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What Is the Right Window Treatment for Your Home?

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How to Choose Appropriate Window Treatments


“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing”
John D. Rockefeller
In my professional life, I have learned the lesson that it is not only doing the right thing that is important, but also letting people, especially my customers, know that I am doing the right choice that matters a lot for my business to flourish. There have been times when I have given my best, but the customer has not been satisfied. Finally, I learned to discuss the interior plans with the customers before implementing it. Changing the plans on a blueprint is much easier than actual construction changes.
There are a lot of different preferences in the field of window treatments, especially now that there is wide assortment of drapery, shades, blinds and shutters for windows that makes it difficult for a customer to make the right choice. Even though I am the professional help they have hired to give their interiors what is right, many clients will not agree with my decisions – be it with color, window treatments or arrangement of furniture. Today, I am very popular among my customers as I value their personal needs, requirements and style to design their homes, keeping my personal preferences or recommendations aside.


Two Popular Choices of Window Treatments for Homes

When it comes to window coverings, I can classify my clients under two broad categories.
1. Those who prefer uniformity in their window dressing with the same color and product to adorn every window.
2. Those who prefer different window coverings for different rooms based on its unique need.
Both clients are right in their own way. When we install the same window treatments in all areas of a home, it sure enhances the aesthetic appeal and color coordination of that home. The second type of installation will meet the needs of that particular area in a home perfectly.


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Light? Privacy? Or Both?

Some clients prefer privacy in their homes whereas others prefer natural light, but often they want the best of both. Fortunately, today, innovative technology provides enough options in window coverings that with proper care during purchase, you will find something that meets your needs perfectly.



Often my clients demand that I allow natural light to enter the bathroom, but then there is no way we can compromise on the privacy of a bathroom. Due to the showers, bathtub, mirrors and other accessories spread out in a small area, accessing windows may not be easy either. Hence, I usually recommend motorized window treatments for bathrooms so that operating them would be easy. The next criteria are that the window treatments should be easy to clean, withstand high humidity, moisture and temperature without warping or staining. Again, I consider the position of the window before making the final choice. I have installed numerous top-down/bottom-up honeycomb cellular shades in bathrooms since they provide complete privacy while still letting a lot of light in. They have sound insulation as well. Blinds and Shutters are popular with some clients, but I have never installed drapery in a bathroom in my entire career.



It is often easy to decorate bedroom windows since people prefer both light control and privacy for peaceful sleep in their room. Installation of blackout shades meets both the requirements perfectly since they provide enough light, privacy and noise control. Some of my clients prefer a sheer drape combined with the blackout shade for aesthetic appeal and allowing diffused light to stream in when required.



Living Room/Drawing Room

Sheer or Semi-sheer window dressings are preferred for a common area such as a living room, family room or drawing room. These areas of the home do not require much privacy, but the direct sunlight streaming in through the windows may prove to be harmful to the interiors. Solar shades block harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to flow in which helps to brighten the rooms. Moreover, these shades do not block the view to the outdoors completely. Sheer cellular shades or draperies offer light and subtle privacy even when it’s lowered, thus making it an ideal choice for common spaces in homes.



Like Bathrooms, windows in kitchens are challenging to cover due to high temperature, humidity, moisture with the addition of grime to the list. Maintenance will be highly significant for the coverings we mount on kitchen windows since they tend to get dirty more quickly than any other window treatments in your home. I prefer soft window treatment for the kitchen since it is already filled with metal appliances, cutlery and wood cabinets. Since light control is not a requirement in the kitchen, I often prefer easy-to-install roller blinds that are perforated to allow diffused light to filter through. For consistent privacy needs, I recommend screening materials that let you see out and allow some daylight to pass through, yet block the view in. Cellular shades made from translucent or woven material are quite the popular choice for kitchen windows as well. I had installed aluminum blinds for a customer who gave me excellent feedback after a year.



The baby has enjoyed warm, cozy and comfortable ambience of the womb; now it finds the noisy world a very unpleasant place to sleep in. The best you can do is to recreate a proper atmosphere in the nursery for the baby to sleep in while allowing natural daylight to stream in for playtime. Most of my clients agree that letting a lot of light into the nursery creates a happy vibe in the room during the time when the baby is awake, while using blackout shades for nap time is the perfect way to create the darkness needed for sleep. I ensure that only cordless window treatments are installed on the nursery windows and for that matter any window in a home with children or pets. It is also important to use shades that are excellent insulators so that there will be less noise and constant temperature in the room.
One of my smart clients recently advised that I install different window coverings for various rooms in his home but demanded that they should have white side facing outdoors. Also, for the indoor ambience, he had additional sheer curtains of same pattern installed in front of the practical window shades, creating an unusual décor in his interiors. With the broad range of window dressing available on the contemporary market, I have a great time creating unique interiors for my clients. I just have to let my creativity flow freely and make sure that my clients agree that these are the right window coverings for their home.




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