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Play Around! How to Choose the Right Fabric for Contemporary Window Coverings

Choose Right Fabric for Contemporary Window Coverings

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Contemporary Window Coverings

If you want to make your home look modern and elegant, your best choice would be to go for contemporary window coverings. They have the ability to change the look of the room completely and enhance the look of your entire home. However, these changes are completely dependent on how smart your choices and decisions are. There is a huge range of fabrics and ideas when it comes to window coverings that make your home look modern and contemporary. In this post, we will explore the different options and ideas to see how to choose the right fabric for your home.

Sheer Living Room Drapes and Curtains

Sheers are the most modern and elegant kind of fabric for any kind of home. They have the power to lighten up the room and fill the space with a glow that cannot be achieved by any other kind of window treatment. Especially to decorate the living room windows, soft and light-weighted sheers can transform the look of the room very dramatically. Living room drapes and curtains have a lot more responsibilities compared to other rooms. They should be able to let in enough light into space without affecting the privacy of your family. They also should not affect the view from the windows. That is why you have those tall and beautiful windows in the living room.

Zebra Sheer Shades for a More Modern Look

An option that is a little more luxurious and multi-functional compared to pure sheers is the zebra sheer shades. These shades are a kind of modern window coverings that provide the ultimate light control along with absolute privacy. The best part about this fabric is that, they provide us with multiple options and levels of controlling light and privacy. Since the shades are a combination of sheer fabric and opaque fabric that alternates between each other while it is operated, it creates a beautiful cascade effect that is absolutely unbeatable!

Sheer Shades for Living Room

Matching and Contrasting Contemporary Window Coverings

While choosing window treatments for your home, you can make a decision if you want the draperies and curtains to match the interiors of your home or look contrasting. You can go for an almost matching kind of draperies too. This makes a lot of difference when it comes to adding elegance to your home and increasing its aesthetic value. While the most common choice is to go for whites or neutrals that can blend in with any kind of interior décor, custom drapes and curtains that are in contrast with the interiors adds a lot of visual interest and brightens up space.

Curtains Layered with Drapes

Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades for a Smart Home

Cellular shades are one of the most contemporary kind of window treatments. They are an all-rounder that can turn an ordinary home into a smart home. Cellular shades are versatile, elegant, multi-functional, and are the most energy efficient modern window shades in the market. They do not just increase the aesthetic value of the house, they also provide a lot of advantages like privacy, heat protection, insulation, energy conservation, blackout options, etc. They also come in a range of colors and designs to make sure that you can find the best suit for your windows as well as for your interiors.

Smart Cellular Window Shades

Bamboo Stick or Matchstick Roller Shades

Matchstick blinds are a very airy and natural kind of window coverings that look great in outhouses, holiday homes, beach houses etc. They can also block out light to a great extent and provide complete privacy when they are pulled down. When they are rolled up, they are neatly tucked away on the top of the window. They are very light and breezy and do not create an imposing kind of impression on the space. Bamboo sticks or matchstick roller shades are the best to add to a bohemian themed or nautical themed home.

Matchstick Roller Shades

Custom Drapes and Curtains with Eclectic Patterns and Prints

The options available in the market today when it comes to the patterns and prints on the curtains and draperies are very extensive. Eclectic looking curtains are an amazing way to add elegance to the home and make your whole interior look modern. They are very catchy and can grab the eyes of your guests when installed in living rooms. Drapes and curtains with bold and unique prints and patterns that blend with the interior decor of the space can speak a lot about your personal taste.

Roman Style Drapes and Curtains

Roman shades may have been around since a very long time now. However, they are still the most royal and elegant looking shades available in the market even today. They come in a range of colors, shades, fabrics, patterns and designs just like any other kind of draperies and curtains. Choosing a roman shade for your home depends on the interiors of your home and your personal taste. To make your home feel a little smarter, you can always line the shades with blackout blinds, light filtering shades, insulation blinds, etc. depending on the requirements.

Roman Style Drapes

Curtains and Draperies with Laces and Embellishments

Curtains and draperies can be made to look luxurious and modern with a few extra elements like lace lining, beads and embellishments, contrast piping, frills and pleats in the border, etc. We can jazz up even a dull and boring looking curtain with such simple elements. Laces can make the whole home look very soft and elegant. Beads and embellishments add a kind of bling that is much welcomed by neighbors and guests. While contrast piping can make any plain looking curtains feel classy and royal, and the addition of frills or pleats add a girlish, feminine touch to the interior décor.

Lace Curtains


A modern looking home depends on various factors, but modern blinds and shades are the ones that can make the greatest of impacts on the look and feel of the home interiors. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal taste and choices. When it comes to window treatments, we have pretty much got it all covered.

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