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The recession has of late become a dreaded word. A large retail chain winds up operations, and we realize that the phenomenon has reached our doorstep. The recession is an overall slowdown in economic activity that results in businesses shutting up or down- sizing operations. Job losses and widespread unemployment follow. Yes, We need to ‘keep our head on our shoulders’ and maintain our homes to provide a pleasant living space for ourselves and our families and get the best price for our property if we need to move. Plans for a major makeover of the decor that has stopped enlivening us need to be put on hold for at least the time being. This status-quo is advantageous in one sense; it arrests our instinct to tear down the whole lot and replace it with something more modern. It is an excellent opportunity to examine systematically what we have and work out a strategy to improve it, rather than to rush to the store.


We would be surprised to realize that to a certain extent, the problem lies in our mind, and not with the material, because most fittings, especially window dressings, have long term warranties, meaning that the fittings have been made with the reliable material. Familiarity rather than disrepair could be the reason for our contempt and unease. Colors appear faded, control mechanisms have become outdated, and some wear and tear has occurred.


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A thorough cleaning with cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer can work wonders to partially restore some of the old glow and glory to blinds. A dry-cleaner can do the same to fabric hangings. A sag can be rectified by introducing a sturdier holding device or just realigning the fixture. Just being involved in a project of restoration and seeing instant results at a negligible cost can restore our confidence and gear us up to handle an imminent recession.


The basic building blocks of awnings, blinds and draperies have remained unchanged over the years. It is the control mechanisms and decorative accessories like Wood Valances, Wood Cornices Fabric Valances - ZebraBlinds.caand Drapery Valances etc, that have seen continuous innovation and change. Changing an accessory like a valance can give the room an entirely new look. If your colors have become uninspiring, walk to your nearest store and discuss what should be done to redo the color. The effort can turn out to be a money saving exercise that gives immediate results.


The next aspect of the project would involve a wee bit of science and technology and would involve tackling shortcomings that have been observed and need fixing. If the light control mechanism of blinds is not as precise as we would like, be assured that the controls available today are more advanced. If the thermal insulation is not very efficient a visit to the store will provide information as to how it can be rectified. Advanced coatings and coverings with reflective, absorptive or deflective properties are available for such requirements. A modification of the mounting could plug heat exchange issues retaining warm air in winter and keeping it out during summer. Introduction of an additional layer to existing curtains can help fill light and darkness requirements and also provides an extra layer of effective thermal insulation.

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Many homeowners find that visits to stores, in addition to net browsing, can be very enlightening and helpful. This is not untrue when the intent is to make modifications rather than a complete makeover as we use of an opportunity to talk to people, discuss our problems and plans and get suggestions from experts and most of all, touch and feel the items. Remember we are talking about ‘recession’ and looking to get a bang for our buck. Just reading about window decoration will not give us as much information as actually seeing, feeling and talking about it. We are aware that even an ordinary item can be made to look exquisitely desirable through photo enhancing and editing techniques.


We would also have to confront elements that need to be replaced because the material used was the wrong one, or because the measurement on the basis of which the order was placed was not right or if natural wear and tear has made the item unusable. The good thing about such situations is that we get to know what the potential problems are and have a good idea about the solutions required. Setting it right will involve ordering a vinyl instead of a fabric for damp areas, a transparent material instead of an existing opaque one for poorly lit areas, a motorized control instead of a manual one if mobility has become a problem for the user etc.


What needs to be kept in mind is that, very often, a little imagination can provide us with the direction, ideas and focus to make those minor changes that can rectify earlier oversights and mistakes to give our homes the exact decor that we desire. During a recession, while accountants are busy ‘window dressing’ nonexistent windows to create a favorable impression, homeowners should work on existing windows and window decorations to add value to their homes and their lives.



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