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Are Plantation Shutters Expensive In Ontario?

Plantation Window Shutters

How Much Does Plantation Window Shutters Cost In Ontario?

Plantation Shutters – The name originated from the cotton plantations in South America. However, the history of these shutters began much earlier than this. From Greece to Europe and now the whole world, these window shutters have come a long way and are moving on in marking their presence in a lot of homes. Implementation of plantation window shutters resolves many issues which homeowners face like light control, privacy, ventilation, insulation, security, dust reduction, durability, and appearance enhancement.

When compared to window blinds, there are significant differences. Shutters look like giant wooden blinds, but blinds are often narrow and can be crafted out of vinyl, PVC, aluminum, etc. The tilt or movement of the slats in blinds depends on a gear and pulley mechanism. On the other hand, plantation shutters comprise of wide compound louvers. These louvers fit into a sturdy and fixed frame. The shutter itself can be swung open or close like a door, or the louvers can be tilted as a group.

Plantation window shutters offer a very dramatic décor statement to your home without looking flashy. They are everywhere these days as homeowners love their build and appearance, and also they are super-effective when it comes to blocking light. They perfectly fit on your windows and lend a lot of grandeur to the overall styling of your home. They are preferred for a gentle illumination inside the house. Available in many color choices, they are crafted from wood, wood composite or vinyl.

The cost of custom window shutters varies by the specifications selected like size, color, design, material, etc. They are not too expensive and are a worthy investment. They shield your home from the outside weather conditions in addition to giving it a clean look.

White Plantation Shutters


What are the Benefits of Plantation Window Shutters

Conservation Of Energy: As they reduce the amount of sunlight entering the home during summers, there is a lesser requirement of air conditioning. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in energy bills. High energy bills can shake the budget of any homeowner. They implement many strategies to reduce their bills for extra savings. This is the most significant advantage of Norman wood shutters.

Norman Wood Shutters


Privacy: Privacy is a growing concern for many homeowners. Everybody wants to remain safe and secure in their homes, and shutters are great at that. Acting as a secondary door on your window, they can entirely shut out the interior of your home from any prying eyes.


Durability: Shutters are the sturdiest option to cover your windows. They last for years and are very easy to dust and clean. They are crafted with sturdy slats and louvers which are generally 2½ to 3½ inches wide. You can also get 5 inches wide louvers depending on your choice and need. The wider the louvers, the more durable these plantation shutters will be.


Maintenance-free: Window blinds and shutters need minimum maintenance. They are very easy to clean and only require regular dusting or vacuuming. Deep cleaning is simple as well. You need some tools and a few minutes of your time. Take a clean, soft piece of cloth and dip it in detergent solution. Now, swipe every slat of these shutters carefully. Now, rinse them off with water and dry them thoroughly. Your window shutters will look like new again. There will be no effect on their quality, color shade or polish. Deep cleaning should only be done on composite wood shutters.

Cleaning Plantation Shutters


Insulation: These window coverings block the light, dust, heat, and reduce the noise entering your home, making it a comfortable space to be in. You can sleep, work or study any time of the day without getting disturbed by the scorching sun or the outside noises. You can adjust the amount of light you want to enter in your space. A decent amount of natural light creates a great ambiance.


Hassle-free Installation: Installing plantation window shutters is super-easy. They can be installed inside or outside the window or door frame based on the choice of homeowners. One thing you must keep in mind if you want to install them yourself – perfect measurements. Measure twice and pay close attention to all the dimensions of the windows. Perfect measurements lead to ideal fitment which assures no leakage of light inside the home.

Easy Installation of Plantation Shutters


Customization Available: These window coverings are versatile and are available in many color themes, designs, patterns, textures, materials, shapes, and sizes. They can easily be custom built in any size based on the design of your windows. Endless framing styles are available as well such as bay window shutters, to match with the taste and need of every homeowner.


Add beauty, function & design: Plantation window shutters are a great way to add beauty, function, and value to your homes and offices. They make a significant change in the appearance and value of your home. They are inexpensive and a recommended replacement for those old curtains. They are inherently simple in design and sophisticated in appearance.


Ideal for any room: You can get shutters installed in homes, offices, buildings, schools, and any other place. In homes, they are suitable for any room, be it the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, nursery room, lobby area, etc. They make your entire home feel cozy and well as protected. Exterior window shutters are considered a basic and attractive way to upgrade the look of your space. On installing them, you will be able to regulate light levels as well as privacy.

Custom Window Shutters for Living Room


Safe for children: As plantation shutters are simple in structure without any strings or cords attached to them, they a suitable option for those families which have kids and pets at home. Open, loose strings can get tangled up around their neck and can be dangerous. Window coverings without any cords are safe and sound. Kids can easily operate them without any risk of getting injured.

Hopefully, the points above are more than enough to get you to consider shutters for your space. As long as you do the proper research and take your time to configure the shutters based on what you might need, they are always a great option.

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