Room Darkening Window Treatment

Get Proper Sleep with Blackout or Room Darkening Window Treatments

Room Darkening Window Treatments

Cover Your Windows with Blackout and Room Darkening Window Treatments


Researchers say that sleeping in a room with too much light can cause all sorts of issues including depression. That means a shortage of darkness during your sleeping hours can be harmful to your health – not only at night but also throughout your day.

Scientists discovered a connection between depression and light appearance during sleep by monitoring the sleep conditions and mental health of 863 elderly adults over the course of two years. To measure the light levels in each room they used a light meter and to observe the development of depression symptoms they urged every member to maintain sleep diaries. Getting that perfect sleep in a totally dark room can improve your mental health as well. Mentioned below why room darkening window treatments are the suitable one for your bedroom.


Ready for a Good Night Sleep: Blackout or Room Darkening Window Treatments?


Depending on your home, your windows and your preferences, you have two choices when it comes to decorating your bedroom for a perfectly good night sleep – Blackout Window Shades and Room Darkening Window Shades. But before you purchase, make sure you know the features of these window shades.


Blackout Window Shades –

These shades are responsible for blocking out all light in your room. Blackout window treatments have a layer of special material that can block 100% of the light entering your room. But a little bit of light may enter through the light gaps on the sides of the window treatments. For complete darkness, you can cover these gaps with beautiful drapery or choose a shade with light blocking side channels.


Room Darkening Window Shades –

These shades will block out most of the light but not all. Depending on the fabric and material you have chosen, the fabric allows a little bit of light through. These shades are an excellent choice for those who get irritated by too much light but don’t want complete darkness also.

So plan accordingly and then buy from our best window treatments that will best fit in your bedroom.


Best Room Darkening Window Treatments for a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Block all the light to get your room as dark as you want at night. You can use some beautiful attractive draperies on windows or blackout curtains to block out any light.

Are you searching for any other ideas to increase your sleep time for good health? Try one of our best blackout or room darkening shades for your windows. Use these window shades to turn your bedroom into your own personal sleep sanctuary and promote healthy living:

Below are the top five window coverings that will lead you to a perfect sleep:

1. Room Darkening Roller Shades

Room Darkening Roller Shades


The fabric of Room Darkening Roller Shades helps your room to block out most of the light and provide privacy as well. Although the shade is completely opaque, some light may escape from the side light gap. For that reason, we recommend choosing outside mounting that will overlap to block more light, providing optimal sleep conditions.

These shades are a practical and inexpensive option that works well in many homes. You can go for blackout roller shades as well. There are two main choices of blackout rollers: LightWeaves Graber Blackout Roller Shades and Crown Roller Shades Blackout.

2. Room Darkening Honeycomb Shades

Room Darkening Honeycomb Shades


Room Darkening Cellular Shades can be an excellent choice for the bedroom as they offer light blocking properties. They are also excellent for maintaining your room’s temperature with excellent insulation. These shades make you feel comfortable by blocking out the external warmth or cold during extreme climatic conditions. If you have large windows in your bedrooms, room darkening honeycomb shades are perfect window treatments for large windows.

These shades also have less of a light gap, and so are better for inside mounting and they even have unique lift mechanisms such as Top Down Bottom Up for more versatility.

3. Blackout Vertical Blinds

Blackout Vertical Blinds


Our vertical window blinds are available from sheer to room darkening and in a variety of weaves and materials. These blinds are perfect for your bedroom as they provide darkness while sleeping.

4. Room Darkening Aluminum Mini Blinds

Our 1 Inch Aluminum Blinds SS is made of 1″ 6-gauge (0.006″) room darkening slats attached to the decorative headrail. When the blinds are closed, these slats will help your room to block out more light so that you can have a perfect sleep throughout the day.

5. Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Cellular Shades

Blackout SkyTrack Skylight Shades


These blackout skylights cellular shades are available with a metallic liner and side tracks that eliminates any light gap. These Cellular Shades are perfect for those large and hard to reach windows. For easy and smooth control, choose the motorized feature.

What are The Effects of Interrupted Sleep?

Lack of sleep has many immediate physical and psychological effects on the human body. Besides depression, the effects can include a weakened immune system, weight gain, memory problems, moodiness, and more.

Get our Exclusive Collection of Blackout Window Shades and Room Darkening Window Treatment

Choose from our wide range of blackout and room darkening window treatments, which are the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. To learn more about room-darkening blinds and blackout window coverings, take some time to shop at our online store. Still, if you are losing sleep and can’t find out the reason, then contact us or leave a comment for us. We will be happy to assist you with your every problem.

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