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How to Purchase and Install Cellular Shades Properly For Effective Insulation

How to Purchase and Install Cellular Shades Properly For Effective Insulation

A Detailed Study on Cellular Shades for Effective Insulation

Window treatments are an effective way of making homes energy-efficient, keeping warmth and elegance while lowering your energy bills, and maintaining style in a magnificent way. Though there are plenty of choices available in the market, cellular shades are one of the most effective window treatments to keep your interior comfortable. These practical window shades contain little honeycomb-shaped air pockets that help to regulate the inside temperature. Adding these perfect window coverings will not only save you on heating and cooling costs but will impact a lot on making your home more comfortable.

But purchasing any cellular shade is not the last thing you can do to make your home insulated. There are lots of factors that seamlessly help to enhance the functional capabilities of a honeycomb shade. So whenever you are planning to buy them, you need to customize the shades properly in order to achieve maximum values and benefits. If you are not sure where to start from, then we can help you out in purchasing the right fabricated cell shades that will impact your quality of life and help to gain a more sustainable and pleasing indoor ambiance all year round.

How to Purchase Cellular Shades

There are endless options to check for when it comes to buying cellular shades for greater insulation that will transform your interior into a relaxing retreat. Before you place the order, consider the below facts that will make your shopping experience better.

Single/Double Cell Shades:

Cellular shades are mostly popular because of their strong insulation properties that create a barrier to the varying temperatures between your room and window glass. But these shades are categorized into two options depending on the layer of cells – single cellular shades and double cellular shades. The more the number of cells contained in the shade, the higher the insulating capacity and more power of trapping heat inside. Double cell shades are always preferred if you live in a country where changing climates make your stay unbearable. These shades come with a double layer of protection and offer greater energy efficiency compared to single-cell shades. Depending on your needs, you can make a choice between these two. But no matter what you choose they will outfit your windows accurately and will match the desires of any decor.

Single vs Double Honeycomb Blinds

Fabric Construction:

Cellular shades come in a range of opacity levels including, sheer, light-filtering, and opaque. These fabric materials denote how much light and heat is transmitted through the fabric. But for maximum heat blockage opt for opaque blackout cellular shades which are designed to obstruct all the incoming rays, making indoor comfy and relaxing throughout the year. You can go for sheer, light-filtering, or semi-opaque room darkening cellular shades as well but they do not provide the same as blackout shades do. In addition, blackout shades offer complete darkness along with the ultimate level of protection.

Style Option:

Cellular shades come in countless numbers of colors, patterns, and style options to enhance the aura and grace of your space. But when insulation is your main concern, choose dark color fabrics during customization as they will reflect most of the sunbeams and heat out of the room.

Cellular Shades

Functional Mechanism:

Though these shades come in standard cord mechanisms, integrating motorization will double up the insulation power. Smart cell shades come in programmable timers and temperature sensor options. When the outside temperature will be at the peak, smart automation will allow the shade to close automatically so that you stay peacefully inside your home. You can select a top-down bottom-up mechanism as well that will permit some amount of light while offering protection from energy loss.


This is the most important factor to consider as R-value determines how well a material reduces energy gain or loss. The higher the R-value, the more energy you save and also more money-saving. Check out the different R-values of cell shades to shop wisely. Double cell light filtering – 2.8, double cell light filtering with tracks 3.3, double cell blackout 4.0, double cell blackout with tracks 4.7, single-cell light filtering 1.6, single-cell blackout 2.5. And also don’t forget to check solar heat gain efficiency (SHGC) which is also a strong factor in calculating insulation.

Additional Accessories:

If you think that cellular shades alone are not enough for effective insulation, then you can purchase additional draperies or curtains for layering. Also, there are sidetrack channels and light blockers available to block out the light and heat from the edges of the window frame.

Following the above tips during the customization will ensure satisfactory insulation for your interior. If you need any help choosing the right texture and fabric, feel free to consult with the professionals.

How to Install Cellular Shades

The installation plays a crucial role when it comes to insulation as they offer a proper seal against harsh heat situations and direct sunlight. Both inside and outside mounting can give you protection from sun rays but mounting shades outside of the window frame will give you total coverage while you may require some additional accessories like light blockers or side channels for inside mounting. Read on to know how to install them to get all the benefits without any complication.

But before you get started make sure you have the right shape and size of cellular shades. Proper measurements are essential because a small mistake can lead you to get the wrong size product that won’t fit the windows as well.

Inside Mount:

  • Begin the process by positioning your mounting brackets at the top of the window opening (on each side). And mark the places using a pencil. Make sure the bracket positions are even and straight.
  • Take a drill and create holes in the marked places to secure the brackets using screws.
  • Install the headrail and snap it using the brackets.
  • Raise and lower the shades slowly to check the movements and be sure that you can adjust them as per your needs.

Installation of Window Shade

Outside Mount:

Once you get the shades as per the measurements of outside mounting, it’s time to install them;

  • Unpack your cellular shade and place it on top of the window trim or wall surface.
  • Take a pencil to mark on both sides of the shade where you will mount the headrail.
  • Take a drill to create holes in the marked position and secure the brackets in the right place using screws.
  • Fit the front of the bracket into the headrail and fix it into the brackets.
  • Check whether the shade is working properly or not.

Note – Following the above steps will make your installation job easier. But it is always suggested to check with the manufacturers or professionals before you jump into this process. ZebraBlinds takes no responsibility for any damage or issue caused during this task.

Put it all together, we can say that purchasing the right customized cellular shade and installing them properly on the windows will provide your space with ultimate insulation, making the dressings worth the investment. Buy them once and enjoy their advantages lifelong!

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