers confirm that warranty will be rendered void if there is an alteration made to the window or window frame. Drilling a hole into the window or window frame definitely amounts to alteration and the company will not be liable for any damage caused.

What is a Palladian Shelf?

So, will you forgo the idea of installing large window treatments? Thanks to Palladian shelves you need not do that. They present a simple and easy solution to the problems of installing your large and wide window treatments. They are versatile and extremely functional. A Palladian window shelf may be defined as a wood board that is painted to match the trim color or the color of the window treatment. These shelves are mounted on the side of the window casing. This is a solid piece of wood that is constructed to act as an extra point of contact for the whole top mount window treatment.

These Palladian window shelves can be as deep or shallow as the casing and they come in a variety of colors. They are beautiful to look at, they support your blinds and prevent them from bending or bowing and most importantly no holes need to be made into the windows. They ensure that your window treatment is properly and effectively installed and renders them functional. A bowed window blind will not only ruin the aesthetics of the room but will also prevent them from functioning efficiently.

Things to Remember When Ordering a Palladian Shelf

Measurement is very important when placing an order for a Palladian shelf.
• Always use a steel measuring tape or laser measuring device.
• Measure the point where you want the shelf to be mounted.
• Ensure that both sides are level with the bottom part of the window opening.
• Note down the exact measurements. Do not round off.
• If measurements are different for either side of the windows always use the smaller size to ensure a better fit.

Shelf Depth
Use the largest depth possible for your shelf to ensure the maximum amount of stability for your window covering. They are designed to support great weight and larger depth makes the shelves more stable. Anything less than 2” is discouraged.

There are loads of colors to choose from for your shelf. Choose the one that best suits the color of the window covering or trim. Honey Maple, Cottage Pine, Golden Oak, Dark Walnut, Mahogany are some of the popular color palettes offered by manufacturers.

Palladian shelves are a must for your elegant and grand bay windows or Palladian and arched windows. They lend better functionality and prevent damages to both windows and window treatments.

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