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Phifer SheerWeaves Fabrics the Solar Shades Fabrics

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Cutting edge technology of magic weaves of Phifer Sheerweaves fabrics for Solar Shades.


Why should you use Phifer fabrics for your window coverings? A good question, but tough to answer, because it is not easy to list out the advantages of Phifer fabrics. Phifer Incorporated has been a leader in manufacturing energy saving and sun control fabrics, in addition to other practical products like insect screens, drawn wire and many more since 1952. Energy savings and light management, ease of maintenance, decorative appeal, and durability are just some of the attractive features that have made Phifer the fabric of choice for most manufacturers.

Giving safety from the sun its due importance, Phifer has partnered with MIF in their struggle to bring down incidences of Melanoma. More than 30 of their sun-control fabrics have been recognized and given the prestigious seal of approval by the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF). It is a daunting task for manufacturers to receive a seal of approval from the MIF, since they have to pass through rigorous tests to prove that their fabrics can provide protection against melanoma. Phifer has worked hard to achieve this goal, in turn earning respect from their customers. No wonder top brands like Graber Blinds, who is environment-conscious, prefer to use Phifer fabrics for their Solar roller shades.


Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics for Solar Shades.


Exterior-Solar-Shades-Canada -


For decades, Phifer Incorporated has provided customers with very efficient SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics that efficiently combat glare, solar heat, excess light and intrusion into privacy in a commendable way. They are excellent energy savers as well.

Sunlight can be an excellent asset to your decor if managed wisely. Solar roller shades made out of Phifer SheerWeave fabrics give your room a beautiful design element that only natural light can provide, enhancing the warm ambiance of your interiors. Phifer fabrics can meet the most rigorous demands and stand up to harsh and challenging environments successfully. Engineered with the application of the latest technology, SheerWeave fabrics illuminate your interiors and provide excellent protection against harsh UV rays without compromise.


Advantage Green Tech Solar Shades.

Phifer has included a unique green technology, ‘DOW ECOLIBRIUM’, which can be found only in Phifer SheerWeave fabrics. The traditional petroleum based plasticizers create imbalance in our ecological system. The constant efforts of people who care for our planet have brought about bio-plasticizers that offer a safer, more sustainable and renewable option to plasticizers.


Phifer SheerWeave Fabrics for Solar Shades come with benefits that are:

· Phthalate-free

· RoHS compliant

· Low in emissions (nearly 40% lower greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to their PVC counterparts)

· Use safe plasticizers (98% of all products) that are derived from feedstock

· Ensure reduced carbon footprints


Phifer has not compromised on durability or longevity to comply with ‘green’ norms. Phifer has also toiled to acquire GREENGUARD certification for their fabrics that ensure very low emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which in turn improves the quality of indoor air inside a building.

Bad odor emanating from the shades or stains on fabrics, especially the lighter ones, will take away all the visual appeal even from your window treatments. Phifer SheerWeave fabrics are shielded by antimicrobial protection known as Microban. This technology guards against the growth of bacteria, fungus or molds, thus continuing to be of excellent service for years to come. The antimicrobial property gives the ultimate protection even in high-traffic areas like hospitals, offices, schools, and other institutions. To top it all, Phifer fabrics are flame retardant.

Phifer SheerWeave fabrics save energy by reducing solar heat gain, which eases the load on your AC, especially during hot summers. In addition, the streaming of diffused natural light into rooms reduces the need for artificial lights, adding to your energy savings.

Lead poisoning is dangerous to everyone in general, but it is particularly hazardous to children, because their growing bodies absorb a lot more lead than the adult bodies do. The worst part of lead poisoning is that, it is not detected until dangerous amounts have accumulated in the blood and symptoms begin to show up. The entire line of Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics is lead-free – not only meeting the standards set by the window covering safety protocol, but exceeding it by considerable levels.


Phifer brings you fabrics in multiple openness factors and colors to meet your entire window covering requirements.

Trackless Technology.

Finally, Phifer has overcome one of the greatest challenges of the fiberglass yarn’s inherent property to track when it is being rolled up into a shade with their breakthrough Trackless Technology. Today, the fabrics with fiberglass yarn in roller shades do not show tracks, roll up in alignment, and are not affected by shade fabrication.

Visual Appeal.

Unleash your creativity in incorporating colors, patterns, graphics, and logos of your choice on the Phifer SheerWeave fabric, since they can be subjected to both digital and screen printing.

Phifer SheerWeave fabrics are almost maintenance free. Take care not to damage their coating with coarse cleaning methods. All you need to do is vacuum it once in a while or dust it with a feather duster. If the need arises for thorough cleaning, use a mild detergent and a damp cloth to rub spots away. Allow the shade to dry by lowering them completely.

Available in wide spectrum of colors, more than 30 fabric styles, and over 300 different fabric textures, it is going to be as easy as a pie for you to find the right material from Phifer to increase the aesthetic value of your interior decor. No wonder everyone prefers Phifer!



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