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5 Curtains That Provide You with Adequate Privacy

Privacy Curtains That Let Light In

Ultimate Ideas: Privacy Curtains That Let Light In

Curtains are considered as one of the most significant elements of your home décor. It is wise to invest in good quality drapes as they not only look decorative but also ensure that you have privacy in your home. Curtains accentuate the beauty of the interior design and the windows look incomplete without them. Indeed, curtains are absolutely indispensable and have become no less than a style statement in homes. They are a great way to bring privacy to your windows or between rooms, restricting any curious peeking of neighbors or outsiders. For the majority of us, privacy is of utmost importance and we do not wish to compromise it at any cost. Nowadays, you can select from a wide range of options available on the internet, which are both reasonable and made up of top-notch material. There are also privacy curtains that let light in, which provide a degree of privacy while keeping your room bright and active, and they can add a new dimension to any room.


5 Different Curtains for Privacy and Light Control


#1. Sheer Privacy Curtains

If you are someone who loves to enjoy the natural light while still maintaining privacy in your home, then sheer privacy curtains are a great idea. The sheer curtains lend that bright, cheerful ambiance inside your room that cannot be achieved with the help of ordinary ones. They filter the sunlight into your home so that you receive a soft, diffused version of it. Though they come in a lot of color options, the sheer curtains look the best in flat, neutral colors that help in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Your guests will be impressed by this artificial, outdoorsy ambiance in your indoor spaces and appreciate your good taste. Keeping your security as the first priority, the sheer curtains act as privacy curtains that let light in and also, ward off any prying eyes! Any sheer fabric will prevent views inside during the day, but won’t provide privacy at night time.

Privacy Sheer Curtains


#2. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a wonderful way to block 100% of the light entering your room, thus plunging it in complete darkness. The extra-wide blackout curtains reduce the heat in the summer months while keeping it warm in the winter. Choose one in bright, solid hues and see how the décor reflects a cozy, intense ambiance. There is no doubt that the extra wide blackout curtains are great at maintaining the privacy of the family. Though the blackout curtains are more expensive than the non-blackout ones, their light-blocking and energy-saving features prove their worth in the long run! Moreover, you can control the temperature of your home (increase or reduce it) by using these blackout curtains and tune out any unwanted light interfering with your daily activities. A darkened room is perfect when you are relaxing after an exhausting day or perhaps, watching a movie on your home theatre system.

Best Blackout Drapes


#3. Motorized Home Theater Curtains

In this fast-changing and competitive world, newer inventions are taking over and flooding the markets every so often. The concept of home automation is in style now as many homeowners are preferring to opt for the motorized curtains instead of the ordinary ones. Now, you can program the curtains in your home to automatically shut during the evening time, without worrying about any fear of intrusion into your privacy. Plus, many motorized curtains now contain advanced solar sensors that help in conserving energy. If you have a home theatre, you should definitely invest in the motorized home theater curtains, which are specially designed for the purpose. In fact, the privacy curtains for bedroom can be motorized as well, to add to the level of ease and comfort in your haven.

Motorized Home Theater Curtains


#4. Hanging Curtains

The long, hanging curtains are instrumental in highlighting both a formal and an informal look. They act as privacy curtains for bedroom, where you need the maximum privacy and the minimum exposure to light. If your taste is focused on the contemporary style, the hanging curtains are great at creating a neat, modernist ambiance that will definitely impress your visitors. The length of the curtains is very important since it controls how the windows or doors look like. For instance, if you keep the length of the curtain shorter than the height of the window, then the window looks larger than its original size. The right-sized curtains along with a classy color palette can add a lot of depth and personality to an ordinary room and completely transform its look. Hanging curtains are widely used all over the globe and are undoubtedly the most simple and convenient choice when you are purchasing privacy curtains that let the light in.

Hanging Curtains Over Blinds


#5. Layered Curtains

We all know how important it is to put up the right kind of curtains in our home, but window coverings like blinds also play a key role in covering the window and allowing you to enjoy your personal space in peace. The blinds can also regulate the amount of light that is entering through the window. If you wish to maximize the level of privacy in your home, layering curtains and blinds is a wise decision. It makes way for an attractive, chic look that showcases your good taste in home furnishings. Window coverings like the Venetian blinds or the roller blinds add a beautiful touch to the room when they are paired with soft-colored, sheer privacy curtains. For this, you should plan everything beforehand and research on the different types of fabric and color combinations. It is advisable that you opt for warmer hues that will contribute in creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. This will turn your room into a place where you and your family can all rejuvenate and recharge after a tiresome day. While layering curtains and blinds, you can also try a deep contrast in colors (like pastels and burnt hues) to bring out the layering effect even better.


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