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Don’t Buy a Whole New Blind! Use Replacement Window Slats To Repair Your Blinds Instead

Use Replacement Window Slats To Repair Your Blinds

Is It Easier to Replace a Broken Slat or Purchase a Whole New Blind?

No matter what kind of window treatment we decide to purchase, we always look for something that is durable and requires only minimal maintenance. Window blinds are designed to serve practical values to your space while offering a charming appeal to your decor. They transform the vibes of your space amazingly with their unique look and functional aspects. But just like the other household items, your blinds may not always work smoothly and easily. The blinds can suffer breakages during operation over the years. Instead of buying a whole new blind, why not try one of the most common and helpful tricks? You can replace the damaged or broken slats without taking your blinds out of the window. Fixing takes minimal effort and helps to save you a lot of money, as blinds do not come cheap, and if you are replacing one blind in the room you will have to change the others as well for aesthetic reasons. And replacing slats will offer windows enhanced coverage from direct daylight, heat, and privacy in order to invite a comfortable and pleasing environment. Remember, if you take proper care of the blinds, they will do wonders for your interior.

Benefits of Replacing Blind Slats

Check out the below reasons that will tell you why replacing slats is always better than buying new window blinds!

● If the slats are broken or damaged, then it’s quite obvious that it will ruin the aesthetics of your overall home decor. Replacing blind slats will emphasize the beauty of your windows, giving it a modern vibe with a stunning touch. Proper slat installation will enhance functional efficiency as well which includes proper sun blockage and the prevention of glare, heat, and other unwanted rays.
● A proper seal from the slats will help properly reduce heat transfer and any heat from direct sunlight from seeping through.
● Replacing window blinds with a new one can be a headache for many as it takes so much effort to find a new product and cost you extra as well. But replacing one or two slats is always convenient and saves money too.
Fixing Broken Blinds Slat

Signs that You Need To Replace Your Blind Slats

Now we are aware that replacing window slats instead of changing the whole blind has multiple benefits in terms of both functionality and affordability. But it’s essential to know when you should change the slats in order to increase the longevity and sturdiness of the blinds.

● If you live in an extreme weather condition then excess heat and humidity can damage your blind slats and that will prevent your blinds from rising properly. If you find one or two slats that are in bad condition, then look for slat replacements.
● All blinds may confront some fading from the sun and UV rays, and as a result, they can cause yellowing or discolor. So if you want the best look for your blinds, then it’s the time you should replace the unattractive slats with new ones.
● Due to excess dirt and stains, it becomes difficult to clean them. Change those dirty looking slats and give the blinds a gorgeous appearance.
● If some of the slats don’t close as tightly as they used to do before (create wide gaps), then it’s time to start looking for a replacement blind slats.
● Sometimes blind slats may bend and break. And broken slats can be dangerous especially when you have little ones in your home. Protect them by upgrading those out of shape slats with the new slats.

How to Replace Blind Slats

Learning the ways of replacing blind slats not only saves you money but also gives you ultimate pleasure and enjoyment of doing this process.
1. First, take a flathead screwdriver to take out the plugs which are situated on the bottom rail. This will expose the lift cords which are going through the route holes of the blind.
2. Now, you have to pull the lift cords up through the holes very carefully. But make sure to pull it from the damaged slats.
3. Remove the broken slats gently and push the new replacement slats in the right place (between the ladder strings).
4. Once you are done with all the replacements, put the cords again through the holes and bottom rail, and tie them properly. Make sure the cords are of the same length and the bottom rail hangs straight.
5. Place the plugs back into the position. Use a hammer to ensure the plugs are secure.

Note – Though the task of replacing blind slats is extremely easy and straightforward but it’s always suggested to check with the professionals before you get started. ZebraBlinds is not liable for any damage or issue caused during the replacement.

Buying new window blinds may sound fun and exciting, but sometimes the process can be overwhelming too. So if you find any complication with the slats, then replacing the slats is always preferable as it is easy to do and requires minimal effort to complete the job. Give experts a call if you face any issue while doing this!

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