Roller Shades, Solar Shades

Roller Shades Versus Solar Shades

Roller Shades vs Solar Shades

Roller Shades vs Solar Shades

Solar Shades for Windows

Solar blinds are the right choice for the protection of your home from harmful ultraviolet rays.
These sun window blinds are a type of window covering that features a highly effective fabric material that blocks natural light. Solar blinds offer privacy besides sun protection and it’s available in different colours and designs that will bring a modern look to your home.

Solar blinds Openness Comparison

The solar blinds that come in different openness factors, usually 3%, 5%, 10% and 14% that represent the openness of the blinds that allow us to view outside.You can select different “openness” levels, depending on how many views, therefore light, you desire.

Solar Shades Openness Comparison

One of these things is not like the other!

It can bamboozle you when you come across roller and solar shades. It is hard to make out the difference between these two window treatments as both window treatments had the same mechanism for operating and look very much alike. In the following we have outlined the beauty and the differences between both roller and solar shades, making your picks between them much easier.

The Springs Window Fashions provide the countless collections of beautiful top-flight custom LightWeaves Roller Shades and Solar Shades in Graber and Bali brands. The Graber Roller shades are in four variable features like Sheer, light filtering, room darkening and the blackout.

Sheer Roller Shades

The Sheer Roller shades are transparent and made of 100% polyester fabric, which allows most of the daylight into the room, and the privacy level is moderate, (except the fabric series Elements). These sheer fabric elements bring its elegance to the room and can admire the natural outer beauty from the room, for this sheer roller fabrics nighttime privacy is negligible.

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Roller Shades with Motorized Lift and Cassette Valance:

Roller Shades Collection:-Scripture, Magic 02803
Most of the Light Filtering Roller Shades are semi-opaque made of 100% polyester fabrics some are made with the mix of 75% cellulose and 25% polyester or 76% Polyester and 24% Polypropylene. These Light Filtering Roller Shades gently allow the daylight and provide the moderate privacy level than Sheer Shades, but blocks the pernicious UV-rays. Better choose deep colours of roller shades in your Computer Room or TV Room, that the roller shade with the dark colour can reduce the daylight glare.

Room Darkening Roller Shades

The Room Darkening Roller Shades are also semi-opaque made of 100% polyester fabrics and the series of Cambridge Room darkening fabrics made of 100% polyester with the backing of Acrylic. These Room Darkening Roller Shades allows very few daylight to filter into the room than the Light Filtering Roller Shades and give the maximum Privacy. It also blocks the noxious UV-rays. Selecting the light colours of room-darkening shades are better to filter and diffuse the bright daylight to the room.
The dark colours of room-darkening shades make the room darker, and it is the right choice for the bedrooms that helps to have proper sleep during summer. The fabrics of both light filtering and room darkening roller shades are translucent, and the colours of these shades may appear to vary according to the changing of daylight if the shades fully or partially lowered.

Blackout Roller Shades


Roller Shades with Cordless Lift, Classic Scalloped Hem, Teardrop Crystal Bead Trim in Sand 204 and Square-corner Valance
Collection:- Roller shades – Brilliance, Grace 01903 (color).

Blackout Roller Shades are opaque made of 100% polyester fabrics with 70% polyester and 30% cotton backing, and the series of Essential Blackout fabric made of 3 ply vinyl with 1ply fibreglass, or the series of Eventide and Sheer Weave 7000A fabric made of 100% Polyester with Acrylic Foamed Backing. All these three series of blackout shades have FR- rate (flame resistance rate). For having the maximum light blocking and 100% privacy at the day highlight or the night time the Blackout Roller Shades is a perfect choice. The acrylic foamed backing of the Eventide, or the Sheer Weave 7000A blackout shades give more insulation that maintains the room temperature during the extreme weather in Canada.

Solar Window Shades

Product: 5%-Solar Shades
Collection: Origins
Color: Coffee 02502
Options Shown: Solar Shades with Cordless Lift (shown without Cassette Valance): Origins, Coffee 02502.

Light Weaves Solar Shades

The Graber’s Light Weaves Solar shades have the number of varieties of Top-notch features and colors in Solar materials. These Solar Shades reduce heat transmittance, keeps the rooms cooler and increases the level of relief in the home; and these are available from 1% to 25% Openness factor for the Solar fabrics. The percentage of the openness factor increases, the transparency of the Solar materials increases and decreases the UV- rays level protection; If you select the 1% solar shade, it allows only very few daylight to filter into the room and can enjoy maximum privacy or 99% UV-Rays protection.
If you choose 5% Solar shade, it allows more sunlight than 1% or 3% Solar Shades and give lesser privacy level than 1% or 3% Solar Shades, also provides 95% UV-rays protection. Since all the solar fabrics are transparent even though the percentage of opening varies from 1% to 25%, at night time the privacy is compromised except for the blackout solar shades. The Series of Solar shade like A100 (1% openness), Cirrus (10% openness), E Screen (1% openness), E Screen (3% openness) are the mix of Fiberglass and vinyl materials. All other series of solar fabrics except the Series of Sheer Weave are made with the combination of Polyester and Vinyl, Polyester and PVC or Polyester, Vinyl and Acrylic. All the Graber Solar Shades are FR rated (flame resistant rate)and GREENGAURD certified (GREENGUARD known as Indoor Air Quality Certification)

Phifer Sheer Weave Solar Shades

All the Sheer Weave Series of the Solar Shades are the unique materials with the combination of the Fiberglass and Vinyl from Phifer one of the world’s leading company manufacturing solar fabrics. On each Sheer weave series, the percentages of the combination vary. These Sheer Weave Solar shades are also available from 1% to 25% openness fabrics with FR- rate (flame resistant rate) and GREENGAURD certified( GREENGUARD known as Indoor Air Quality Certification).In these materials also, the percentages of openness increase the level privacy or UV-rays protection decreases. Also, reduces the sun glare to the room that helps to enjoy Cool and Cozy feel in the room. The Sheer Weave Solar shades are the best choice for the sunrooms, patio doors or porches in the extreme summer or winter in Canada.

Perfect selection of Roller and Solar Shades – The Dual Shades


Dual Shades Day Time Opened Dual Shades Night Time Closed

Dual Shades with Continuous-loop Lift: 1%-Openness Solar Shade (Back): A100, Charcoal V2125;

Roller Shade (Front): Bungalow, Oregano 28006;

5 1/2″ Regal Wood Cornice with Decorative Keystone: Saddle Brown 1694

For the ultimate feel of Solace to your home, office, cottages or the restaurants in the daytime or the nighttime at any extreme weather in Canada the custom Dual Shades from Graber is the best choice for the window dressing. The most modish style Dual Roller Shades are the two different roller or solar shades in one headrail casing with numerous features and elegant designs and colors according to your choice.
As it is available on one side Roller shade either side Solar shade, this peculiar style helps you to enjoy maximum privacy in night time and with beautiful exterior views in the Daytime. These shades are easier to maintain and kept clean. The three lifting options like continuous loop cord, cordless or motorized lift system are available up to your affordable budget accordingly. For the exterior porches, patio doors or sunrooms Solar shades are the best options that make you more comfort and have outdoor enjoyment during the summer and winter.

Easy way to buy Roller Shades or Solar Shades in Canada

Without any hardens, you can shop from anywhere in Canada and buy these trendy styles of Roller or Solar Shades at an affordable price with free shipping and free samples. The online store Zebra Blinds Canada has countless collections of Roller or Solar Shades on varieties of high-end quality in the unique styles and colors. Get your dream style of window dressing to your doorstep with deep discounts from the online store.

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