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Fix Those Gaps Around Blinds For Complete Privacy

Gap Between Blinds

Reduce Light Leakage By Filling The Gap Between Blinds

Windows and doors are the major sources of light and heat in our homes, and they are responsible for a hot and uncomfortable atmosphere during the summers. There are endless options available on the market for covering them, like blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes. Each window covering solution has its own pros and cons. Some block out the light completely, some come with sheer fabric filtering out excess light, some let you maintain the view, and some absorb UV radiations effectively. You need to decide your preferences and choices before getting any one of them installed at your place. Most homeowners seek a uniform and sleek look that covers their entire windows.


Some small light leaks are very common with certain kinds of window coverings. This leakage depends on how are they installed and what type of shade they are. Elimination of the gaps between your blinds improves your privacy and also further reduces heat, glare, and light from entering your home. It also creates a low-profile appearance and a more matte look.

There are certain steps homeowners can take for fixing those small gaps between blinds. We have collated some steps which can be very helpful and effective:


Steps to Follow to Fix the Gap Between Blinds

STEP 1: Accurate Measurements

This is a very first and crucial step to get a uniform and leak-free window covering. Taking precise and perfect measurements affects the proper fitting of your blinds. If your measurements are not accurate and are off by even a small amount, then your window coverings will not be able to cover your windows. This will result in light leaks along the edges. Along with taking careful measurements, size deductions should also be taken into consideration that occurs during the manufacturing process. Blinds and shades with perfect fitting block the light completely, but if their fitting is not accurate, then they will allow light and glare to leak into your home. You can measure for your blinds and shades yourself by following some simple instructions available at our website. Our experts can also guide and help you with any of your queries.

 Precise Measurement of Blinds


STEP 2: Careful Installation

Installation is the next crucial step which should be done precisely and with complete care. If they are installed incorrectly and haphazardly, they are often subject to a huge leakage of light. This leakage will defeat the purpose of implementing them in the first place. In order to reap the maximum benefit of window coverings, they should be installed perfectly. Proper fitting offers utmost effectiveness and complete blockage of light and glare. Consult our experts for help with installation or follow our instructions available on our website.

Perfect Installation of Blinds

STEP 3: Opt for Outside Mount Installation

Inside mount installation lets the light enter into your home from small leakages even if the blinds are measured and installed carefully. This is because when installing as an inside mount, the measurements will always be smaller than that of the window frame so that the shade fits inside. This results in small amounts of light entering the room from the edges of the windows. Therefore, outside mount window coverings cover the entire windows and doors fixing the gap between blinds. Measurement specifications are different for inside and outside mount. For outside mount, you have to add a few extra inches beyond the actual size of the window. This allows adequate coverage blocking all the light without any leakages.

 Outside Mount Installation


STEP 4: Shades Insulate Better than Blinds

Shades are crafted from a single piece of fabric or any other material. Therefore, they provide better insulation and blockage from the scorching sun. The continuous material serves to block out light as uniformly as possible. Blinds are comprised of slats that can be made of different materials like wood, polyvinyl, aluminum, plastic, etc. These slats need to overlap each other perfectly for blockage. They are more susceptible to light leaks than shades. Shades can also be crafted from wood, jute, fabric, polyester, PVC, and many other materials. They give increased privacy and insulation.

 Shades Insulate Better Than Blinds

STEP 5: Install Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a better option for blocking light and fixing those gaps between blinds. They close more tightly, compared to most horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds are more suitable for small windows, but if you have patio doors or large windows at home, then vertical blinds are the best solution to cover them without any light leakages. Vertical blinds rarely leave any gaps and offer perfect blockage and complete privacy as the slats of these blinds overlap each other more.

Install Vertical Blinds


STEP 6: Get a Fabric Tape

Adhesive tape is another way to fix gaps between blinds or around the blinds. They add a bit of width to the shades and blinds of windows resulting in filling up those leakages which let the light and glare enter your home. Adhesive tape comes in various colors, patterns, widths and designs. You can choose as per the theme of your home décor or match with the color of your window coverings. This is the most suitable option to fix the gap between roller blinds. It can also fix the blinds sagging in the middle and also block light from the side of blinds.


There are so many solutions and tips you have gone through to let you know about how to block light around blinds. Window blinds and shades are the latest and trendy solution to cover your windows and doors and to protect your home from outside harsh weather. ZebraBlinds offer best window blinds for privacy and light. You can buy blinds online in Canada by just exploring our product catalog and selecting the best one for you. We provide customization options as per the needs of your home at affordable prices.

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