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Let a Button Do the Talking: Significance of Motorized Blinds in Modern Home

Remote Control Motorized Blinds

Remote Control Motorized Blinds- How It Impacts Our Daily Lifestyle

We are living in the era of modern advanced technology where every part of our life is related to some kind of automation that makes our daily living style easier and convenient. Every day, we come up with unique solutions that offer us various facilities to live our life happily and smoothly. The continuous advances in technology have led us to use them in different ways – from computers to smart cameras, smartphones to refrigerators, everywhere we are impacted by automation. Just like in other household things, another great way to incorporate smart technology in your home is Smart Window Treatments so that you can enjoy the benefits of natural light and privacy without any hassle. Homes are more technologically advanced than ever before. Smart windows offer the highest level of protection and security which makes them to be the main reason of getting them. Window specialists mostly prefer remote control motorized blinds which are a one tap smart solution for your windows. But why they are the most preferable?

  • Ease of use which means operate them from anywhere in the room.
  • Adjust the sunlight or set the mood as per your needs.
  • Schedule the shades to follow a set of tasks.

But before you get started, learn more about how they work and what to look for before you purchase.

Remote Control Skylight Shades


Different Types of Remotes to Adjust the Positions of Shades

With remote controlled mechanisms, you don’t have to open or close the shades manually because you can operate a number of shades using different remote channels – single channel remotes, five channel remotes, and sixteen channel remotes are available to manage the shades individually or in a group. Though remote control motorized blinds work on radio frequency, there are various power sources available to recharge the somfy motor:

Battery Wand – This is a popular choice when it comes to motorized blinds that use 8 AA lithium batteries. These are installed above, beside, or behind the shade, depending on the mounting.

Solar Power Kit – This option has a solar panel with rechargeable battery wand which is charged using the sunlight. The movement and tilting of shades and blinds happen with the use of sun’s energy.

Hard Wired – This is the main choice, often used to operate heavy window shades or blinds, and is easy to maintain as they don’t require changing batteries.

Apart from these power options, there are various ways to operate these shades – wall switches and RTS timers. Wall switches are similar to light switches, and you can place them in your preferred position. And timers are programmable which means you can set up the timers as per your needs (whether you want sunlight or privacy during night time). They will adjust themselves balancing with the outside temperature, reducing the energy costs.

The power to operate our shades is now at our fingertips. Just pressing a single remote button will help your shades to raise and lower throughout your home.

Battery Wand for Motorized Blinds


Top 4 Advantages of Remote Control Motorized Blinds


It’s easier to operate the shades by tapping a simple remote button, and that is the largest advantage of remote-handled blinds. But do you know that they provide various benefits to make your lifestyle convenient and relaxing. Below are the reasons that will prove that they are worth of investment for your home:

  • Enjoy a Soft Glow – Smart window shades with their efficient mechanism gently diffuse the excess natural light into a soft and smooth glow while offering privacy and UV protection – This makes them a great addition and integral part of your home. Depending on your needs, these shades come up with various fabrics which include – motorized light filtering shades (allows natural light and softness) and remote control blackout blinds (darken the room completely while offering privacy).

Motorized Light Filtering Roller Shades


  • Lower Energy Bills – Remote control motorized blinds are engineered to create a comfy home while maintaining a decent temperature all over the room. Timers are automatically adjustable which create a balanced ambiance and as a result of that you will enjoy lower energy bills all year around. Remote controlled cellular honeycomb shades are the topmost choice when it comes to energy-efficient window coverings because they have an extra layer of insulation to keep those outside temps out of your home. Remote control day night blinds are other great insulating shades to opt for.
  • A perfect Choice for Hard to Reach Windows – Motorized blinds are a great choice for large or hard to reach windows as they work smoothly and effectively without any hassle. In this way, you can enjoy the beautiful skylights or outside nature anytime.

Remote Control Blinds for Hard to Reach Windows


  • A Safer Home for Toddlers – While decorating the doors and windows, the main concern is to look for security and protection. Smart window coverings are cord-free mechanism which ensures to be the safest option for the home with kids and pets. And at the same time, these window shades and blinds allow you to set them on a schedule which means even if you are far away from home; the shades will raise and lower automatically, creating an illusion of occupancy.

Childproof Remote Control Blinds


Two Things You Should Look Into Before Purchasing Remote Controlled Blinds and Shades

  • Aesthetics – One of the most important factors to consider, as these shades create an impressive look throughout the décor. Functionality is essential, but make sure they complement your décor equally. Motorized shades are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and fabric choices to match the interior style. With our easy customization procedure, personalize your product to get achieve the designer look that will increase the worth of your home.
  • Quality – Generally we use remote to control more than one shades or blinds, otherwise, we will use them for hard to reach windows. So make sure they are durable enough to stand at any extreme condition. ZebraBlinds assures you to provide you with the best and great durability shades that are made from high premium quality materials.


Remote control motorized blinds bring visual interest to your space while making your windows functional and versatile. Whether you want a traditional style, or something more contemporary, they are effective in every décor style. So think about redesigning your windows with this top quality modern high tech integrated window shades which will help your windows look stylish while providing all the benefits. For any further assistance, get in touch with the customer care executives. They will be happy to aid you!

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