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Power Your Window Blinds with New Rechargeable Batteries

Power Window Blinds Shades with New Rechargeable Batteries

Motorized Electrical Shades & Blinds

With corded shades gradually fading out and not being favored anymore more due to safety hazards, motorized electrical blinds are fast gaining popularity. These motorized blinds no longer need cords for operation. They are either battery-driven or come with plug-in adapters. The blinds are remote-controlled which means that they can be operated from any part of the house. There are single-channel remotes which work well for individual windows or group of small windows and there are five-channel remotes that are used to operate multiple groups of windows individually or collectively.

Battery-Driven Motorized Blinds

While plug-in adapters are good for motorized blinds, the absence of outlets close to the windows or the doors poses a problem. For these reasons, battery-driven motorized shades and blinds are very popular among people. You can install these blinds anywhere and you do not have to think about electric outlets. These motorized blinds and shades come with battery tubes which are hidden behind the shades at the top of the window away from the visibility of the people. All you need to do is change the batteries and they are good to go.
Power Window Blinds

Need to Invest Regularly in Batteries

The one concern that has plagued battery-driven motorized blinds users is the need to invest in batteries every few months. Blinds are operated several times throughout the day depending upon the need, changing weather and light conditions. Every time you open or close your shades and blinds, the battery is life gets reduced. If you have a house with multiple windows and multiple blinds and all of them operate on batteries then you will have to invest a huge amount of money every few months in getting these batteries changed and replaced. It cuts a hole in your budget and can be quite uneconomical. Like electricity bills, you will dread spending substantial money on the batteries. Moreover, changing the batteries regularly means that the battery tube has to be removed and replaced which is a time-consuming process.

Graber’s New Rechargeable Battery Pack

Taking these very logical concerns into account, Graber has introduced its new accessory product, the Virtual Cord Z-Wave Rechargeable Battery Pack. This will include not only the new shades but also the existing blinds which is great news for their users. This new Rechargeable Battery Pack will replace the disposable batteries and will only need to be recharged. Installation is hassle-free and they help save money and effort.
Graber New Rechargeable Battery Pack

Features of the New Rechargeable Battery Pack

• The 12-volt battery pack needs to be recharged once and will last for up to a year. They take a mere 5 hours to get charged fully.
• The battery pack is truly power-packed and they can be used to lift all types of blinds, big or small.
• The batteries can be charged 500 times before they need to be replaced.
• These rechargeable batteries boast of a longer life as they hold 20% more charge than other motors. They are 3100 mAh compared to 2600 mAh provided by their competitors.
• The best feature is that they can be installed in existing virtual cord shades which mean that none will be deprived of the advantages of rechargeable battery packs.
• They are compatible with pleated, solar, roller, natural, Roman, sheer and layered shades. So if you have any of these just go and get your own rechargeable battery pack today.
• These batteries help to reduce wastage and the cost of replacing old batteries.
• Installation of these batteries is also easy and hassle-free.

This new product from Graber is sure to grab the attention of homeowners who are always looking to cut down on unnecessary wastages and save a few dollars wherever possible. We all love shades and blinds. Apart from their aesthetic value and functionality, they make your homes look and feel great. They add warmth and softness to your rooms where you love coming back to each day. But maintaining these shades and operating them can be an expensive affair that may have deterred potential users from investing in them. But these new rechargeable battery packs powering your blinds and shades can go a long way in cutting down these costs making it affordable for one and all.

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