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Best-In-Class Window Coverings For Your Dining Room

Remote Control Blinds

Add Wisdom To Your Windows With Remote Control Blinds


The dining room is a part of your home that needs your undivided attention. The ambiance of the dining room ought to be elegant, inviting, and comfortable. It is that space of your home where you unite, feast, and engage with your loved ones.

For making the environment of your dining room peaceful and pleasant, you should give your attention to the lighting of the space. Natural light is necessary for the health of the home and also for a natural ambiance, but when the amount of natural light increases beyond the comfort level, it becomes problematic. The harmful UV radiations of the sun can harm your skin, eyes, furniture, flooring, and other decor items. Therefore, having control of the light is very necessary. One of the most effective and budget-friendly solutions to have a controlled amount of light inside your home is the implementation of remote control blinds. These blinds not only will make the space comfortable and cozy but will also transform your home from ordinary to smart.

Smart Home Window Blinds

There is always something special and amazing about technology. Whenever you add a touch of technology in anything, it becomes extraordinary. Similarly, smart home window blinds are the combination of elegance and smartness. They are an excellent replacement for curtains and draperies with more effective performance. These blinds are the modern way of covering your windows to block the harmful rays of the Sun. You can get these window coverings in various materials depending on your needs. Here are the tips for choosing the most suitable one for your space.


Tips For Choosing The Material of Remote Control Blinds


European Style Roman Shades


Know your purpose: You have to make sure about your purpose of implementing window coverings. Purpose of window coverings varies from homeowners to homeowners. If you are looking for maximum privacy for your dining room, then we have window coverings that are made from blackout material. This material blocks the entire light and view and shields your space completely from outside weather and prying eyes. If you want to filter the natural light but want to keep the view intact then you can go ahead with sheer European style roman shades. These shades are designed using elegant and smooth sheer fabric. They give a very soft and luxurious look to your dining room. Similarly, if you love nature and wants it to reflect inside your home, then you can install window coverings that are made from natural material like wood, bamboo, jute, etc. So, remote control blinds are available in various materials to match with the requirements of homeowners.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Cleaning sounds messy but easy to clean and maintain material makes the task easy and simple. You can choose PVC home automation window blinds for something that is long-lasting and durable. Wipe off dirt using a damp cloth. Regular dusting and vacuuming of the window coverings also keep them clean and dust-free. If you want weather-resistant window coverings, then we have exterior solar shades and blinds with materials such as aluminum and faux woods. They are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions, including water, easily. Take a light detergent solution and a soft cloth. Dip it in the solution and swipe each slat of the aluminum blinds carefully. Your window blinds will look like new again in just a few minutes.

Appearance: Window coverings must match with the overall interior decor of your home. The color tone, design, material, texture, shape, and size, all these specifications must be taken into account according to the need of your home. We, at ZebraBlinds, offer cost-effective customization options so that you can merge your window coverings with the theme of your space. Endless options are available online from which you can explore and select the best one for your home. We also offer made to measure window shutters which give a very aesthetic and attractive appeal to the windows. Custom blinds, shades and shutters let you express your own style and choice while designing or redesigning your home.


Why Remote Control Blinds?


Functionality: Operating your window coverings with cords is an outdated and unsafe way. Now, you can access your smart home window blinds smartly with a portable remote control from anywhere in your room. This feature increases the convenience, safety, and adds a touch of smartness to your ordinary home. These window coverings can also be accessed with your smartphone as they are equipped with Z-wave technology. You can also integrate them with smart home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. This feature allows you to give voice commands to your window coverings via voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. Remote control window blinds will make the look and feel of your dining room more attractive, tech-inspired, and modern.

Safety: For those homeowners who have kids and pets at home, these smart home automation window coverings are safe as they don’t carry loose hanging cords. They are operated smartly from anywhere in the room. You can also access them even when you are away from your home with the help of your smartphone. This will create an illusion that the home is not empty.

Effective light blockage: Light makes or breaks the environment of your dining room. An excess amount of light can make the ambiance flashy and uncomfortable. These remote control window blinds give you the control on how much light you want to enter inside. Whether you want to block the entire light or you want to maintain the view, these window coverings can be adjusted accordingly.

Energy Saving: Implementing air conditioners is an expensive affair. They can also emit harmful radiations which impact the health of the environment. Therefore, we should opt for eco-friendly ways of keeping our homes protected from outside harsh weather conditions. Home automation window blinds are nature-friendly and effective when it comes to shielding your home. They keep the ambiance cool and comfortable by blocking the sun rays entering inside at the appropriate times of the day. Your home will stay cool in summers and warm in winters so, there will be a lesser requirement of electronic appliances. This will lower your energy bills and help you in doing some savings for the future.

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