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Fixing Your Broken Blinds with Ease

Fix Broken Blinds

The purpose of blinds is two dimensional. Not only do they add charisma to a room, but they serve practical purposes too. When you choose the right kind of blinds, it can transform the look of your entire room. A window blind works extremely hard to offer you the privacy you deserve, filter the flow of natural light in your house, and maintain a sustainable temperature in your home. However, life isn’t as smooth and easy sailing as we would like it to be. The presence of kids, pet, or just some negligence can cause more wrinkles in shades than you can imagine. And, the minute blinds fail to perform the most crucial task that they have been assigned to everything starts to collapse around you. This includes your décor, privacy, and overall comfort. So, what is it that you can do to take care of your blinds in case they need some repair work?


Follow our detailed guide to ensure that your blinds are working the way it is supposed to:

How to Fix Broken Blinds?

Vertical blinds are installed on sliding doors or vertical windows that lead outside. These blinds are more than often installed in and around areas of your home with high traffic, which makes it extremely tempting for pets and your children. And, what happens to be the result? Yes, you guessed it right – a fallen slat.


However, we have the perfect solution for you. You will find a slot right above the ripped off slat. This passes through a clip and then fastens itself on the headrail. A quick way to fix broken blinds, you can simply flip the blind and punch a hole on the upside-down area. Now, all you have to do is hang it back the way it was. A paperclip or sturdy tape will also go a long way in repairing the broken slot. This way you will be able to place the blind right back to the place it belongs (i.e., the headrail).


What are You Supposed to do about a Bent or Cracked Window Blind Slat?

The blinds on your window can’t withstand the extra effort that children and pets put on them more than often. So, what should you do when you see your window blinds cracking? You will require window blind repair every time your children are rough with it or if you try to pull down on the slats of your blinds when trying to peek outside. Under such circumstances, it is your blinds that have to pay the price. Though it sounds a bit annoying (which it entirely is) there is a silver lining to this. One damaged slat doesn’t demand a complete window treatment, so it can be a pretty easy DIY fix.


In case you happen to have an extra slat or can get hold of one then go ahead and replace the broken one. But, there is a greater chance that you might not have one. All you have to do in that case is to remove a slat from the bottom of your blind and take it all the way to the place where the slat has been damaged. This will allow your blind to look more complete, and usually does not affect the operation of the blind.


Follow the Detailed List of Steps to Change the Broken Slat in Your Blind –

  1. Using a flathead screwdriver, you have to remove the plugs (two or maybe more) that hold the slats at the bottom. You have to keep in mind that you have to unscrew the blinds which cover and hold the thicker string at the center or the lift strings.


  1. Now, you have to pull the string that goes through the hole very carefully. Don’t be impatient with the process of untying the knot for you have to re-tie it once you have finished your repair.


  1. In the place of the broken slat, insert the slat you are using to replace it with. You have to now very carefully pass the lift string through the slats and push it all the way through the base. Now, you have to tie up each side so that both are of the same length.


  1. Place the plugs back. The last and final step will involve using a rubber mallet or hammer; this will ensure that the plugs are secure.

Replace Blinds Slats


How Can You Replace a Blind Tilter?

There are certain times when lack of proper handling during shipping the tilt mechanism of your blinds fail to function smoothly. This can also happen when the professional you hired to install your blinds drop it unexpectedly. But, you can take care of this as well.


  • Start by removing the blind connected from the window. In order to do this, you have to find the metal rod which runs parallel to the length of the metal rail.


  • Next, try to identify the space that you can use to push back the tilted end of the rod right back in case it has been dislodged. But, if this isn’t the problem then call an expert for you are in need of an urgent replacement.


  • Remove the metal end stiffener from right at the end of the headrail.


  • Replace the old mechanism that was in place by merely pulling it out with the current one. You have to place the tilt rod back by simply sliding it through.


  • Place the end stiffener at the edge of the rail and place the end cap securely.

Replace Blinds Tilter


Is There a Way to Learn How to Fix Broken Blinds Pull Cords?

Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing that makes you more agitated than broken blinds pull cords which won’t operate smoothly. But, we have a trick down our sleeve and it can fix almost every issue with blinds including this. You have to start by tugging the lift cords. Pull them towards the centre of the blind. And, if that doesn’t seem to work out, reach out to an expert who will get the replacement cord for blinds done for you.

Blinds Pull Cord Replacement


Are You in Need of Vertical Blind Repair?

Are you trying to find a way that you can finally replace the broken stem on your vertical blinds? If so, then you have come across the right place.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to replace a broken vane (you’ll need to get a spare from your manufacturer or have one handy)


  • You have to open the vanes by rotating the beaded metal chain. Keep in mind that it has to be completely open and straight.


  • Using a pair of pliers (choose the needle nose ones) and a twisting hand action you will need to detach the stem from the base and the carrier body. It might sound hard, but it is pretty easy.


  • It is time to get rid of the gear present on the carrier body. Your track must be open (exactly straight) for the gear to pop out.


  • You can replace the gear with new gear. All you have to do is keep the track straight open, grab the tip holding the teeth or the comb side. It should be facing upwards, and then you have to slide it back in place.


  • To replace the stem, you have to push it inside at the base. Place your finger on either side of the carrier body. This way it will prevent it from moving. Apply the necessary pressure, and you will hear a click. This means it is right where it should be.


  • Go ahead and hang the vane and you’re done!

Vertical Blind Repair


Blinds on your windows give you every opportunity to adjust the brightness, maintain privacy, add a dash of texture, and a whole lot of style. The guidelines as mentioned earlier will help you to fix broken blinds and ensure that you never have to compromise on the benefits that blinds offer.


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