Palladian Shelf

Palladian Window Shelf – Cover Your Large Window Openings for Privacy

Palladian Window Shelf

What is Palladian Window Shelf?

A Palladian window is a very large window divided into three big rectangular sections. The central and largest window is topped with a semicircular arched window. The Palladian window is truly an elegant and graceful design, whether it’s viewed from inside or outside.

Palladian window shelf help you cover these unique windows with the utmost ease and style – they are perfect for covering any large windows with an arch at the top. A Palladian window shelf is a finished board that installs from the sides of the casing. It’s a solid wood shelf that adds that extra point of contact for any window treatment and adds elegance to the finished product.

Basic Features of Palladian Window Shelf

Palladian windows are common wherever an elegant touch is desired. Other names for Palladian windows are – Venetian Window and Serliana Window.

Palladian shelves can have a depth of 2 to 4 inches and are available in a variety of colors. They are reliable, clean, and look beautiful in any setting. With this option, your blinds or shades can be installed securely and with peace of mind.

Benefits of Palladian Window Shelf

Below are the essential features of Palladian window shelf:

  • A unique lightweight wood shelf used to create a mounting surface for unique or difficult window covering installations.
  • Designed from premium North American hardwood.
  • Easy mount brackets included.
  • You can use it with any blinds or shades.
  • This window shelf is perfect for arch top windows.
  • It can be used as a divider for long windows.
  • Blinds or other window treatments may be installed either above or below the shelf.
  • It allows the window covering to be brought towards the front of each window to avoid interference from any latches or cranks.
  • Palladian window shelf comes in 1 1/2 inch thickness with delightful, brilliant wood-painted colors ensure its richness and sturdiness.

How to Cover a Palladian Window?

Best Plantation Window Shutters

Do you have an oddly shaped window? Does one or more of your windows just not fit in? Most homeowners have an oddly shaped window: windows that are not the traditional square and rectangle shape. But when it comes to covering them, many homeowners don’t know what to do. Palladian arched windows are the most common example in this case.

The Palladian arched window is an oddly shaped window. If privacy and light are an issue, you will want to cover both of the window openings (the arch and the main rectangle). In that case, Cellular Honeycomb Shades are an excellent option for this kind of window. The top arched opening can be covered with a cellular arched shade with a standard cellular shade underneath.

Roller shades have many different styles but can only be used to cover the rectangular shaped windows. Drapery can be layered over these shades for a more formal look. Wood blinds are another alternative to covering the arch.

Why Would You Want a Palladian Shelf?

Arch Window Blinds

Palladian windows are enormous —larger than standard windows. They allow a great deal of sunlight to enter the interior and help maintain that indoor-outdoor atmosphere.

With a Palladian shelf, you can convert a frameless window into a work of art. With this architectural element in place, blinds may be mounted either above or below your unique window’s beautiful arched curve. This unique window accessory opens up many new design possibilities for different windows.They are an ideal solution for arch-top, angle-top, and windows with a recessed transom.

Where to Buy a Palladian Shelf?

Do you have a Palladian window that needs blinds or shades? Would you like both windows to have the same treatment on each? If your answer is yes, then you may need a Palladian window shelf for proper mounting on your window. Customize your Palladian window shelf at the most affordable prices at ZebraBlinds.

Palladian arched windows are great if you treat them properly. Go for a more traditional, elegant style, or simplify it with a sleek and contemporary design. Choose from various choices of alluring wood painted colors or wood stains for the Palladian window shelf. Even installing this product is a painless and straightforward process.

For more details go through our website or give us a call and let our window treatment specialists help you to find out the perfect window coverings for your Palladian window. No matter what your window treatment needs are, we are ready to provide the best products with incredible warranties and a beautiful look no matter what you choose.

To order your custom Palladian shelves do not hesitate to give us a call.

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