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Give Your Home a Dramatic Feel with Pinch Pleated Drapes

Pleated Custom Drapes

Pleated Custom Drapes – A Classic & Versatile Choice For a Soothing Ambiance

Apart from controlling air and light flow, pleated custom drapes have several other functions to perform. One of the basic reasons behind drapes installation is that these window coverings enhance the overall look of your home interiors. Our Crown custom drapes add an extra color & charm to the internal décor of your place. A good and durable set of pinch pleated drapes completes the interior décor so it essential to select the right kind. This will easily enable you to create a beautiful aura that stays around you all the time & that looks nice too.

Home interiors having nice attractive color shades and intricate patterns not only soothes you but also develops a positive ambiance. For creating such an environment, pleated drapes are the best and most preferred option. By adding the right kind of window coverings, you can really make your home interiors stand apart. Another benefit of these pinch pleated drapes is that every time you will change them, a new and better look will be created. So, it’s essential that you choose the most suitable kind of stuff that goes with your need and choice.

You can also install these pleated custom drapes in your office. For that, you can choose subtle colors and simple designs that look very much formal and sophisticated. These simple looking drapes create a professional look that is very eye pleasing. When it comes to choosing pleated drapes for bedroom, you can freely choose colorful, designer drapes that match your existing décor. It is very important to pick smartly and customize as per your need and the overall look of your place. The slightest change can add noticeable look to the interiors of your home.

Pinch Pleated Drapes


ZebraBlinds is one of the renowned companies that offer great options and best quality pleated custom drapes in Canada at affordable prices. We have a sound market reputation and provide the best drapes, blinds, and shades that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You will never regret spending on our high-quality products because they provide value for your money.

Apart from great looks, pinch pleated drapes should regulate the amount of light entering a room to the owner’s liking. However, the aesthetics of the pleated custom drapes themselves are just as important. Here are a few tips for choosing the best and most suitable one:


Tips Before Buying Pleated Custom Drapes

Know the Location

In which room you want pleated drapes to be installed? Where in the home is the room and where in the room are the windows? These are some obvious questions you must keep in mind as the location of the windows can help you decide the right choice of drapes.


Purpose of Rooms

Different rooms have different purpose and requirements. Bedrooms require privacy and less requirement of light for a better sleep. You can install thicker drapes to fulfill these requirements. In kitchens, people prefer a considerable amount of natural light which will help them in cooking. For this requirement, sheer drapes are the most suitable. The décor of living rooms should carry a balance of intimacy and openness as people spend most of the time here. Most of the windows have large size windows installed in them. Crown custom drapes are the best living room treatments for large windows to adorn their look.

Pinch Pleated Drapes for Living Room


Match with Room Decor

You should match your window drapes with your room décor to enhance the appearance. Customization options are available which allow you to select colors, designs, and patterns of the drapes. Matching the room color and style with drapes will make the overall look attractive and eye-catching.


Weight of Pleated Drapes

The weight of the drapes shouldn’t be very heavy or very light. They should be heavy enough to control the light entering from windows and light enough to let in the natural sunshine. Weight can actually make a difference in receiving the proper amount of light in any room.


Exterior Appearance

People outside can see the pleated drapes installed in your home so, if you wish to make your space look interesting and elegant then choose accordingly. Interesting color schemes, intricate designing and mesmerizing textures of our crown custom drapes will make your home look attractive not only from inside but from outside too. These will also improve the street appeal of your home to potential buyers.


Length of Pleated Drapes

Length of the drapes is a very important factor which should surely be kept in mind while implementing them. Length can be customized easily as per the need of the windows or doors. Improper length drapes can make your room look overstuff with excess fabric. Small pleated drapes will also give an abrupt look to your home. Selecting proper length drapes for every room is a necessary design task and our experts can help you out in accomplishing it at affordable rates.

Pinch Pleated Drapes for Large Windows


Window treating pleated custom drapes can add an extraordinary layer to your space, enabling a measure of privacy. Zebrablinds provide a huge collection of crown custom drapes which gives a neat and tailored look to your home décor. You can approach our professionals anytime regarding any query or confusion in taking the right decision. Along with supreme quality products, you can also take advantage of our exciting deals and discounts. We are a one-stop solution to explore a vast range of blinds, shades, curtains, valances, and drapes. You can order pinch pleated drapes Canada online and get the product at your door without any extra charges.


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