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“It was one of the March days when the Sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” Penned by the Great Charles Dickens, picturesquely describing the scenic elegance that the spring heralds with its onset. I’m sure you’ve already begun preparations to say “Bien-venue Spring!” It’s like the sudden throw of colors, with the whispering air full of fresh and sweet scents, the primrose tufts in the green bower and the periwinkle trailing its wreath, every flower and every leaf enjoying the fresh new breeze. The sun never shone as brightly as now and the birds all chirpy and happy, isn’t it the most beautiful time of the year- yes, this happens only in spring!

Oh, but with the colors and joy comes a little of the heat wave in the sunlight; the sun who constantly wants to peep into your living room and kitchen, trying to say a hello! But you so don’t want those bright rays disturbing your afternoon nap, do you? So, how do you say a stern no to the rays playing peek-a-boo, so you can enjoy the breeze and but have your privacy as well? That sounds like a wish only the magic lamp can fulfill, may be. But failing that, you can always rely on the ZEBRA SHEER SHADES! Don’t you want some lovely sheer shades lightening up your rooms this spring, while keeping the blinding sun glinting off the snow at bay? Choose among the vast variety of the most stylish, softly colored, airy fabrics that’ll make you the perfect shades for the season and impart a brand new look to your home. Avail a whole new range of Horizontal Light Filtering Sheer Shades and Vertical Light Filtering Sheer Shades, as well, to make this spring a rejuvenating experience!



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No more do you have to battle it out with the scintillating sunlight this spring! Log on to Zebrablinds to check out the Zebra Sheer Shades – explicitly made to help you stay comfortable, cool and in complete dictatorship of your home’s atmosphere! The name is suggestive of the fact that these shades have a layer of an opaque fabric alternating with a layer of translucent one (striped like a zebra!) which you can align (manually or with the cordless control: open, lift or close – as and when you need them) according to requirements of light, view and privacy. The glossy texture of the fabric makes its control smooth and hassle free. They are available in options that maximize both privacy and light. What’s more, brands like COMFORTEX and CROWN bring home options to customize them according to your taste, ensuring a uniform appearance by adjusting the alignment of its stripes. Because, the kind of shades that block the view or allow a complete blackout may be suitable for your master room, but when you wish to check on your children playing in the backyard from your kitchen window, you need those shades to allow view-through! And the best part is that they are priced such that covering your windows/doors doesn’t drill a hole in your pockets!

In addition, COMFORTEX brings you it’s most lavishly designed shades – Shangri-La Sheer Horizontal Shades whose vanes, encapsulated between layers of sheer fabric, can easily be positioned to be fully open or half way open or closed, as per your privacy requirements. And while the vanes are open or closed, the light still filters in! For a completely unobstructed view, you can lift your shades half way or all the way up a window.




A similar range of the loveliest shades are also available in the vertical option, best fitted to those royally made deluxe windows with a vast window frame. Have your homes looking contemporary, luxurious and classy with the added benefits of some nice fresh air sweeping through your rooms. Now you may say, “Do you want me to shut those antique and beautifully made windows?” Oh, no, no, certainly not! However, the large windows and wide doors bringing the needed sophistication to your interiors can so well be complemented by Sheer Vertical Shades, making a perfect frame for an amazing view or for privacy while allowing wonderfully filtered light in. You have a choice of fabrics and colors – exquisite neutral colors (whites, grays, beiges) that deflect UV rays, provide indoor lightning and coolness, while at the same time obscuring the view from outside; the room darkening shades with opaque vanes can keep your home warm, provide privacy with vanes turned to obscure view, and an excellent exterior view when the vanes are open.

Adding to the classic range of sheers is the vertical sheers from GRABER with a rust-free aluminum headrail that makes for sturdy hardware. Should the sheer fabric than encloses the vanes get dirty, it can be detached and machine washed without having to dismantle the entire shade system. Graber offers a lifetime free replacement of the headrail and louvers. Most importantly, if one of the louvers is damaged you needn’t replace the whole shade system; they can be replaced louver by damaged louver. With brands like COMFORTEX and GRABER, allow panache, style and glamour march their way to your rooms!

Aren’t you just thrilled to re-do your interiors to make the most of this spring?! How about enjoying evenings with the perfect espresso and cool breeze to keep you company this season!


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