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What makes a window styling perfect is an unnerving question and a mind boggling task. There is much to consider in its form, as well as its function, to give it that “Perfect” label. What really sets it apart from the others? “Perfection is not attainable,” said Vince Lombardi, one of the best NFL coaches America ever had, “but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. So it is with styling a window perfectly. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, thinks Arnauld Angelique. That sums it all up. Face an undressed window that is the ordinary thing and let your imagination run wild. The final outcome is a window dressed so stylishly, complementing the overall décor of a room and giving it that complete look. The extraordinary combination of “functional and stylish”.

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A new trend in home design is on emphasizing on the windows in your home and staying connected with the outside world. Bringing the world in, rather than shutting it out from us conveys a lot of meaning to life trends too. Sheer, the see-through window treatment, is making a style statement in window dressings through its form and function.
Sheer curtains or drapes also known as window sheers or panels are made of sheer fabric. Gossamer, silk, rayon or nylon can all be made into sheer with a wide variety of colors. The most common use of sheer fabric is in curtains. Made by using a thin thread and a low knitting density results in its semi-transparency and flimsiness.
Sheer fabrics come in a wide variety of colors, but white and shades of white such as cream, winter white, eggshell and ivory are the most popular. Embellishing it with embroidery gives this delicate fabric an elegance and beauty that makes it outstanding. Sheer fabric is less expensive than most fabrics used for a stylish effect on windows, but sheer embroidered intricately in various patterns and designs cost more than the plain variety. There is now an enormous choice of sheer or semi-sheer fabrics in different weights and designs that can be used for curtains or shades for a stunning effect.





Sheer fabrics typically hang the full length of the window, if not all the way to the floor. Their transparency makes a window looked dressed and sunlight can still come through them while maintaining a level of privacy. The loose weave, however, can offer very little insulation from the heat in summer or cold in winter. When it is brighter on the inside of a room than on the outside at night, those outside can have a clear view of the inside.. So for all practical purposes it will not be considered useful. Sheer fabric hanging in soft drapes to the floor does woo the user. Sunlight filtering through them creates a cool and cosy ambience in the home. They can add a touch of elegance or create a casual, bright and breezy feel. This makes them favorites when dressing a window in layers is the styling option chosen.
Layered window treatments provide the benefits of insulation, light filtration, energy efficiency and privacy while adding depth and dimension to a room. Sheers are often paired with curtains or draperies to create a fashionable layered window treatment in formal living and dining rooms. In bedrooms, they are paired with blackout draperies. Valances or a decorative window topper can offset them. Bunching them up into billows along a series of windows adds appeal. When using sheer fabric as an under treatment, there is the option of adding a third layer of a shade or a blind to cut off light. The sheer fabric softens the trim, tailored look of these hard coverings. Sheer drapes used on double storey windows add the perfect amount of softness to a polished, contemporary look by blending into the décor because of their lightness.




When purchasing sheers for windows, the total length should include a top hem wide enough for your curtain rods and a bottom hem of approximately 2-4 inches. There should be enough fabric to cover the width three times over to allow for bunching or pleating. While using two layers of drapes or curtains, a double rod or two separate rods are installed. The inner rod closest to the wall will hold the sheer drape while the outer one will hold the decorative panel or a valence.





Many Sheer window treatments incorporate a high-tech layer of protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays that can penetrate window glass, damaging our skin, discoloring fabrics, and overheating rooms


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The Zebra Sheer shades have a unique design. 3” of semi-opaque fabric and 2” of woven fabric appear alternatively to ensure maximum privacy along with optimum light control. They allow us to see the outside world without having to raise them.
The Light Filtering and Room Darkening Sheer Horizontal Shades from Crown are Speciality shades because of their unique structure. Sheer horizontal fabric vanes float in between two vertical soft knitted sheer layers. The Light Filtering feature allows soft light to flow through while providing privacy. The Room Darkening fabric blocks light effectively eliminating sun glare on your TV or creating a darker bedroom to sleep in.
The Graber Sheer Vertical shades are a perfect combination of Sheer Fabric and Vinyl blinds. The Sheer softens the look of these blinds. When open the vanes let in gently diffused light into a room, cutting off direct heat and the harsh glare of the sun along with the harmfulness of UV rays. When the vanes are closed, they can directly block off light.
The Sheer Rod Pocket Single Crown Custom Drapery Panels infuse a great amount of fresh energy into our homes by allowing diffused sunlight in. Besides enjoying the view around us, you can enjoy that cool, gentle breeze blowing through. A rod pocket provided at the top Heading houses the rod used for suspending the curtain to create a ruffled effect.
The Sheer Pinch Pleat Single Crown Custom Drapery Panel has pinch pleats for a neat appeal. Curtain rods with clips and rings are provided for hanging them.
The use of Sheer for all kinds of decorative purposes has been revived time and again with changing fashion trends. Let’s enjoy this perfect window styling with “sheer” delight!!!!!





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