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Use Reverse Roller Shades to Reclaim Your Window Sills

If you are a homeowner, you know window treatments are important. Window treatments are not only important due to their functionality but also because they make up a huge part of the room’s décor. You may compromise on the showpieces or the rugs that you use in your room as they can probably be replaced. But window treatments are an essential part of the décor that you just cannot do without. The window dressings that you choose provides you with security, protects you from the cold and heat, provides insulation from sound and also lets you enjoy privacy. The technology of the modern world lets choose window treatments from a wide variety of choices and you can even have them motorized for your convenience.

Most window treatments can cause the window sills to become hidden. If you have given enough notice to your window sills, you might have wondered to yourself if you could make use of the space available to grow plants or create a mini-library. Window treatments that cover your sills deny you the use of the extra space that could be put to multiple uses. This is where the reverse roller shades come in. By choosing these shades, you can reclaim your window sill space while still having an attractive window treatment to match your décor. But before setting your mind on the reverse roller shades, go through the pros and cons of using them below.

Difference Between Reverse Rolls and Regular Rolls

Both reverse roller shades and regular roller shades look alike but it differs in the way that it is placed or mounted on your window.

In the case of regular roller shades, the fabric of the shades almost touches the windows. The roller is positioned in the front and the fabric comes in between the window and the roller. This way, the hardware and the brackets are visible, but the fabric provides greater light control and insulation since it is closer to the window. Regular roller shades are an important choice if the house needs high privacy or if it is installed in areas that need high privacy and light blockage.

When it comes to the reverse roller shades, the brackets and the hardware are positioned between the fabric of the window treatment and the window. This means that there will be an excess of space between the window and the fabric of the roller shades. This space can be utilized for many purposes. Light will have an easier time seeping in through the area exposed on the sides of the roller shades. The reverse roller shades are ideal when used in general living spaces like the living room, kitchen or the hallways. They are ideal if you need to clear handles or protrusions on the window or use valuable sill space.
Reverse Roller Shades for Bay Windows

Features of Reverse Rolls

1. The placement of the roller.
The roller is placed in between the fabric and the window. This gives a cleaner look that hides the roll and brackets. This design is easy to use and easy to maintain.

2. Opens up extra space
The window sill is often an unutilized space that can be put to use, especially, if your house is small and you need to use every inch of available space. You could try growing succulents on the window sill. You could also keep a couple of books on the sill to make a mini library. If you have a large sill in your kitchen, you could use it to store essentials or even grow a small herb garden there.

3. Good to look at.
In the regular roller shades, the hardware and the brackets are exposed and this can make it unsightly. You may even have gone for decorative brackets to make sure that the décor of your room is not compromised. In the case of the reverse roller shades, the fabric covers the whole thing. If you have chosen the fabrics wisely, you can be sure that the fabric will go well with your décor and will also hide the unattractive parts of your window treatment. When you step back from these roller shades, you will realize that it gives the whole room a cleaner and classy look.

4. Good for homes where light blocking and privacy is not the priority.
These shades are an excellent choice in homes where privacy or light blockage is not an issue. The gap between the fabric and the windows will allow the light to pass through in day times and in the night, privacy may be compromised when the reverse roller shades are used. If your home is in a location where you do not have your neighbors nearby or if your house is far away from the road, these shades are a great option. If you are totally in love with the idea of reverse roller shades, you can even have them installed in areas like hallways and living rooms as these rooms do not need a lot of privacy.
Reverse Roller Blinds

How to Maintain Your Reverse Roller Shades

• Wiping
Wiping the fabric of the reverse roller shade is the best way to keep it clean. Use a clean cloth to wipe the grime, dust and dirt away. Make sure that you wipe the shades downwards and gently.

• Check the fabric type
Always keep the fabric type in your mind before you start to clean them. Some fabric may be perfectly machine washable. Some others may need dry-cleaning.

• Natural cleaning products

• Harsh chemicals and detergents can cause damage to the fabric of the reverse roller shades. To prevent these damages, choose a natural and mild cleaning agent.

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