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Safety and Style – Custom Roman Shades for Your Kid’s Playroom

Custom Made Roman Shades

Custom Roman Shades- Safety Window Coverings for Your Kid’s Playroom


Playrooms allow a child’s curiosity and imagination to blossom and are an important part of early childhood. As places of joyous wonder, full of toys and interesting objects, we need to make sure that our playrooms are safe for our children. With the right window treatments, we can improve our play spaces so that they have plenty of natural light for play and darkness for naptime, while still being child-safe. So let’s jump in on the fun – design the perfect window treatments for your kid’s playroom today.

There are many ways to furnish and decorate a kid’s playroom, and decorating a playroom doesn’t have to break your budget. Children don’t need anything fancy to have fun. You can incorporate elements of fun and vibrant colors while still allowing children’s rooms to feel cohesive with the rest of your home’s design. For a stylish window treatment that can look mature without feeling boring, try custom roman shades.

Custom Made Roman Shades

Roman shades are sophisticated and elegant – they look like art for your windows and are beautiful in every room. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your kid’s personality. Vibrant colors and fabric patterns simply make a kid’s room more fun. Look for room darkening and blackout fabrics for extra light control for a sound sleep.

Whether used alone or layer with draperies, Roman shades create a polished and beautiful look to your kids’ room.

 Fabric Roman Sades

You also have the option of choosing the Top Down Bottom Up shades that are perfect for blocking out unwanted views or maintaining privacy while enjoying natural sunlight.

Children make all sorts of messes. It’s always good to choose window coverings that are easy to clean and care for. Roman Shade fabrics can be easily cleaned with some light dusting or vacuuming.

Room Darkening Roman Shades For The Perfect Sleep 

If your child’s room gets a lot of sunlight then opt for a room darkening shade to help darken the room. These types of shades block most light and offer complete privacy, making them ideal for your kid’s playroom.

You can choose between Fresco Graber Roman Shades and Norman Roman Shades Centrepiece.

Install Child Safety Blinds

Have kids at home and want to make a safer choice when upgrading your playroom window treatments? Blinds with long, exposed cords can pose a strangulation hazard for small kids. Make sure that all cords are safely out of reach. For the safety of your kids, always select the cordless option for your kids’ blinds or select a motorized shade that is naturally cord-free.

Custom Cordless Roman Shades

Custom cordless roman shades are commonly found in children’s rooms. They’re very easy to operate – simply push the bottom rail up or pull it down.

How to Make Roman Shades

Roman shades are simple and stylish window coverings, and they can be custom-made to fit your window size. Installing Roman Shades is not that difficult, you can mount them within the window frame, on the outside of the frame or from the ceiling.

For Inside Mount,

  • Check if the interior of the window frame is level or not.
  • Mark the location for the shades with a pencil.
  • Then use the screws to install the brackets at the position.
  • Install the roman shades, and you will be able to adjust the shades by pulling the attached cord.

For Outside Mount, 

  • An exterior mount is when you hang your roman shades outside of your window frame, so select and make where you want to mount your shades.
  • Use the brackets and screws that came with your roman shades for installation. Place each bracket on the marked location on the wall; Use the screws to attach the brackets.
  • Slide your shades into place and pull the cord to adjust the shades.

A relaxed roman shade can be customized in many colors, prints, and textiles, and is a fun window treatment that will stand the test of time in both function and fashion.

Playrooms can be the best place to design window treatments. With a countless number of designs to choose from, you are sure to find a shade that both kids and parents can agree on.

Still, have questions? Our ZebraBlinds designers will be happy to assist you to learn more about kids’ safety window covering.

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