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A Unique Combination Of Style & Comfort – Plantation Shutters And Blinds

Plantation Shutters and Blinds

Plantation Shutters and Blinds – Shield Your Home From Excess Heat 

Light plays a very significant role in creating the ambiance of your home. It is an essential element which impacts the overall feel and appearance of your interiors. An excess amount of light can make your space uncomfortable and hot. But, if you filter out this excess light and merge the rest of the natural light with artificial light of your home, then it will lend a very soothing and relaxing ambiance. Coming back home after a stressful day at work and finding hot scorching sun rays entering your room can be very irritating. If you have rotational shifts at work and you need to sleep during the day then covering your windows that block the sunlight is a must.


Amongst an array of choices for window coverings, Plantation Shutters & Blinds are especially fashionable and attractive. Every year, homeowners install plantation shutters and blinds to make sure that they and their family stay cool and comfortable at home. With greater privacy and a sleek look, these window shutters are easy to install, clean and maintain. They are durable in nature and can be implemented anywhere in your home. No matter what the size and shape of your windows are, these fit perfectly under the guidance of our experts. You can also customize them as per your choice so that they get merged with the interiors of your home.

Plantation Shutters and Blinds


There are some distinctive characteristics of plantation shutters that make them different from other blinds and shades. These characteristics are:

The build: Plantation shutters include a permanent frame around the window and the shutter panel has moveable louvers inside stationary sides. There is a tilt rod which controls the solid louvers. A tilt rod is a vertical pole which moves all the louvers together. This feature provides you with control on privacy, light, and temperature. These window coverings add a modern touch to your room and make it more appealing.

Louver size: Plantation shutters don’t have individual slats like blinds, although they are similar. These are crafted with louvers which are fixed to the frame and block the harmful UV radiations when closed. They come in different sizes and can be operated easily to allow or block the light. Standard tilt rods are front-mounted but an option of rear-mounted or hidden tilt rod can also be availed.

Modern look: Designed from a supreme quality sturdy material, the large and adjustable louvers combine the aesthetic appeal and functionality. With the variety of colors, textures, and patterns available, the look of these plantation shutters can be enhanced as per the choice of the homeowner. You can match the look of these shutters with your home with the help of numerous customization options available.

Plantation shutters and blinds are preferred for homes and offices as well. There are so many reasons which can convince you for installing these if you are also looking for redesigning your home or office interior look. They are a smart move and here are the 10 compelling reasons which you should consider while shopping for modern window coverings.


Top 10 Reasons To Opt For Plantation Shutters and Blinds

Plantation shutters and blinds can do so much more than just look mesmerizing from inside the house and out. They help control light, give privacy and can reduce your energy bills. ZebraBlinds has come up with a great collection of shutters, blinds, and shades to choose from to make your home look elegant and unique. Let’s take a look on the various benefits of these Plantation shutters and blinds.


No compromise with aesthetics

Plantation shutters and blinds are super-attractive. There is no doubt in this fact. They are available in numerous sizes, finishes, colors, textures, mounting options, and patterns. You can never go wrong by selecting these for your windows as they are an ideal choice for interior designers. They lend a very clean and cohesive look to your entire home and just fit in about any home decor. If you want to give a traditional look to your home, then you can opt for white shutters. Wooden plantation shutters offer a natural and luxurious look. They are visible from both inside and outside of your home. From subtle to stark look, ZebraBlinds offer every look you are seeking to upgrade your windows.

Wooden Plantation Shutters


Greater privacy control

Plantation shutters and blinds can be adjusted to let the light flow in, yet keep prying eyes out as per your need and comfort. This superb feature of these window coverings allows you to have privacy as well as light. They can also be angled in such a manner that you will be able to see out but outsiders won’t be able to look inside your home.


Offer ventilation

Blocking light and harsh glare is essential but blocking fresh air is not advisable as this can make the ambiance of your home suffocating. Fresh air flow is a must for a healthy atmosphere of homes. You can maintain your privacy yet letting the fresh air inside with our supreme quality plantation shutters and blinds. For maximum privacy and light control, you can adjust these shutters according to the requirement. You can keep them open for fresh air flow and then can adjust the angle for privacy. Shutters make no noise during windy days unlike blinds and shades which clank, bang and flutter. Because of their permanent fixed frame, these are easy to adjust and access.


Built to last

Crafted from durable material, our plantation shutters and blinds are sturdy and long-lasting. Replacing curtains and drapes with shutters is a smart and cost-effective solution which offer modern features along with a clean look. They never go out of style and are weather-resistant. They don’t warp off or fade away with time.


Easy installation and cleaning

Perfect installation requires accurate measurements, appropriate tools, and proper instructions. You can measure for plantation shutters and blinds on your own following simple steps that we have listed on our website. You can also take guidance of our professionals for any help or query. For cleaning shutters, you just need a duster or a vacuum cleaner. If you wish to do deep cleaning, then dip a cloth in the detergent solution and wipe them carefully. They are cleaned just like any other household item.

Installation of Plantation Shutters


Saves you energy bills

Being excellent insulators, plantation shutters and blinds are perfect for deflecting sunlight. After installing shutters, blinds or shades, the temperature of your home will remain in control. There will be less heat and sunlight entering your home which will lead to a lesser need for air conditioning. This will lower your energy bills and thus you will be able to earn some savings. Implementing shutters is a worthy investment which will provide complete protection to your home from outside weather.


Safe for kids and pets

Plantation shutters are a safer alternative to blinds and drapes as these do not have dangling cords attached to them that kids and pets can get tangled up in. If you have small children or pets at home then with these shutters, you do not have to worry about them getting strangled in the window coverings.

Plantation Shutters


Contribute to preserving your furniture and carpets

You can control the angle of the shutters in the up or semi-closed position to change the direction of the sunlight away from the furniture and carpets. Harsh UV rays can cause the materials to fade over time affecting their attractiveness and lifespan. Keeping your furniture and carpets shades make them last longer and remain attractive for years to come.


Can also be used as room dividers or cabinetry

One more very significant and useful feature of implementing plantation shutters is they can also be used as room dividers and cabinetry. They along with covering windows can also cover cut-outs and niches in your home. With these shutters, you can replace your built-in TV space, which is no longer required, into a useful and attractive new storage. They blend easily with the rest of the space in your home.


Customization available

Covering odd-shaped or very small or very large windows is not a problem anymore. Our made to measure window shutters and blinds can be installed even on those windows which are oddly shaped or hard to reach. We have a range of products available in so many colors, textures, functionality, patterns, sizes, shapes, and opacities range to deal with all your needs and choices.

Your home is your canvas. You can design it in your style and taste. Whether you favor contemporary decorating or minimalist designs or eclectic decor, ZebraBlinds is the best place to buy blinds and shutters. So, start shopping and show off your imagination through your home.

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