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Replace Your Vertical Blind Slats with Room Darkening Ones

Replace Your Vertical Blind Slats with Room Darkening Ones

Just as brightness has a big role to play in keeping us happy and healthy, darkness too is important. The absence of light is a necessary component for shutting our bodies down for a much-needed rest. Even after we have turned in for the night, we find ourselves lying in bed awake for a long time before sleep claims us. The reason could be overexposure to light. With modern life leaving very little room for darkness to creep in, our bodies are always in alert-mode. Be it our phone or computer screens, neon shop signs, traffic lights, or street lights, there is very little trace of darkness in any space around us. Our homes are no different, with artificial light around every corner, filling our world with light. However, biologically, our bodies are not equipped with dealing with so much light. Light sends signals to our brains, telling it to stay up. Darkness, on the other hand, gives the body the signal that it is time to go to bed. Before electricity, humans relied on the sun to determine the sleeping and working hours. Now, however, things are very different.

In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need a room that is completely dark. To make that possible, select a window covering that blocks off incoming light almost completely, giving you a peaceful, darkroom.

A dark room is not only important for the bedroom. It is also needed for media rooms, game rooms, or the living rooms. Watching a movie or playing on your X-box will not be perfect until you have that blackout effect. Let’s consider some great window treatment options that would give you that much-coveted blackout feels.
Blackout Vertical Cellular Shades

Window Coverings that Give a Blackout Effect

Blackout Roller Blinds: Probably the most affordable and easily available room darkening window treatment out there, blackout roller blinds are great for blocking light. The thick fabric is designed to block light completely. Along with blocking light, the thick fabric also blocks noise and offers great insulation.

Shutters: Wooden or faux wood shutters are another great solutions for blocking light, although a bit on the expensive side. But the thick materials are great for blocking light, noise, and the weather elements.

Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds are smart, elegant, and practical and one of the window treatment solutions that can give you room darkening effects. The long slats sit nicely against each other to block off light, heat, and noise, giving you a peaceful and cozy bedroom.
Zebra Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades

How to Select a Blackout Slat?

Blackout vertical slats can be manufactured out of a number of materials – like vinyl, PVC, wood, faux wood, or aluminum. Your choice will be determined by your budget and décor.

You can also incorporate other features like a waterproof layer, making it easy to keep them clean. Just a wipe with a moist cloth is all you would need. For hot weather, you can opt for a heat-reflective outer layer that would keep your room cool, even when the slats are open. For fire safety, you can add a fire-retardant feature to your blind slats.

Does the Whole Blind Require Replacement?

However, it is quite understandable if you don’t want to replace the existing blinds in your house. It will lead to a lot of expense, not to mention the trouble of selecting and installing brand new blinds. To get around this problem, you can just replace your existing blind slats. This is especially true for vertical blinds. You can just replace the existing vertical slats with room darkening ones.

How to Replace Vertical Blinds Slats?

Before we get to that stage, make sure that you have purchased slats that match the previous slats in measurement completely. You can contact your local supplier or manufacturer for this. Once you have got hold of replacement blackout slats, follow these simple steps to replace your vertical blind slats.

Step 1: Open the blind so that the blind is opened completely.

Step 2: Pull out the chain from the bottom of the blinds,  that hold the slats together.

Step 3: Use the swivel tool to open the slats so that they are perpendicular to the headrail.

Step 4: Get on a stepladder or stool, reach up to the clip that attaches the slat with the headrail.

Step 5: Gently prise open the clip and glide the slat out.

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 to get out all the slats.

Step 7: Now, prise open the clip and gently push the replacement blackout slat into the clip.

Step 8: Follow Step 6 to place all the new slats into the blind. Now your brand-new blackout vertical blind is all ready for use.

Where Can you Use Blackout Vertical Blinds?

Although the blackout effect is most appreciated in the bedroom, there are many other rooms in the house where these blinds can be put to good use.


Little ones need their sleep more than grownups. All the running around takes up a lot of energy, and daytime nap acting as an energy syrup. To give your little-one peaceful sleep, equip your nursery with blackout vertical blinds. With these blinds, you will also get the flexibility of filtering and controlling the flow of light into the room.

Living Rooms

Tired of the sun shining in your eyes, just as you settle down to watch TV? Try blackout vertical blinds, and see what a difference they make. After the movie, just flip the slats open and enjoy the sunshine that floods into the room.

Games Room

Any gaming enthusiast would tell you how important it is to have a completely dark room to create the perfect ambiance for gaming. Vertical blinds would give you the flexibility of changing a room into the gaming room, when required, and turn it back into a living or dining room once the game is over.

Once you have turned your normal vertical blind into a blackout vertical blind, you will find many more uses for your room, and you will be able to optimize your space with greater flexibility.

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