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Managing the Graveyard Shift without Turning into Grumpy

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Save Your Sleep with Blackout Honeycomb Cellular Shades


I felt as though my life was slipping away – all the romantic evenings and quality time my wife and I spent together watching TV, enjoying the food the Genie cooked for me was lost in the chaos created by my graveyard shift in the last two months. The joy of being promoted and being transferred to the head office in Toronto, from our branch in Hamilton, fizzled out quickly. I wish I hadn’t believed my frenemies who said that night shifts were the best because it gave them best of both the worlds. More than the emergency consultations, it was the fatigue and boredom that was tearing me down. I also felt that the right or wrong decisions, profit or loss, was bothering me more during night shifts than it did during the day. All I could do for the last two months was to feel drowsy. I was drowsy when I was awake, I was drowsy when I slept, and I was drowsy when I was supposed to enjoy my weekend.
Genie kept supporting me and shooting me her best smile through all the chaos, but somewhere deep in my heart I knew that this would not continue for long. How much of a drowsy grump can a woman tolerate? Also there was danger of falling asleep behind the wheel on my drive back home, from downtown Toronto to home in Mississauga.

When I decided to quit my job and announced it to Genie, she said I should give it a second chance by managing thing better, before deciding to quit. I agreed, because it’s a lucrative job. We discussed the events of the past two months, and routine of my lifestyle that was bothering me. It was difficult for me to sleep during the day because of the phone calls, the sunlight streaming in, the TV program, at which I was failing very badly. Genie assured me a changed lifestyle would make a huge difference to my sleep.

She made a list of things that prevented me from getting my required quota of sleep in the 24-hour cycle. The do’s included:

Switch off the phone when you hit the sack
Record the TV programs you wish to see for a convenient time
Do not make commitments that interfere with your sleep
Eat proper meals during the night shift
Drink plenty of water
Fix a regular schedule for sleep which should be a priority
Get some sun
Do not miss regular workouts
Keep your bedroom comfortable, dark and cool during the daytime to create the right ambiance to sleep in


The Blackout Cellular Shades The Best Solutions.


Energy-Efficient-Cellular-Shade-Canada -



One of the biggest challenges was to manage the light streaming in through the beautiful sheer curtains we had on our windows. We decided to replace them with blackout window shades which would not only prevent light seepage, but also provide our bedroom with privacy and insulation.

Within minutes, we were making the decision to install the Crystal Pleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades on our bedroom windows. Well these beautifully designed and within our budget shades were of excellent quality, with the assurance of a renowned brand. Online shopping with the free shipping option made it all so easy for us.

These blackout cellular blinds from Graber are the out-and-out the best option for our privacy and incredible insulation properties noise control with added benefit of energy savings. We spend a huge chunk of our utility budget on energy bills. Installation of cellular shades with air pockets to insulate our windows, our room would be highly energy efficient as well as comfortable all year round.
Genie was won over by the classy and edgy design features of the shades that increased the beauty of our bedroom. Finally, considering our interior decor and requirements, she settled with the Storm Sky Cocoon 3/8” double cell shade, with color coordinated components that came with the shades to provide seamless blending-in. Moreover, the Cocoon shades came with a neutral color backing for a uniform street side appearance.

Created by a superior laminating process, the exquisite Graber Cocoon fabric is exceptionally smooth, supple and soft to touch while holding its pleats crisply and neatly, increasing aesthetic appeal. They are highly durable and do not easily undergo wear and tear. Technically, I was impressed by the point- bonded, non-porous polyester fabric that repels dust. A light feather dusting or occasional soft brush vacuum cleaning keep them sparkling clean.

The Cocoon fabrics conceal a metalized liner neatly sandwiched between the fabric layers that increase its functionality of creating solitude in a busy suburb. When let down, they can prevent almost 99% of the daylight streaming into our bedroom, further obliterating any shadows or silhouettes from view during night. With noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .40, they enable utmost privacy and coziness while the wheels of the daytime world spin away!

We opted for the remote controlled, motorized option for ease of control and to kick starts our plans of ‘going green’. The radio frequency enabled motorization allows shade operation from virtually anywhere in the house without a direct line-of-sight. It also efficiently manages energy that will save us a pretty penny in electricity bills!

Besides our bedroom, we were tempted to install these shades on our living room windows as well, as they can be customized to fit our corner window without hassle. For our living room we plan to get a combination of light filtering and blackout fabrics that allow for a light and a dark appearance at the same time (Sun Up/Sun Down). We could now use two shades on our large living room window, choosing our desired option for the day.

I have no trouble falling asleep in the peaceful darkness and tranquility created by these shades, along with the guidelines we’d decided upon, which I follow religiously! No more do I feel my life is slipping away, nor am I afraid of losing Genie. I am proud to say I have smart windows, and smarter wife, who keeps her calm and supports me through thick and thin!


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