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Roman Shades or Cellular Shades – Which Is Best For Your Bedroom?

Roman Shades or Cellular Shades - Which Is Best For Your Bedroom?

Roman Vs. Cellular: Picking Window Shades for Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your peaceful escape, a calm sanctuary, and a relaxing oasis where you can release all your stress while having a peaceful mind. But in the current situation, when we are isolated in our homes and dealing with so much anxiety, it’s next to impossible to have a proper sleep. By managing our daily activities, creating a flexible bedroom design style, and following few sleeping rules, you can achieve a comfortable deep sleep every night. You can start adorning your bedroom with soft comforters or include some bedtime essentials. You can even do yoga before going to bed. But what affects the most is the surrounding ambiance. Most of us require a dark room while preventing distracting street lights or other sunbeams and annoying glare. And at the same time, having a consistent temperature is also essential so that we can sleep peacefully. Selecting the right custom-made window coverings is the only way to regulate both light and indoor temperatures to your personal satisfaction. With a wide range of blinds and shade designs, your bedroom can easily be designed for a phenomenal appearance while fulfilling the functional requirements.  The best bedroom shades include those that elevate the look of your decor and also have room-darkening and insulation properties that ensure a longer and more restful sleep.

When it comes to bedroom window decor, the top two window solutions which are mostly preferred by interior designers are cellular and roman shades. The shades are more than just decorative, their practical values will make your bedroom inviting. But you cannot install both the designs in one window, so how do you decide which is best for your bedroom? Before you get too overwhelmed, let us help you in picking the suitable one. In this article, we have listed up the basic differences between these two window dressings for your better understanding. Read on and get the one that will match your bedroom needs!

Should You Use Cellular or Roman Shades?

  • Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades are one of the most practical and versatile window coverings. The shades not only block light but can keep the surrounding area well insulated. These modern and innovative designs are made of a thick layer of materials and come with honeycomb structured air pockets that act as a barrier between the indoor and glass window, warming up your space in the winter months and keeping it cool and comfy during the summer. They ensure a consistent temperature while lowering your energy bills. If you want ultimate darkness for your bedroom, choose blackout fabric while choosing these window solutions. These shades are efficient in keeping harmful UV rays and glare out of the space. The versatility and thermal resistant nature are the most sought-after reason for mounting these shades. If you live in a place where the fluctuation of temperature creates disturbance during your nap time, these shades are the best choice. The other functional benefits include –

  • Privacy is a major factor to consider for your bedroom. Cellular shades can be customized with a top-down bottom-up mechanism that increases the privacy level of your home. TDBU function allows the shades to open/close from the top, bottom, or both.
  • Available in a cordless function that ensures the safety of your kids and little ones.
  • Integrating motorization will maximize their values and easy control of raising and lowering them. You will be able to operate them using a smartphone or remote control.
  • Comes in a range of colors, patterns, and texture options that make the shades stylish, allowing them to blend in any home decor style.
  • These shades help in blocking out the outside disturbing noises, making the bedroom soundproof.

However, these shades have some disadvantages too –

    • In terms of aesthetics, they are not the most fashionable window treatments.
    • Their sleek appearance allows light to enter your bedroom through the side of the frame. But using a sidetrack channel can help. Or you can mount them outside of the frame for maximum coverage.

Cellular Shades

Roman Shades:

Roman shades are one of the most reliable choices when you truly want to transform the appeal of your decor and are lucky enough to have minimal outdoor light and extreme privacy is not an issue. The dressings are well-known for their classic yet sophisticated look that can bring elegance and warmth to your space. Though they look similar to cellular shades, only the folding drapery-like fabric makes them different and adds a rustic finishing touch to the windows. Besides their luxurious design, you can feature the shades with blackout fabric material for optimal darkness. If you are looking forward to designing your bedroom in the most versatile and mesmerizing way, then roman shades are a great choice. Here are some of the other benefits to consider –

  • Roman shades add softness and charming appeal with their range of everlasting designs and textured aesthetics.
  • The shades come in both cordless and motorized function that ensures a convenient
  • Can be coordinated with any modern, contemporary, or traditional decor style.

These shades too have drawbacks, for example – the shades offer insulation but not as efficient as cellular shades.
Flat Roman Shades

Which One to Choose?

While making a selection between cellular and roman shades for your bedroom windows, make sure you ask yourself what are the requirements. Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your bedroom while ensuring darkness or want to create an insulated bedroom, you need to invest very carefully. When it comes to choosing one against another, we believe you should consider each and every factor and how they affect your room. If you are still confused between the two, consult with the professionals and opt for the right one!

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