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Enjoy An Undisturbed Sleep With Premium Quality Room Darkening Window Coverings

Room Darkening Window Coverings

Room Darkening Window Coverings to Get a Perfect Gloomy Ambiance for a Sound Sleep


One-third of our lives is spent on sleeping. Do you know why? Because getting a sound and undisturbed sleep is crucial for the recovery of muscles, memory retention, and for the preparation of the next day at full speed. Fresh and energetic mornings are important to a good day. Sleep is like a powerful tool which is one of the many most important things for our day-to-day happiness. A good sleep depends on how dark the ambiance is as darkness let your body functions relax. To get a perfect gloomy atmosphere inside the home even during daylight, you need premium quality room darkening window coverings. These coverings control certain elements which disturb your sleep like the scorching sun, heat, harsh glare and outside noises.

Home is our safe haven and it is where we should feel the most comfortable. Window shades and blinds are the latest, trendy and cost-effective solution that not only protects your home from outside weather conditions but also make the appearance more elegant and attractive.

There are so many benefits of implementing window shades and blinds over curtains and draperies. Curtains and draperies do not cover the windows so effectively when compared to our latest smart window treatment solutions. Endless specifications are available to match with your exact requirement and taste. Below are the major specifications that homeowners should take into account before buying window coverings.


Take Into Account These Specifications Before Buying Room Darkening Window Coverings


Measurements: The measurements you take of your windows must be accurate. Any inaccuracy in measurements will lead to the bad fitting of window coverings. This will leave space for leakages making the ambiance of the space imperfect. While measuring your windows, you must keep in mind that the window coverings can be mounted inside as well as outside. Measurements of both the mountings will be different. Inside mounting will make your windows look small and sleek. On the other hand, if you wish to make your windows appear bigger, then go ahead with outside mounting. Also, outside mounting leaves no space for light gaps. You can take help from our video tutorials or instructions given on our website. Our experts can also guide you about how to take proper measurements.

 Measuring For Room Darkening Blinds


Material: You must keep in mind the type of material you are selecting for your room darkening window blinds and shades. There are many options available like vinyl, solar fabrics, honeycomb, natural, wooden, aluminum, etc. The selection of material is based on your preferences and requirements. If you want to bring nature to your home then you can opt for natural shades which are crafted with jute, bamboo, grass, wood, etc. Likewise, if you want to have a wooden appearance but at affordable prices, then you can go ahead with faux wood window blinds. Blackout blinds and shades are also available with us which are perfect for Vancouver weather. These are made from blackout material which doesn’t allow any light to enter inside the home thus creating a perfect gloomy atmosphere.

 Blackout Blinds and Shades

Functionality: This is the world of smart technology and ongoing developments are continuously changing people’s lifestyles. The way people do work in the office or the way homeowners handle their homes, everything has a tremendous impact. In the home automation sector, cordless room darkening blinds are very well-known and efficient. They are accessed with a remote control. So, if you have kids or pets at home, these cordless blinds and shades are a suitable option. Loose hanging cords can be dangerous as they can be tangled around the neck. There are other functionalities available as well. Smart room darkening window shades can also be operated with your smartphones with the help of Z-wave technology. Apart from this, you can even give voice commands to your window coverings. This feature requires voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa or Google Home integrated with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. Whether you go ahead with traditional or smart window coverings depends on your taste and budget as well.

Smart Dual Window Shades

Customization: Blinds and window coverings can also be customized as per the weather of Vancouver or as per the choice and need of customers. Endless specifications are available to make the window coverings the best match for your home décor. You can get these room darkening window coverings in various specifications like colors, textures, designs, functionalities, patterns, materials, shapes, and sizes. We offer these customization options at affordable prices for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.


Order your room darkening window coverings only after taking into account the factors mentioned above. These are a modern and most-efficient upgrade that will transform your homes from ordinary to super-smart. You just need to decide your preferences, measure your windows, and order online.

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