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Perfume: The Story of a Woman who dared Dual Roller shades in a perfumery

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Dual Roller shades in a perfumery

Antonio had come from a long line of Italian perfumers. His family history’s semblance to the Godfather trilogy was uncanny, with a touch of Mafia minus the frivolous killing. The Accardo family had quite a story to its existence. His great grandmother, Donatella escaped from Italy to bring her child into a world free from the control of the mafia. As a juvenile, coming from an impoverished background she got into the wrong company, wooed by the furs and diamonds offered by the wealthy bachelors; little did she know these choices would later on lead to dire consequences. When she learnt of her pregnancy, she knew it wasn’t only her life at stake, her little son or daughter would have to conform to the stringent norms of growing up in a Mafia family. She smuggled herself in a boat bound for the states and ended up in New York. Donatella knew she would soon be found out. Everybody had fled to the States. Her father knew people in and around New York, and he’d make sure they’d track her down. She went a step further and crossed the border into Canada, where she decided to settle down in Vancouver.


Donatella always had a thing for perfumes. The concept of how a tiny dab of liquid could transform moods and mesmerise a person had always eluded her. After her delivery and years of working, she saved up enough to travel to the Chartreuse Mountains, where she and her daughter lived among the monks and learnt the art of making perfumes. It was a simple life, free from violence and corruption, just the kind she planned for her daughter; better still she had a strong Catholic upbringing.


Before her daughter came of age, Donatella went back to Vancouver and set up her own little perfumery in Abbotsford, one of the first perfumeries in Vancouver, with a front shop for sales, which, eighty years later, Antonio, her great grandson had the joy of carrying on the family tradition. Abbotsford had the right climate for a perfumery; high temperatures didn’t go well with storing perfumes. His family had watched the place grow over the years, buildings got higher, the air got messier, the climate got hotter and the competition got tougher. What remained was the quality of their produce. One of the perks of having a family business is the use of time-tested practices based on knowledge and experience, ensuring the finest perfumes.


Sadly due to global warming, the climate had become unsuitable for storing perfumes.


Dual-Solar-Shades -
The thing with perfumes and heat is that it breaks down the chemical bonds that give perfumes its scent and Antonio couldn’t afford to compromise on the quality of his product. Harsh sunlight was also an issue. With summer around the corner, he had to think of a better way to lower temperatures than depending solely on the HVAC system. The windows in his shop were huge and took up most of the wall space – a marketing trick to lure customers in. He had to find a way to cover these windows without eliminating the view of the display. Normal drapery would totally cut out the view. While looking around for other options, he figured shades would be a better idea. He found that Graber, a window treatment company, had a product called dual roller shades which have a combination of two fabric shades. These shades having Solar roller shades that were designed in such a way, that they filtered 86% of the UV rays that cancelled out glare altogether, causing the overall temperature to drop. The 14% LightWeaves Graber Solar Shades allowed 14% light in, allowing a mildly obscured view of the outside, and to add to the view. Antonio opted for maximum openness. This way, he could opt for a room darkening fabric for peak summer days. The light weave fabrics could be pulled down when the sun wasn’t too much of a nuisance, and the room darkening shades could be used separately, or simultaneously when it got too hot. He chose a relaxing dull pinkish hue that really set the mood for a perfume shop.


These shades also did their part for the environment; they were GreenGuard certified, which meant that they were made of out eco-friendly material that was screened for harmful chemical emissions. Better still these shades came with a Microban protection that inhibited the growth of bacteria or mould in the course of time, things that were non-conducive to the perfume’s environment. Maintenance was easy as well; basic dusting would do the trick. So his precious glass bottles didn’t have to be moved around too much when it was that time of the month also, and these shades were anti-static, so they repelled the dust. He was wary of the installation requirements. He didn’t want to close up shop or rearrange all his bottles for the drilling work, but the shades came with the slap-on option that required the installation of two clamps that the head rail would fit into, minimizing the amount of damage done for the installation. These shades were also fire-retardant. In a room full of combustible solutions, this seemed like a superb idea.

It didn’t take as long as he thought it would. The shades cast a lovely glow over the room and added life to the portrait of late Donatella which was on the wall. She would’ve liked this.



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