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How to Program Your Shades as a Group or Individually with Somfy Remotes

How To Program Your Shades As A Group or Individually with Somfy Remotes

Somfy Group Programming for an Efficient Window Blind Control

Motorized window treatments are the blessings for your homes because of their unique functionality and versatility. Imagine pressing a single remote button to make your shades open and close, allowing natural light to enter your space while maintaining the privacy level. Whether you are planning to design your windows or upgrade the existing one, you might want to take advantage of these window solutions. High-tech window treatments are always convenient to use, opting for these practical and modern technology featured window blinds means you don’t have to manually adjust the heavy or hard to reach blinds. From blocking out the harsh daylight to providing your space ultimate level of privacy, these window dressings create a remarkable choice for your windows while making them the perfect addition of your home arena. If you desire for ease of operation, indoor safety, and enhanced indoor value, then remote-controlled blinds are the answer. If your room has more than one window, then feature all of them with innovation and technology that will make your windows look symmetrical and make your space feel connected and integrated. But while installing these motorized window coverings, you might wonder how to program all the shades as a group or individually with Somfy remotes? In this article, we will give you a brief on Somfy group programming so that you can buy, install, and access them without any hassle!

Operate Shades as a Group or Individually with Somfy Remotes

Motorized blinds and shades use Somfy’s Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) protocol which enables your shades to work efficiently. RTS lets you enjoy ultimate convenience and pleasure by bringing value to your life. Somfy’s RTS provides three ways to access your blinds and shades, and you can choose the one depending on your needs.

• Individual Control: Controls one motorized blind individually
• Group Control: Controls more than one motorized window covering as a group
• Individual and Group Control: Controls window dressing as individuals or as a group
Somfy Window Shades

Different Hand-held Remotes for Somfy Group Programming

• Telis 1 RTS Hand-held Remote: Single channel remote that operates one individual window shading or a group of motorized shades, bring luxury and convenience to your place. These single-channel remotes are available in different finishes to fit any interior style which includes silver, lounge, and patio. Get the one that will bring elegance and casual vibes inside your home.
• Telis 4 Multi-Channel RTS Hand-held Remote: Five channel remote provides more functionality and feasibility as they offer an additional 4 channels of control. Each channel can access one individual shade or group of motorized shades. You can set the remotes as per the preferences.
• Telis 16 Channel Hand-held Remote: These remotes allow you to operate 16 individual motorized shades or 16 groups of motorized window blinds within a range of 65feet. Available in two finishes – Pure and Silver to fit every décor style.

Programming Window Shades in a Group

If you have three window shades on three different channels respectively and you want to create a group on channel five, we recommend you to follow the procedure given below:

• For the first window shades, select the channel one which is currently operating the product. Take a paperclip or a similar product to tap the programming button until the shade jogs. To paste, select channel five and hold the programming button on the backside of the remote until the shade jogs again. Now, both the one and five-channel will operate your first shade.
Follow the same process (copy and paste) for all the shades you wish to have in the group and make your window dressings work smoothly and effortlessly.


Now, you are aware of Somfy group programming that allows your shades to operate as a group or individually. Integrating Somfy protocol in your standard window coverings will offer endless benefits for a luxurious living. If you have more windows in your house, then the remote operation makes your task easier and simple. If you have still any queries about this programming method, feel free to consult with the professional executives. They will guide you with the best possible solution!

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