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Luxury Has a New Name: Power Roller Shades

Power Roller Shades

Impact of Power Roller Shades on Smart Home Windows


Smart home technology and the connected devices with it can bring lots of convenience to your daily life. In today’s world, smart homes promise to offer various benefits along with improved efficiency and productivity. All these wifi connected devices can be operated and configured using various smart controller devices which include your smartphone, tablets, or a remote control button. So many household things can be integrated to your smart homes such as your TV, lights, or AC.


Home automation is becoming an integral part of our modern life, and so the window covering industry is also trying to be a part of this growing trend. Shadings with ultra-modern technology will offer you a more luxurious life with various useful functions. Power roller shades are the most common type of motorized window shading. Their endless beauty with incredible functionality makes them a perfect addition to any home. These shades are not only limited to residential areas but can be also used in commercial spaces. Even if you have patio spaces then outdoor motorized roller shades are there to protect you from the unwanted things to keep you and your home safe. Before you consider purchasing these shades, know their worth and why should you install them as there are various window coverings available in the window fashion market.

Outdoor Motorized Roller Shades


Reasons to Install Power Roller Shades on Windows

Motorized / Power Roller shades are the most renowned and popular window coverings for many years due to their elegant, classic, and timeless beauty, their functionality and versatility, and their extreme durability. Below are various reasons to install them on your windows:


#1: Ability to Adjust Natural Daylight

Natural light is the primary factor to maintain a smooth and soft glow throughout the room. But excess amounts of light and heat can be annoying and make you feel uneasy. Roller shades are the perfect choice to diminish the amount of direct daylight that streams through the windows. Depending on your needs, the shades are available in light filtering, room darkening, or blackout fabrics. Room darkening and motorized blackout roller shades are used to block out the daylight completely while enjoying the ultimate privacy. Install them any room and eliminate the sunbeams from entering your space.


#2: Save on your Energy Bills with a Balanced Temperature

Roller shades with smart functions prevent excess heat during the sunny and winter season, making the room cold and comfy during the hot season and warm during winter months. In this way, your home stays comfortable all year around while reducing your energy bills.


#3: Looking for Privacy? Proper Installation is required

In this modern world, privacy is a major thing to consider. Roller shades are one of the best solutions for that, but make sure to install them properly. Window specialists suggest to go for outside mounting instead of the inside mount. Inside mount means installing the shades inside of the window frame and outside mounting means outside of the window frame. Outside mounting shades will completely cover the windows to provide you the right level of privacy while reducing the number of light gaps and leakage. It’s important to measure for your windows and spaces correctly.

Smart Roller Shades Installation


#4: Operate Large Windows Smoothly

Smart motorized mechanisms help the shades to operate smoothly and efficiently on large and hard to reach windows, as you can control them with a single press of a remote button or a smartphone. Open or shut them from anywhere in the room.

Remote Control Roller Shades for Porch


#5: Cord-free Functionality for a Secure Choice

Smart roller shades have numerous advantages to opt for over the standard roller shades. Cordless features are one of them. Kids can be attracted to cords and chains while playing and that often results in damage to the shade or can even be hazardous for the child themselves. But smart mechanisms remove the hazards of window cords and is a safer choice for your home, especially where small toddlers are present.

Smart Roller Shades


#6: Use your Voice to Adjust the Shades

Google Home or Amazon Alexa can be used with a smart hub to give you ultimate control over your roller shades. Just command the shades and Google Home motorized roller shades will work automatically to fulfill your needs.


#7: Safe and Secure

These pre-programmable window shades protect your home by creating an illusion of occupancy. When you are far away, you can set them to operate manually so that outsiders will think someone is there inside the home.


#8: A Budget-Friendly Choice

Most people think that smart windows are revolutionary, and as they use various smart functions and voice-based functions, they have to be expensive. But that is not true at all, because power roller shades are one of the best cost-effective ways to dress up the windows which will enhance the overall appearance of any home dramatically. And a wide range of attractive deals and discounts are also waiting for you so that you can save more! Have the quality roller shades at an affordable price only at ZebraBlinds.


#9: A Shade that Needs Small Care

Roller shades are very easy to care and maintain. To maintain their long-lasting shine, damp cloth and mild cleaning solution is required.

Google Home Smart Roller Shades


Different Power Options

Apart from smartphone, tablets, or voice-assistants, there are various remote controls available to adjust the shades individually or in a group. There are also various power options depending on your needs.

The shades use 8AA batteries that require replacement depending on the frequency of use. The shades can also be hard-wired into the existing power which is easy to maintain. Alternatively, a DC transformer lets you plug these shades into a wall outlet.

Get these shades now at a reasonable price and decorate your room in the best possible way. For consultation, get in touch with our professional support team. We are always ready to help answer your questions.

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