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Scalloped Custom Roller Shades Made to Measure

Different Scallops Options for Custom Roller Shades

An extremely popular choice of window blinds, roller shades are a length of fabric on a roller mechanism that can be changed to different heights. Roller shades are available in a selection of textures: plain, designed, and blackout – and can be elegantly finished with a scalloped edge.

Scalloped Roller Shades are an attractive way to decorate your doors and windows. It provides a traditional look that will suit the styles of many homes. These fancy edged roller shades are very easy to clean and are made of high-quality fabric that is UV safe for protection from hot daylight.

These shades can be cut to a variety of widths and can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess. Scalloped edge roller shades are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They are easy to operate and don’t consume much window space when raised. They are made up of 100% polyester which has fade resistant properties. They can be mounted to the top or rear. The scalloped trims are available with tassels for assisting the operation of the shade.

Roller shades come in two main flavors: blackout and light filtering.

Thermal Blackout Scalloped Roller Shades

These shades are designed to block out the light and can help block heat from direct sunlight. These shades can be cut to any width and can be fitted inside or outside of the window recess. These shades are ideal for bedrooms where you want to block out the sunlight and need some privacy.

Light Filtering Scalloped Roller Shades

These shades are popular for traditional style window dressings. These ready-made blinds can be raised to meet your desired window height by pulling the control cord. They are produced using 100% polyester which permits moderate light through the fabrics, making the shades ideal for fitting into any rooms where protection and a little bit natural light is desired.

Get the best privacy, comfort, and enhanced sun protection for your interiors by using ZebraBlinds numerous selections of light filtering and blackout shades. Like – Crown Roller Shades Blackout, Graber Blackout Roller Shades, or Lightweaves Graber Roller Shades.

Whether you want to block excess sunlight so that you can enjoy your favorite shows or when you need the best sleep possible or you want to keep harmful UV rays out of your home, Graber blackout roller shades are the answer for keeping light under control. When it comes to light filtering shades, Graber Lightweaves roller shade is a perfect choice. You can customize these shades with scallop trims, valances etc.

The shades come with continuous, cordless, and smart pull mechanism, so you can choose any of this mechanism which suits at your home. Scallop options like classic, colonial, and cathedral are also available to make your room beautiful. They will have a way to let the sunshine in through your window and will add a beautiful touch to your window while creating a shadow effect. The width of your shade decides the visibility of the pattern and how frequently it repeats.

In crown roller shades also you will get a different kind of scallops. Like – Plain scallop means no fringe, wave with fringe, round with fringe, and scallop with fringe. The addition of scalloped hems with decorative trims or fringes is a creative way to add style to your shade. So you can choose any eye-catching scallop from the available options.

Scallops for roller shades

  • Plain (No Fringe): It’s a plain scallop without any fringe which is attached on the top and sides.
  • Scallop with Fringe: Decoratively scalloped roller blinds with coordinating fringe that enhances the looks of the shade.
  • Round With Fringe: This is a rounded scallop with coordinating fringe which helps you to increase the beauty of your home.
  • Wave with Fringe: Enjoy the beautiful window shades with decorative wave hem with fringe.
    Also, you have the options to choose between the front shade scallop and the back shade scallop in Graber Dual Roller Shades.

How to Measure Your Window Size

You can hang scalloped shades inside or outside of the window recess. Before buying this product, note the following:

Inside Recess – To fit the blind within a window recess, measure the inner walls of the recess wall to wall. The manufacturer will make the appropriate deductions.

Outside Recess – For outside of your window recess, measure the total you would like covered, and add a few inches to the height and to the width to allow for overlap and room for the headrail. Fabric on roller shades come slightly shorter than the given width.

It’s up to you that how you would like to mount your Roller Shades, whether it is being installed inside or outside of your window recess. Make sure to follow the measuring guidelines on our site to get the right size for your window. These made to fit roller shades are easy to install and will help you to change the look of your room immediately.

Dress your windows with a truly professional finish by ordering made to measure roller shades in your preferred style and texture. A significant selection of our roller shades are available to order with a scalloped edge, offering a stylish finishing touch. Scallop trims are on-trend and will add beauty to your home, and come in a variety of colors.

Treat your windows with a modern and contemporary look using tailor-made, high quality, and reasonably priced scalloped roller shades. When you are looking for complete privacy and protection from excess sunlight or a smooth and clean covering of your windows, Scalloped Roller Shades are the ideal choice. Our friendly consultants are always ready to help you to choose the perfect window shade for your beautiful home.

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