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Instant Luxury with Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Instant Luxury with Real Wood Plantation Shutters

There was a time when wood was a major part of any house. Be it the roof, the windows, the furniture or the flooring, wood was a common material and design element. As technology advanced and a lot of innovations and discoveries started to take over the market, the place for wood slowly grew thinner. Concrete homes and granite flooring, plastic doors, windows, and furniture. It was surely the most modern and cost-effective solution and soon enough, the common home décor and design began to change. However, those who know better know the advantages of wood. The warmth it provides and its ability to make a place look royal and elegant, yet still welcoming, is not forgotten. Wood is the only way that this plastic world can stay in touch with its roots.

Interior real wood plantation shutters are made keeping these old, warm, and fuzzy nostalgic feelings in mind. These shutters are a sturdy kind of window treatments that last long and are light and easy to handle. These shutters are the back-to-basics style of clean, classy, and elegant treatments that many of us need at the moment!

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What are Plantation Shutters and Blinds?

Plantation shutters and blinds are the strong and sturdy window treatments that comprise of louvered slats that can be tilted up and down to control the light as well as the view. They are made up of high-quality wood that is very precisely engineered and artistically designed to add class and elegance to the interiors of your home. They have the ability to easily blend in with the interiors and at the same time, accentuate the look to make space seem luxurious.

The plantation shutters are also great at providing the perfect kind of privacy that your home requires. They can block light to a huge extent to keep the place dark and cool for the times when no one is at home. The shades can be easily tilted and adjusted to let in the right kind of light and to keep the view outside your window. Depending on your requirements, you can go for a shutter with a larger louver width. If it’s the view that matters the most for you, larger louver widths allow a better view, while thinner louver widths provide better privacy while the louvers are open.

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Adding Style to Your Interiors With Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Real wood plantation shutters happen to come in various types of wood and are customizable to add uniqueness to your interiors. Based on the kind of place you live in, you can choose the kind of wood that lasts through the bitter cold winter nights. If you live in a hot and humid climate, you can go for wood that is treated to stand out the heat and the moisture. These windows can also help control the temperature to a huge extent as wood is an amazing and non-conductive material. It has the ability to block out a lot of heat or cold and keep a comfortable temperature inside the home.

Furthermore, the real wood plantation shutters can be found in various shades and styles too. You can choose the color of the shutter to match with the wall of the home or the furniture inside the house. They are can be found in your choice of fades and stains to make the shutters look all the more rustic and classy. You can go for clean and neutral colors if you want to color coordinate the shutters with your home interiors. However, if you want to add some drama to the interiors, you could go for faded or stained kind of shutters in pastel shades!

How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Though wood was once a major part of our lives, it has since become one of the priciest materials on the market for blinds. Plantation shutters surely do cost a little more compared to the regular curtains and blinds, but their craftsmanship and artisanal quality speak for itself. You can choose to go for ready-made window blinds from any major hardware store near your home and it may cost you as low as $60-80 per window. However, many people prefer a more durable and customized window treatment. In such cases, the cost for the plantation shutters per window can go anywhere from $200 to $400. This cost ranges largely depend on the type of wood selected, and the size of the window.

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What is the Pay-Off of These Interior Wood Shutters?

First and foremost advantage that comes to mind when we speak about plantation shutters is the fact that they are the trendiest kind of window treatments amongst homeowners.

Wooden shutters have a way of making the interiors look lavish and elegant. They are very classy and comfortable, and easy to use.

Real wood plantation shutters also provide protection from light and heat, keeping the home cool and calm. This way they also help reduce the power bills and conserve energy. In colder climates, these shutters can be tilted and closed in such a way to trap and block the cold winds, keeping the place warmer. However there is one thing to keep in mind – if your space sees a lot of moisture and extreme heat, wood may not be the best material as it can warp or crack. With proper cleaning and maintenance of wood shutters and blinds will last for years to come.

Keeping the shutters in the right angle helps let the light in and at the same time, maintains the privacy inside the home. If you are choosing your window treatments as an accessory for your windows or for the multiple advantages that they provide, going for real wood plantation shutters is surely a great choice.

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