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Repair or Replacement with best budgeted blinds.

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Repair or Replacement with best-budgeted blinds.

One-day you notice Blinds of your rooms are not working, and they have to be replaced or repaired. Unfortunately, you don’t have enough time to think about it because you have a busy schedule. You know repairing service wastes your valuable time, and cost you more. So, replacement is the best idea, but who will be your guide? Who can assist you with a quick and hassle free delivery with new products and replace the old ones? Don’t worry; be relaxed, ZebraBlinds Canada is here to solve all your problems. ZebraBlinds is aware of your all needs related to your windows treatment, and we made your life very easy for you. We offer you the complete package from buying new products to free delivery all over Canada.

Buying a product, taking care of that, follow up with troubleshooting, and then repair service if necessary; these are very much time consuming for you when you are busy, isn’t it? We can understand the fact; that’s why we have one stop solution for you, where you will get your preferable window blinds and free delivery at your doorstep. Oh! You must be thinking about your city, will it come under our delivery radar? Don’t worry about your city, we cover all over Canada. So, wherever you are within Canada, we will deliver your product with care and responsibility.



In this fast-paced world, it is very difficult to maintain a peaceful and forbearing life. People are running every time to achieve something for the success. When you don’t have time for you to sit and think, then what do you do for other stuffs in life. Canada is one of the busiest countries in the world; every moment and every corner of the Country has something or other for its people. The active, fast lifestyle of people, sky high buildings, the crowded street, high-tech business market, etc. are the basic elements of this country to make people busy every time. In this busy schedule, nobody wants to spend time behind some unproductive stuff like repairing a product. When you think about your windows treatment, then repairing blinds, drapes or shades are an impossible task here. In Canada, looking for service providers who can offer you a repair service for your windows treatment is a tough job; you will hardly find anyone with the solution. There is a reason; repair service is a burdensome and costly task in this country. If you are thinking why, the answer is, spare parts of the window blinds are not available in the market.



In Canada, time is expensive, and nobody wants to waste time. In this context, spending time behind window blinds repair service is not a profitable idea. Manufacturers are already investing a lot behind human resources, their salaries, real estate, inventories, etc. for their businesses; that’s why they don’t want to invest more behind the repair service. Time is changing every day along with technology. Today’s technology and new product can become old tomorrow and may not fit the market because of the new market demand. So, keeping spare parts for the blinds is not a fruitful idea for retailers since, it cost them more to maintain their inventory and the risk involve in it. You never know today’s blinds can be old tomorrow, then what will happen those spare parts kept by retailers for today’s blinds? In this retrospect, keeping spare parts for repairing service is a risk and not a profitable idea from manufacturers’ and retailers’ perspective. We know that even you don’t want to spend time and money behind the repair service. When you get new and fashionable window blinds at a cheaper rate, then why do you want to spend more? Our window blinds are much cheaper than the repair service. We do care of your time and money value; that’s why ZebraBlinds offer you affordable, classic, eye-catching, durable, best-budgeted window blinds. These blinds will make your life easy. So, replace your old fashion, outdated window blinds with our brand new blinds.
When repairing a product is the impossible mission for you, then replace it with a new one. ZebraBlinds is here to solve your problem. You buy one product or hundred products; we will deliver to your home. We cover entire Canada with our free and quick delivery service. So, we give you a choice to make, costly repair service or replacement with cheap new products.

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3 thoughts on “Repair or Replacement with best budgeted blinds.

  1. Hello,
    We have a Zebra blind which is broken (teared) from the top of one side.
    How do I fix that?

    1. Hi Faraz,
      Please contact our customer support, they will open a warranty claim and will get you a replacement shade, if it is under the warranty period of 5 years.

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