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3 Reasons You Should Get Multi-Layered Window Treatments

Layering Window Treatments

Layering Window Treatments – Know the Ways to Make a Statement in Your Home

There are various ways to make your home interior look elegant and amazing. But you should always consider decorating windows because they allow natural light and fresh air to enter your room while getting privacy. So what is the primary key to make your windows highlighted so that you can enhance your personal style and attitude? There are so many standard window coverings available in the market to design your home windows. But you should always choose something unique that will be different from others, complement your indoor, and change the overall appearance. Well, when it comes to lighting, privacy, and comfort, layering window treatments will do a lot of things that you can’t even imagine.


Reason to Look for Layering Window Treatments

Layered window treatments are a great solution for every problem your window faces. It is a beautiful way to brighten up your space. To improve your home architecture in 2018 just install these multi-layered window treatments. But what are the main reasons to choose them? Below are 3 reasons you should choose layered window treatments.

  • Have a lot of windows in your home? Are you facing common problems such as – excess cold during the winter or warmth during the summer, or your neighbors are able to see inside through those windows causing a privacy issue? Well, in that case, standard window coverings will not work and that is the reason you need more for your windows by layering window treatments.

  • Want control over light, insulation, or privacy? If you are searching for one window treatment that will provide all the benefits, then that is an impossible job. But with layered window treatments, you can have it all.

  • Match with the Home Décor – If you are planning to mix and match your windows with the wall color then you can layer two window treatments that will give your room a stunning look.


How to Layer Your Window Treatments like a Pro?

Layering window treatments don’t mean you have to pair two window treatments on one window; you can layer treatments in one room also. Layering window treatments add interest and personality to any space. This type of window coverings is the combination of style and functionality.

So what are the simple and easiest ways to make your window treatments marvelous while having the professionally designed look?  There are so many options when it comes to window treatments – shades, blinds, shutters, draperies. Draperies are best for large windows and they provide the highest degree of light blockage, insulation, and privacy. Shades and blinds also provide light blockage, energy-efficiency, and privacy but that depends on the fabric you choose. Shutters also offer light blockage and privacy but they don’t provide insulation. But in layering, you don’t have to pick only one and combining will provide you the benefits of each window covering. Here are some best examples of layered window dressings:


Get Comfort – Layer Solar Shades with Custom Drapery

If your window confronts more sunlight, harmful UV rays that damage your household things, and glare then you can consider solar shades for your room. They will help block all these things while providing privacy during the daytime. Consider layering custom drapery that will keep your room cool and protected from the sun when closed and improves insulation.

Layering Solar Shades with Drapery


Get a Contemporary Look – Layer Roman Window Shades with Beautiful Curtains

This combo brings a romantic or modern look for your windows. If you want to make your windows more attractive and charming while having all the benefits (light control and privacy), drape window curtains over the roman shades.

For a contemporary look, you can consider pairing valances and cornices also with the curtains.


Layering Roman Shades with Drapery


Layer Light Filtering Window Coverings

If you are new to the world of window fashion, then try the concept of layering with light filtering window dressings. ZebraBlinds offers you a wide range of light filtering fabrics that will gently diffuse the natural light while having moderate privacy. You can consider light filtering roller shades and layer them with beautiful draperies which will give your room a soft and smooth look.

Layering Roller Shades with Drapery


Play with the Colors and Patterns

Another simple way to layer window treatments is doing some research with various colors and patterns. We offer you a lot of colors, textures, patterns, and different style options for window treatments that will complement your home décor. For example, go for aluminum mini blinds that can look fascinating under the roman shades or window drapery. But always make sure that the window treatments should be in different colors and textures like – if aluminum blinds are dark colored then roman shades should be in light colored or vice versa.


Bring Natural Beauty inside Your Room

Mix wood blinds with wood plantation shutters which will give your room a natural appearance. This combination will block out all the light while offering privacy.


Save Energy Bills – Hang Drapery over Cellular Shades

If you want to maximize energy-efficiency then layering cellular honeycomb shades with draperies in one of the best solutions. This combination during the summer season blocks out the heat and keeps your room cool and during the winter, they absorb the outside heat so that your room stays hot. In this way, you can reduce your energy bills and it looks great also on your windows.

You can give a touch of cornices with the cellular shades that will enhance the comfort level of your space.

Layering Drapery with Cellular Shades


Get an Eye-catching Look by Layering Window Treatments

When it comes to finding out the best window treatment for your home, many people consider it a difficult job because they think they have to pick between curtains, blinds, or shades. But that’s not true at all. Layered window treatments make both design and functional sense for your space.

You can order our free samples so that you can find out the best style fit. Even after purchasing, get them next to your home doorstep as we offer free shipping benefits for our customers. Order these window treatments at an affordable price as ZebraBlinds offers you a great discount on products. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us! We can help you to get the perfect layered window treatments for your rooms.


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