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Access Your Skylight Blinds With a Remote

Remote Control Skylight Shades

Remote Control Skylight Shades – Add Smartness & Comfort Together

The world is becoming smarter with every moment. Everything and everybody is pacing its speed to match with the evolving changes. Gone are the days when people install the same outdated curtains to their windows and doors. With smart upgrades in almost everything, the home is just another sector that is becoming more automated. Its an era of window blinds and shades, not the same old-fashioned curtains and drapes. Implementation of window blinds and shades is one of the most effective and budget-friendly ways which can transform your home instantly from traditional to smart.


Windows and doors of the home are often overlooked by many homeowners. Most people just focus on more expensive changes while redesigning the home, like changing furniture, wall colors, flooring, ceiling, electronics, and many other things to make your home more luxurious and intelligent. But you can achieve similar improvements in an inexpensive way which is the installation of home automation window blinds. ZebraBlinds offer best online blinds and shades in many customized options to match the exact requirements and tastes of the customer. We also offer an attractive discount on window coverings.


Endless types of window coverings are available online with endless specifications for every type of windows and doors. Some homes might have small windows, some have large size windows, some have patio doors, some have French doors, some have odd-shaped windows, and some have skylight windows. Among all kinds of windows and doors, skylight windows are the one which is located on the roof, making them hard to reach. Covering skylight windows is quite tricky and operating them daily with cords is difficult. Therefore, we have come up with a huge collection of remote control skylight shades. These are the most effective and popular window treatment trends in 2018. Let’s go through the benefits of smart skylight shades:


Top 10 Benefits of Remote Control Skylight Shades


#1. Easy & Smart Accessibility

As skylight windows are located at a greater height and are hard to reach, covering them seems tricky, but remote control skylight shades have made this super easy. They come with a portable remote that helps you operate these home automation window blinds from anywhere in the room. They can also be operated with your smartphones.

 Motorized Skylight Covers


#2. Elegant Appearance

Smart window coverings provide a very sleek and elegant appearance to your home décor. Windows are the masterpieces of your home and redesigning them can make the ambiance of your home more calm and soothing. Blinds and shades come in various colors, designs, textures, sizes, shapes, and patterns to match with the theme of your home. Wooden shades will provide a traditional look, vinyl blinds will provide a clean look, natural blinds will provide a classic look, and likewise, different window shades have different appearances.


#3. Energy-Efficiency

Windows and doors are the major sources of light, heat, and sound in your home. An excess of the amount of the sunlight, heat or sound disturbs the atmosphere of the home. That means that filtering is necessary if you want your home to be comfortable. The introduction of sunlight or UV radiation raises the temperature of your space which increases the workload of your air conditioner. When UV radiations are blocked, there will be less heat entering your home which helps decrease your reliance on using the AC or a heater. This will further reduce your energy bills, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.

 Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades


#4. Customization

Homeowners have their own style and taste according to which they design or redesign their homes. They spend a lot of time in deciding the color tones of walls, designs of furniture, photo frames, and many more additions. Because they want their homes as per their imagination and choice. ZebraBlinds offers customization options so that you can customize your window coverings as per the required specifications. There are various specifications of these window coverings like color, design, texture, pattern, shape size, functionalities, etc. Our professionals are here to help you out in choosing the most suitable one for your home.


#5. Specifications

Endless options of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, patterns, textures, functionalities, materials, and other specifications are available so that homeowners can get exactly what they want. These options are to match the need and taste of homeowners. For proper measurements and installation, customers can go through our website which consists of all the necessary information as well as video tutorials.


#6. UV Radiations Blockage

Natural light is necessary for homes, but an excessive amount of UV radiation can lead to damaging furniture, your skin, the floor, or another home décor. Harsh sunlight and glare raise the temperature of the home and make the ambiance hot. The strong glare can be irritating for the eyes as well. Remote control skylight shades block these harmful UV radiations and keep your space healthy and comfortable.


#7. Filtering of Excess Light

Light plays a very vital role in making or breaking the ambiance of the home. A perfect amount of light leads to a perfect atmosphere. ZebraBlinds have come up with best online blinds and shades that will perform the function with utmost perfection. They will provide a shield to your space and protect it from outside weather conditions.


#8. Noise Reduction

Noisy surroundings and neighbors can also be responsible for an uncomfortable ambiance at home. Whether you want to sleep, work, study or do household chores, skylight remote controlled blackout blinds offer a comfortable atmosphere by helping to dampen excess noise. The darkness and quiet helps you to enjoy a sound sleep, even during the daytime, after the implementation of remote control skylight shades.


#9. Easy Installation

Window coverings are easy to install. You can check out the instructions given on our website. Video tutorials are also available there to guide the customers perfectly. Our experts can help you out in case you have any difficulty in installation, cleaning or maintenance or even if you have confusion in deciding the type of window coverings.

 Motorized Skylight Shades Installation


#10. Affordability

It’s a myth that remote control skylight shades are expensive and dig a hole in your wallet. But, in reality, these window treatment trends in 2018 are a worthy investment. They can be customized as per the budget, need and choice of the customers. ZebraBlinds provide an attractive discount on window coverings for the maximum satisfaction of customers. You can also avail deals and free delivery offers.


So, start exploring our latest and budget-friendly collection of privacy blinds for windows and make your home smart and comfortable.

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