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Save Energy by Insulating Your Homes with Thermal Blinds

Thermal Window Coverings

Thermal Window Coverings for Adding Elegance & Style to Your Windows


Do you know what the most critical element of home decor is? Is it the furniture or the wall colors or the beautiful paintings you hang in your living room? These elements will only cheer up your environment when there will be perfect light. But without light there is nothing. Light is a very critical element which can make or break the ambiance of your home. Perfect luminosity is essential to make the environment stand out from ordinary spaces. Bring out the attractiveness of your interiors by ensuring a reliable source of lighting. What can be a better source than natural sunlight, which can also save you energy. This source of light is usable and pleasing to the eyes only when you adjust its intensity and the amount of it entering inside. Excess light will make the environment unpleasant and uncomfortable.


The most efficient and cost-effective solution to filter out or block the UV rays is the implementation of Thermal Window Coverings. ZebraBlinds has come with a trendy and latest collection of Thermal blinds which will shield your home from the outside high temperatures while letting in natural light to keep your rooms lively.


Do Thermal Blinds Work?


Windows and doors are the major sources that let the light enter your home. Covering them with curtains and drapes is an old-fashioned solution. Thermal blinds are a perfect combination of innovation and elegance. They will enhance the look of your space and also block the harmful sunrays effectively. They come in various sizes, colors, designs, patterns and textures. You can also get them customized according to your needs and desires or to match the theme of your interiors. Thermal window coverings are also called cellular blinds or honeycomb blinds which are best known for their feature of absorbing UV radiations. Let’s go through their benefits to know more about them.


Benefits of Thermal Window Coverings


We have come up with a list of benefits of thermal window blinds that will help you out in making the right decision. After knowing the amazing benefits of these Smart Cellular Shades, we are sure that you will find implementing these is a worthy investment.

Smart Cellular Shades


1. Absorb UV radiations

This is one of the major benefits you will get when you install thermal blinds to your windows. They comprise of small honeycomb pockets which make them an excellent insulation provider. These are the answer to your prayers if you are living in extreme climate conditions common in Canada. These blinds trap the air in their honeycomb cell fabrics and help in maintaining a nice and pleasant temperature inside the home.

2. Control The Opacity

Don’t you want sometimes to open up those windows when spring arrives after a long winter? You must also be delighted birds start chirping and the leaves grow back on the tree with flowers beginning to bloom. But the harsh glare and harmful UV radiations stop you from enjoying the outside view as you unwillingly have to close the windows. You can now block the harsh sun rays and also maintain the view simultaneously with our thermal blinds which give you various options for opacity. They can be crafted with sheer material which filters out the excess light while maintaining the outside beautiful view, blackout material for 100% light blockage, or anywhere in between.

3. Darkness Is The Key To A Sound Sleep

Our thermal window coverings also come in blackout material which will block the sunlight completely, making your room dark to get a good night sleep even in daylight. These blackout thermal shades and blinds are very useful and reliable if you have rotational shifts at work. You can get an undisturbed sleep which will make you more productive and happy while working. These Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades are also helpful if you work from home or if you want to study. They won’t let the bright glare of the sun irritates you. Best to implement in children rooms, these thermal blinds serve their purpose very efficiently.

Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades


4. Smartness with Safety

While covering your windows, you should consider to prevent the tugging of the cords which can cause serious injuries. Any window shade or blind with a cord which can be wrapped around a child’s or pet’s neck is life-threatening. ZebraBlinds has made cordless thermal blinds which have eliminated the risk of strangulation. We are offering supreme quality and durable smart cellular shades which can be operated by a portable remote from anywhere in the room. This feature has combined the beauty of traditional thermal shades with the cutting-edge technology of Z-wave home automation network. These cellular shades and blinds are equipped with a Z-wave chip allowing you to control them with your smartphones and voice assistants as well. You can interface these smart window coverings with smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink to give voice commands via handsfree speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Smart Motorized Z-wave Cellular Shades


5. Exquisite Designs

There must be some undoubtedly important reasons why you should consider the advantages of choosing thermal window treatments. Our cellular shades and blinds offer benefits both in an aesthetic and functional sense. The sophistication that they reflect in your home interiors are far from the cold and monotonous look of traditional curtains or drapes. Your home with these smart and elegant thermal windows shades will leave a pleasant impression of sophistication and modernity on your visitors.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades


6. Save Energy Bills

Who doesn’t want their homes to be insulated and comfortable without spending a lot of money? There are several ways available in the market that you can opt for. One most common options people opt for is getting an Air Conditioner which not only is an expensive deal but also contributes in disturbing the outside environment. Changing the treatment of your windows is one eco-friendly and cost-effective way that is in trend nowadays.


Honeycomb or cellular blinds are one of the treatments that are elegant and effective at the same time. The design and thickness of these blinds make them energy-efficient. In addition to an eye-catchy appearance, the design of these thermal shades is very functional. The small pockets in these shades capture the air, creating a barrier that increases the insulation. This will lower the need of air conditioning, thus saving your energy bills.


You can implement these privacy shades to the windows of your living room, bedroom, daycare, kitchen, bathroom, office or other room. You cannot go wrong beautifying your home by adding these high-quality thermal window coverings. They are available in a wide variety of options, which means that you can certainly choose blinds that fit your specific tastes and requirements.

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