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Palladian Window Treatments: An Intuitive Solution for Large and Frameless Arched Windows

Palladian Window Treatments

Palladian Window Treatment Ideas That Holds the Beauty of Arched Windows


Arched windows add a classic design and sophisticated look to your interior decor. But for many homeowners, when it comes to covering those windows, it may seem like a big problem. But do you know that custom arched windows can be very easy and simple to dress? Palladian window treatments are perfect for decorating those large or arch-shaped windows which are divided into three big sections with the top arch area.


What are Palladian Window Treatments? Why are they best for Arched Windows?


A Palladian window shelf is a finished board that installs from the sides of the casing. It’s a solid wood shelf that adds elegance to any window treatments.

They are made of Premium North American Hardwood. To create a mounting surface for the arched or large windows, you can use a lightweight wood shelf. With the help of Palladian window shelf, you can install any blinds or shades safely, smoothly, and easily. Palladian window shelves work as a divider and any window covering can be installed above or below the shelf.

Palladian windows offer a great amount of natural light to enter your room which balances the indoor-outdoor atmosphere. With this shelf, you can transform the look of any frameless window to an architectural window. They are an ideal solution for arch-top, angle-top, and windows with a recessed transom.


What are the Best Palladian Window Treatments to Cover Your Arched Windows?


If you are planning to cover any odd shaped or large windows but don’t know how to do that, then we are here to guide you with the best Palladian window treatments. As the Palladian arched window is an odd shaped window, we have a few common recommendations. You can consider the below coverings to get the benefits of arched or Palladian windows:


  • Honeycomb Cellular Shades

If you want to cover your whole arched windows (both the arch and rectangular sections) but want privacy and natural light as well, then honeycomb cellular shades are the perfect option. The top arched opening can be coated with a cellular arched shade with a standard cellular shade underneath. These shades will help you to save on your energy bills by balancing the temperature with outside environment. They trap the air coming from inside the room or outside and keep your room cooler during the summer and warm during the winter. Browse our full section to get the best product as there are so many options to choose from.


Arch Windows Shades


  • Palladian Roller Shades

There are so many styles and textures available for roller window shades but they can be only used to cover the rectangular sections of arched windows. You can layer curtains to get an elegant, modern, and stylish look. These shades can obstruct the excess daylight while offering privacy during the day and night time. Customize the style and designs to get the best fit for your home with our best collections of Roller Window Shades.


Roller Shades for Arched Windows


  • Wood Blinds

To get the consistent and unified look in your room consider installing wood blinds for the arched or Palladian windows. These blinds protect your home from the harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight. They are made from the real wood which offers unique textures and brings warmth to your room. Installing these blinds to your arched windows or any odd-shaped windows is very easy and convenient as well. Order the best wood blinds to bring the natural beauty in your home.


Arched Window Blinds


  • Graber Plantation Shutters

Another great option to cover arched windows is plantation shutters because of their versatility and functionality. There are so many fabrics to choose from such as – wood, vinyl, or wood composite. You can install these shutters outside of the window frame or inside the window. To control the amount of light in your room, just open or close the louvers and place them at the desired position. So install these window shutters on the arched windows and enhanced the beauty of your home décor.


Arched Palladian Window Shutters


  • Window Curtains

When you hang curtains on the curtain rod they create a natural look for arch windows. Through these curtains, you can enjoy the softness of natural light without obstructing the view. There are so many styles and patterns for window curtains. So choose accordingly that will be the best fit for your arch windows. Consider adding valances and cornices to increase the beauty of your windows more.


Window Curtains for Arched Windows


Inside Mount or Outside Mount – Which One Should You Choose for Arched Palladian Windows?

Most people prefer to install their window coverings inside the window frame to create a custom and beautiful look. But if you want to cover your arched windows completely, you can mount your Palladian window treatments outside of the window frame. For example, if you want to install (outside mounting) motorized roller shades on your arched windows then they will raise completely and hide in the cassette valance above the windows.


Choose ZebraBlinds to Decorate Your Arched Palladian Windows!

Whether you want a classic, modern, traditional, or temporary look, Palladian arched windows will look beautiful when dressed with a window treatment. So always decorate them with the best window treatments, using a Palladian shelf if needed. You have the option of choosing from various color options such as wood painted colors or wood stains enhance the look, comfort, and efficiency of your home no matter what is the décor style of your home have. Get them at an affordable price at ZebraBlinds.

Contact us if you are facing any difficulty while dressing those odd shaped or large or arch-shaped windows. Our design experts will help you to customize the product for you. We offer free samples also so that you can find your favourite color and style.

For any questions or queries do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-840-8405.

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