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Rolling with the shades or diy roman shades

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Rolling With The Shades or DIY Roman Shades

Many homeowners love shades on their windows as a great alternative to the overflowing drapes and the clunky blinds or shutter. Shades offer the soft elegance of drapes and the perfect fit coverage of traditional blinds or shutters. Now picking the right shade or DIY roman shades requires some good thought. Beyond the measurements, you also want to think about the type of shade and the kind of look you want for your home. Shades in their subtle way tend to be perfect finishing touch for your overall look. They are the perfect earrings that complete the look, or that shine in your shoes to finish off the suit you have on. The four main types of shades are as following:


Roller Shades: The roller shades have been around for time immemorial. These are the kind of shades you see in the classic cartoons or movies where people pull a string, and it rolls up to the top. The more modern mechanism of the shades is that it now rolls into the valance on the top of the window so that there is no unsightly amount of fabric rolled up on the top of your windows. And like the classics you pull on them down a little to get the mechanism to spring into action pull the shade up. Then you can pull them down the length you want to have the mechanism lock it in place.






Natural Shades: This is not a structural difference persist. This classification does not discuss the type of equipment used to mount the shade or have the mechanism that the shade uses to go up and down. Natural shades usually refer to the material of the shade itself. These types of shades can be made of eco-friendly, re-usable green products such as bamboo or fabrics made out of jute or grass. These commonly come with the roman shade configurations to give it a clean and modern look with a touch of the earthy tones and to help the materials last longer with wear and tear of everyday use.


Roman Shades: These shades could be said to have re-invented the shade family into the modern century. Unlike roller shades, the Roman shades do not roll into the valance, but it literally folds into itself. Within the material of the shade, there are horizontal lines where the shade fold in on itself as it goes up to the top of your window. These shades give a sleek look and have the material in a gentle neat fold on top of the window to frame it well.


The next thing to know about shades besides the type is the kind of material used in the shades themselves. We already discussed Natural Shades and their eco-friendly material. The other types of materials used are usually concerning the amount of light coverage you want, besides the feel and color. The feel and color you want can be customized based on the how much light coverage you want, as some colors or material may not be compatible with the coverage. For example, white cotton linen material will not be the best fit for someone looking to make sure no light get through. So it’s always better to figure out what kind of lighting you want with the shade coverage before getting your heart set on the color and material.


There are again three types ( what can I say three seems to be the luck number) of light coverage. Of course, within each of the types, there are countless options to get variations. So the three are as following:


Natural or Light Filtering: These shades tend to let in some light giving the room a nice natural look without the harsh glare of the sun. The variation in the category is the amount of light filtration you want. The higher the percent, the more light the shades block. The material also provides some privacy by blocking the view from the outside in.


Blackout Shades: These shades provide complete coverage and privacy. As the name suggests, it completely blocks out the light giving you complete darkness. They also prevent light from the inside shining out, which means you don’t have to worry about any silhouettes dancing through the material.


Solar Shades: The unique aspect of these shades are that they filter UV rays and that they can come as either Light Filtering or Blackout. Based on the amount of UV blockage you want the higher the percent of filtration. These shades also offer great insulation by keeping the warmth in or keeping the heat out from the harsh sun. The UV protection also offers a sensible purpose of making sure your interior does not deteriorate from harsh sunlight. And these shades provide privacy as well just like the light filtering shades, the higher the percent, the better coverage.


Well, that’s all I have about shades for today. I have tried to make sure you get the all the ins and outs of basic shade purchasing research laid out here. But, don’t forget to do your own research and learn more on the mechanisms and the coverage shades provides. And don’t be shy ask your questions and get your answers to make your informed purchase.


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