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Set Your Decor to Reflect Your Mood: Window Treatments

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Different Ways to Make the Same Window Treatment Look Different


With the winter having bid adieu, it’s exciting to be able to step outside and explore what needs to be done with the garden. Some of my tulips are already blooming and I need to replenish the soil on the beds and lay some grass on the lawns so I can prepare for the spring break – bring out the hammocks and garden furniture in anticipation of the holiday cookouts! The long blustery winter that had me staying put inside more often than not has me nipping at the bit!

We live in a three-decade-old home in the south of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. It’s a hell of a lovely property, with a small undulating garden in front, and the backyard is lined with poplars and pine for solar protection and privacy. High ceilings and wooden floors add to its charm and spaciousness. The dining and adjoining porch overlooks the wooded backyard. We’d had our home renovated about 5 years ago, and though I’ve made the occasional addition to the kitchen (like getting wicker pullouts for some of my drawers), to the garage (outfitted with a work table and tools), and the family room (large comfy sofas in front of the fireplace) and am completely happy in my home, I think the new season warrants a few changes. Now, I know I’ve to be careful here, what with the downturn in the economy not letting up, but I think I can manage my windows for starters!

The living room windows – double-draped single panels.



Roman-Shades-Canada -



The living room has three sets or double sash French windows that overlook the front lawn edged with my tulip beds and a waterfall rockery at the far corner. I’ve dressed them with flat, seamless Artisan Roman Shades made with a very swish looking fabric called Canyon Dusk (printed blue and white antique floral) that creases into neat horizontal folds when raised. They go beautifully with my deep, comfortable Queen Anne sofas and footstools, done in powder-blue felt upholstery, and the white rugs on the mahogany floor (I have mahogany hardwood floors all over my home). An elegant room by any standard! But now I’m a little weary of the sameness, and apart from little additions like satiny cushions for the sofas, I’ve decided to revamp the window styling. I’m going in for a double drapery rod system to suspend a single drapery panel on each rod. Customized to the width of my windows (6 feet by 6 feet), I opted for Artisan rod pocket drapery panels in a white flowy fabric (one and a half times the breadth of the windows) that I’m going to allow to trail on the floor from a foot above the window frames. Then, during the day, I will sweep the inner panel to the left, and the outer panel to the right, to be caught back with tasseled rope tiebacks. So much more interesting than the double panels caught back to either side, suspended from a single rod! The dark drapery rods will also be capped with pearl drapery finials from Crown, making for lush but homey interiors, and will allow my love for interior decor to shine through! I can’t wait for it to be delivered by Zebrablinds. The few impressionist paintings (I’d bought them off the impoverished Dutch painters lining the sidewalks of Amsterdam) hanging on the walls will look vastly elevated once the drapes work their charm!

The daughter’s bedroom windows – wrapped tab tops.


The girl likes my ideas and always appreciates that I work at making the home look good yet homey. Here, my creativity is going to go the extra mile, so no additions are required. What I did was to gather three of the tab tops together and wrap them with girlish, satin bows, alternating the colors pink and green that picked out the pastels in her room. The folds of her tab top drapery fell in sumptuous folds. This also called for two additional panels for her windows, but what the heck, why not?

The kitchen windows – cuff-top valance.


Since the mood is very evidently feminine, I decided on a final change – the kitchen my bastion! The plate glass kitchen window (6 feet by 4 feet) sports off-white cordless faux wood blinds that I’m very happy with, but they do need a pick-me-up this season! I decide to go for a white and yellow checked cuff-top valance that I would suspend over the neat but plain blind headrail. I will get my husband to fix dark metal rosette knobs six inches over the window frame and secure the ties provided on the valance for the eight knobs – and voila! I will have chic voile elegance for my kitchen window. The rosette knobs and the valance have been ordered from Zebrablinds, and all my window accoutrements are due to arrive next week, just in time for spring break, when the kids and their friends will be in and out of the house more times than I can hope to count. But I will have the perfect ambiance to bake batches of brownies and cupcakes, and the garden will be ready cookouts. And my beautiful living room will beckon mightily for me to curl up on the sofa with Jeffery Archer’s latest during the cozy afternoons, my elegantly draped windows allowing me to keep an eye on the kids, grown up they may be! I’m sure everything will look spanking new for the season that’s still blustery and crisp!

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