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What Are The Top Privacy Shades that Let Light In?

Dilemma of Dressing up Your Windows

Dressing up a window effectively and adequately is a daunting and challenging task for many homeowners. If you have a room with a stunning outside view, you are tempted to preserve this view but there arises the problem of privacy. Finding the right pair of window solution that will offer privacy while letting natural light seems to be difficult. There are lots of questions can appear in this scenario – In preserving your outside view, can people see through the blinds, and thereby compromise your private space? If your privacy is protected, will the shades and blinds completely block sunlight from entering your house? For many, the ideal window blind will help offer foolproof protection of privacy and yet allow natural light to diffuse in. There are plenty of window solutions available in the market and a little bit of research is all it takes to track down these shades that can add style and texture to your windows without disrupting their functionality.

Window Treatments that Protect Privacy and Lets Light in

There are a number of window treatments that let light in while preserving privacy.

Vertical Panels

The best part of these vertical panels is their versatility and reliability. When the panels are closed, they provide complete privacy to your homes and to let light in all you need to do is open one or few of these panels. Vertical panels are made of PVC, vinyl, fabric or wood, making a durable choice for your windows. Choose the right material and fabric choice to get perfect control of daylight and privacy.
Vertical Panel Blinds
Sheer Shades
Sheer shades are an effective option when it comes to letting natural light inside your home while maintaining privacy. These shades are available in different vane sizes which can be tilted to give you light control. When raised, the texture is concealed inside the headrail that gives an unobstructed view. When shut the shades help to diffuse light and protect privacy. Enjoy privacy, natural light, and outside view with these amazing window shades.

Faux Wood Blinds
Faux wood blinds are a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces. The slats of the blinds allow you to control the amount of light and privacy depending on the requirements. They are a great choice for high humidity areas as they are twisted and crack resistant. Customize them properly to create a stylish and phenomenal look for the windows.

Day-Night Cellular Shades
Day and Night cellular shades have two fabrics integrated into one headrail casing. Depending upon the needs to raise or lower the fabrics. When you need more privacy, opt for the blackout shades and when you are looking for natural light, pull down the light filtering one. They are among the most versatile shades that you will come across in the market.
Day Night Honeycomb Shades
Venetian Blinds
These window blinds are considered to be one of the best privacy shades that let in light too. When raised they stack completely at the top, offering an unobstructed view to the outside. Tilt them to adjust light and privacy. Customize them from different colors and texture choices to bring elegance to the indoor.

Dual Shades
Dual shades can do wonders for your home. These shades combine two fabrics (roller and solar) into one headrail casing. From controlling natural light to enjoying privacy, these shades create a remarkable choice in recent trends.

While privacy and preserving the sanctity of the private space of your house are of utmost importance, light and sunshine to are equally critical for the wellbeing of the human mind and body. No amount of artificial light can compensate for the beauty of natural light. They provide light as well as energy. When you opt for window treatments for your homes take care to accord due importance to the need for light.

Can People See Through the Privacy Shades?

If you have opted for sheer shades then they will hamper your privacy at night as they offer little resistance from outside view. And in case of light-filtering shades, if you are standing near the window then a silhouette will be visible to outsiders.

To ensure that your night time privacy is not jeopardized it is always safer to opt for dual shades or day night cellular shades as they integrate both the light filtering and blackout fabrics and ensure better functionality.


Privacy is an important factor for your home arena, but natural light is equally essential for the wellbeing of the human mind and body. There are many options that can be adjusted to provide both, but if you are looking to get privacy and light at the same time, choose a light filtering fabric shade. Make sure to pick the right fabric and color tone for smooth functionality. For more ideas and inspirations, consult with the designers and enjoy both privacy and natural light!

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