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Oh Oh Oh the extended winter!


According to the CBCNEWS, though spring was meant to start on the March 20th, Halifax, Nova Scotia looks more like Hoth in the grips of winter, the ice planet from Star Wars. “It’s hard for me to admit — the one forecasting service that got this right was the Farmers’ Almanac. They talked about this being the T. rex of winter,” Environment Canada’s senior meteorologist Dave Phillips said sheepishly. Nova Scotia writer Cat Tunney said, “It’s just that the thought of your co-worker sipping a cold Corona on the beach this March Break — while you shovel yourself out — throws you into a Jack-Nicholson-at-the-end-of-the-Shining kind of rage.” That kind of wraps up everybody’s take on the ‘beach envy’ beleaguering the Nova Scotia communities!

My parents, both doctors at the Dartmouth General are on a sabbatical and touring China, and blissfully inured from what will confront them when they get back in time for Easter, even though they’re clued in! Undergraduates studying economics at Dartmouth, my sister and I decided on some quick renovations to the house as a surprise for them when they arrived, especially as they’d been talking of remodelling their shower window. Their bedroom happens to be on the ground floor, and their bathroom has a shower area that has a large window that opens into a trellised enclosure. The trellis has a hardy kiwi creeper wound up on it that looks beautiful when in leaf and abloom. This year the buds are delayed in appearing due to the coating of ice and snow on everything.

We decided to have the window remodelled. We chose operable floor to ceiling double sash, high performance windows that would open into the enclosure so that the parents can enjoy a practically open air shower in summer if they wished, as the structural design assured them complete privacy anyway! A modern open bathroom. Our parents are avid gardeners and spend most of their free time pottering away in our extensive garden – you’ll find rare, hard to grow plants and trees flourishing in our acreage in a few weeks, hopefully. To top it all, they’re conservation nuts. The home is completely energy efficient, and all taps and showers are the low-flow types that save on water usage. We have no bathtubs in our house. ‘Save our planet’ is the chorus in our house. If they come back to this still frozen scenario in Nova Scotia, they’d just weave it into the save the planet ethos and say that daftness and gross negligence has resulted in the extremes variations in climate.



Cellular-Shade-Canada -



Having operable windows in the bathroom is beneficial in the following ways –


1. The air circulating keeps the indoor air refreshed

2. The fresh air and natural light prevent the formation of mildew and mold

3. With a lot of natural light streaming in through the windows, there’s no need to use artificial lighting, and this saves on the consumption of electricity

The thing is, the parents believe in covering even the smallest of windows. Even the smallest of window panes can effect the transfer of heat from inside to out. And in the summer, the bathroom could get overheated. We have cordless cellular shades in different colors through the house, more so as the backs of these shades are a uniform white to the outside. Cool, isn’t it? Cellular window shades are tremendously energy efficient shades because of their honeycomb structure that traps a layer/layers of air that inhibits heat transfer. We’re a low energy usage home! The other three bathrooms have faux wood blinds on the windows but since the remodelled windows are full-length, we thought the faux wood blinds could be a tad cumbersome – they can get heavy (especially when wet) if they’re to be raised, and they’d stack more than 6”, so there is the risk of hurting one’s head against them. A bit of online research and some consults had us getting enthusiastic about dual roller solar shades that could be mounted on the ceiling, just inside the window sashes, and once lowered, would like they weren’t even there! The sole purpose for getting these dual roller shades of these to hang from a single window casing was to prevent daytime heating during the coming warm months – the shrivelling heat of the summer sun! They are fabricated solely to block and deflect the infringing sun rays to maintain comfortable temperatures and protect from the damaging UV rays. So our mom could laze around on a free afternoon, doing a luxurious pedicure in the comfort and privacy of her bathroom, windows wide open to let in the fragrance of the trailing blooms! And our pappy could easily take his time with some DIY project or the other in there without having to beat a retreat after 10 minutes because of the cloistered humid heat.

LightWeaves® Graber® Blackout Roller Shades in Ivory would serve to deflect the hot sun rays, keeping the bathroom wonderfully cool, with a pretty dappled view of the trellised creeper that was our mother’s pride. Of course, at night they would provide flimsy privacy, but it’s difficult for anyone, even an intruder, to peep in due to the enclosure and the architectural facade. The shades are also treated to prevent the growth of any mold/fungi/mildew that can freak the OCD doctors out. And we were doubly careful taking measurements, no faux pas needed, thank you very much! But we’d read about how dealers can very easily swindle us if we weren’t on top of it, and we ended up calling Zebrablinds several times to cross check that we were on the right path. So, the twin, who’s more adept at dealing with online purchases, went about placing the order.

The parents will return next week to a hopefully pleasant surprise!

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