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Roman Shades as Bathroom Window Treatments

5 Small Roman Blinds For Your Bathroom

Every room in the house serves a different purpose and hence demands to be treated differently. Kitchens help you to cook meals for your family; bedrooms are for resting and living rooms for entertaining guests and spending time with family members. Likewise, bathrooms are an important part of your homes and need no elaboration on how they serve us. Every room needs different types of window treatments to help the rooms serve us better.

Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathrooms need the utmost privacy because it is here where you are at your most vulnerable self. Large bathroom windows look beautiful as they let in a lot of natural light but if these windows are not covered well they can heavily compromise your privacy. It will give the peeping neighbors an opportunity to get an unobstructed view of the bathroom and that isn’t desirable. However dressing up bathroom windows can also be quite a challenging task as it is the room that is exposed to a high amount of steam, moisture, and humidity. Not all window treatments are equipped to tackle such a high amount of moisture and prolonged exposure can ruin them and make them dysfunctional. For example, wood and fabric window coverings are a big no for bathrooms. They share a poor relation with water and will warp or peel off or simple disintegrate after some time. Aluminum and Faux Wood Blinds are a great choice for bathrooms as they are water-resistant and can last for years in a high-moisture zone.
Bathroom Window Treatments

Waterproof Roman Shades for Bathrooms

Another very interesting choice of window treatment for your bathrooms and quite an unlikely one is Roman Shades. They are functional, practical and they are stunners. Unlike Aluminum or Faux Wood Blinds, Roman Shades are high on aesthetics and impart a charming appeal to the room. They add just the right amount of softness to the hard surfaces of the bathroom. They give you control over natural light and their flowing style gives you the much-needed privacy required for the bathrooms. They address your privacy concerns beautifully and do it in style. Their ultra-chic looks can transform the look and feel of your bathrooms in an instant. It will make your bathroom experience truly a one to cherish. They are often referred to as “little black dress” of window treatments as they blend perfectly with any design aesthetic.
Waterproof Roman Shades

Choice of Fabric

Having said much about the goodness and richness of Roman Shades, there is one extremely important point to remember when you are choosing Roman Shades for your bathrooms. This refers to the selection of fabric for the shades. You cannot choose a silk, cotton or linen fabric for your bathrooms. Such fabrics are absolutely ill-suited for high-moisture zones like bathrooms. They will suffer stains that are tough to remove. And after some time they will lose the luster and shine and will fall apart. You must take care to choose a fabric that is resistant to mildew and can be easily spot cleaned. Waterproof Roman Shades come in various colors, designs, patterns, sizes and textures. If you are opting for Roman Shades for your bathrooms opt for thick material and you can also use liners to help block out sound and for greater privacy and security.
Roman Shades for Bathroom

Advantages of Roman Shades for Bathrooms

• Roman shades are perfect for blocking out excess light, harmful UV rays and glares from your bathroom. Enjoy your time in the bathroom without being exposed to the harsh and damaging rays that can cause irritation and spoil your experience.
• Roman Shades with the right fabric can also help present energy loss through the bathroom windows. During summers there will be lesser need for air conditioners as they will help to block out heat and sun from the windows.
• Installation of Roman Shades is easy and you can even do it yourself without professional help.
• The best part of waterproof Roman Shades is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting and cleaning will suffice and sometimes a light detergent solution for deep cleaning.
• Roman shades are a stylish choice for your bathroom windows at affordable rates. They do not cut a hole in your pockets and bring the combined goodness of functionality and elegance into our bathrooms.
• Most of these Roman Shades come with cordless control which makes it easy to operate them and particularly for the harder to reach windows. The Roman Shades are also perfect for specialty designed windows and hence you could experiment with the shape of your bathroom windows without having to worry about the window treatment.
As Roman Shades are made of fabric you may not have considered them for your bathroom windows. Interestingly waterproof fabric is all that is needed to help you enjoy the gorgeousness of Roman Shades and lend just the right amount of elegance and drama to your bathroom while being functional at the same time.

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