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Real Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds, What is your choice?


Real Wood Blinds Viz Faux Wood Blinds

From past several decades, window blinds were the conventional solution for homeowners to protect the indoor from the outdoor seasonal extremes. Both types of blinds are functionally very smooth and easy to use with great features.
Real Wood blinds have dominated the market with their elegant natural features. In the current times of cutbacks and recession alternatives options to the more expensive Real Wood Blinds has become a priority. Hence, the creation of Faux Wood Blinds. Faux Wood Blinds are comparable to the quality of Real Wood and are offered at a much lower price.
While decorating your home, it is always advisable to think about the budget and the feature you want before choosing anything. If you are planning to use Real Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds for your windows, then understand the different facts before select them. Real Wood Blind or Faux Wood Blind has few pros and cons that would help you understand before buying them.


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Real Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds will be the first choice when you want the authentic wood and its natural beauty. No matter how much value for money alternatives you get with Faux Wood Blinds, they are not made out of real wood. Real wood can match with your existing wooden furniture to give your decor a uniformity and synchronization. Made from Natural American hardwood, these blinds are lightweight and durable, making them easy and smooth to use. The ease of use also helps to keep the slats from wearing out sooner by reducing the strain on the mechanism. Real Wood Blind that are properly cared for can get you a high return on your investment with its high durability. Another feature to consider with Real Wood blinds is their insulation properties. These blinds provide insulation, light control, and privacy for your indoor with the slats minimizing the chance of direct sun glare and providing an extra layer of insulation.

Pros of Real Wood Blinds

Made from North American hardwoods (Only Graber Wood Blinds)Spring-Window-Fashions - ZebraBlinds.ca
Natural grain and look
Lightweight and easy handling
High durability
Heat and cold insulation

However, there are three major issues with Real Wood Blinds that most people tend to overlook. Their price, the nature of wood, and their proper maintenance. The price of real wood resources and the extra protection needed for the wood tends to increase the retail price of real wood blinds in comparison to other window treatments. Secondly, Real Wood Blinds are not ideal in an area with moisture, and humid atmosphere as the wood tends to absorb moisture and can crack or warp from this. The blinds also need extra care and need to be handled properly or can be damaged easily. Even when cleaning, you need to be careful before using any chemical or detergent. Any harsh chemical or strong detergent can affect the natural color of the slats. It is important to only use mild cleaners and gently wiping to clean the slats.

Cons of Real Wood Blinds

High price
Sensitive to moisture and humidity
Not easy to clean


Faux Wood Blinds

Many homeowners prefer Faux Wood over real Wood because of the price. Faux Wood Blinds are much cheaper than the Wood BlindsFauxwood blinds - Zebrablinds.ca. They are made from synthetic materials like PVC or Vinyl. Sometimes, Faux Wood is also made of a combination of Vinyl and Wood; that’s a Wood/Vinyl alloy. The main reason of the cheaper price is this synthetic material. No direct wood is involved while creating this blind. Because of this and the extra protective coatings, Faux Wood Blinds are ideal for the humid areas. You can use them in your washrooms, kitchens, and any other humid areas. They don’t crack, fade, split and warp while using them in a moisture environment. They are even sturdier than the Wood Blinds making them ideal for areas with high traffic. They are ideal alternatives for the homeowners who want the Real wood look without paying the cost of Real wood. Faux Wood Blinds are easy to clean since the polymer coating prevents the effect of the chemical and detergent. So, if your limited budget doesn’t allow you to go for the costly Real Wood blinds, go for these cheaper Faux

Pros of Faux Wood Blinds

Much cheaper than Wood Blinds
Less fragile
Moisture proof
Easy to clean

Like Wood Blinds, they also have some cons that will compel you to think twice before going for it. Your choice depends on your requirements. The slats are heavier than the Wood Blinds. That’s why they don’t have varieties of designs for different windows. It’s hard to lower or raise the slats while using them regularly. Sometimes, Faux Wood Blinds require more ladders or strings to operate because of the heavier slats. The more ladders mean a clumsier and cluttered look. There are also foam blinds available in the market; that are not the actual Faux Wood Blinds. They are heavier and less durable. The foam blinds are not durable enough to hold the moisture and become yellow with prolong use. So, be careful while choosing the Faux Wood blinds for Canada.

Cons of Faux Wood Blinds

Heavier slats
PVC foam slats (Non-recyclable, Non-eco-friendly)
Less size & style options because of the heavy slats
Not advisable for high temperatures surroundings
Less operational smoothness

Dark colour slats can deform at high temperatures


The durability & longevity depends on the type of the Blind you use. Real Wood Blinds give you the elegance; whereas Faux Wood Blinds give you more practicality. In spite of having various pros and cons, choose the perfect one that suits your indoor condition and requirements.



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