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Everything You Need To Know About Shopping For Window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

Shades, Shutters and Blinds

Shades, Shutters, and Blinds – What’s Best for Your Windows?


When it comes to window coverings, there are endless options available in the market with numerous specifications. Different window coverings lend different look and functionality to your home. Some window coverings ideas are ideal for those who want to give an artistic appeal to their homes, some for those who prefer smart functionality over looks, some for simplicity lovers, some for those who remain inspired from traditional designs. You just need to weigh your choices and needs, there is no scarcity of possibilities. But for weighing your needs, you need to know about the available products. Less knowledge leads to wrong decisions.

Curtains and drapes are too old school now. With changing trends, window covering ideas are also getting upgrades, inclining towards technology. You must have been hearing a lot nowadays about home automation. Smart window coverings are one of the trending and popular add-ons in home automation which people are implementing in their homes to make them smarter and efficient. There are three major categories of window coverings you will come across while exploring – Shades, Shutters and Blinds. These are the most preferred and convenient options when you need to enhance the look of your windows and make them look elegant.


Let’s Understand the Difference Between Shades, Shutters and Blinds


Custom Window Blinds

These window treatment solutions are composed of hard slats or vanes which tumble down the blind when lowered or pulled across the window to stack vertically. These slats or vanes can be made from materials like wood, PVC, metal, faux wood, bamboo, etc. They are compiled together to form a complete blind. Traditional blinds are controlled by a manual pull cord but smart blinds can be operated by a convenient and portable remote or by your smartphones. Slats stay closed tightly when you close the blinds blocking the harmful UV radiations and hard glare of the sun. You can adjust the angle of these slats to control the amount of light entering as per your need. They are available in various colors, sizes, shapes, textures, patterns and functionality. You can also get them customize according to the theme of your home interiors at affordable prices. Blinds can be categorized according to the specifications as follows:


1. Aluminum Blinds

Made from aluminum, these blinds are tough and offer great value with a sleek look. They are stronger, durable and are available in many colors.

Aluminum Blinds


2. Natural Blinds

These nature-friendly window coverings can be crafted from wood, bamboo, jute, grass, etc. They give your home a natural and earthy feel along with perfect insulation.

Natural Blinds


3. Vinyl Blinds

Implementing vinyl blinds is an economical option to enhance your home décor and make the ambiance soothing. Providing adequate light control, these are available in various colors and sizes.

Vinyl Blinds


4. Composite Blinds

With smooth and superb textures, these cheap window blinds lend an artistic look to your home. They are composed of highly durable materials that serve the purpose of blocking light efficiently.


5. Skylight Blinds

These are perfect for those windows which are hard to reach. Operated smartly with a remote control, they are easy to install and access.

Skylight Window Blinds


6. Faux Wood Blinds

These window coverings offer the look of artistic wood in your home décor along with the durability and easy maintenance of metal or vinyl blinds. They are affordable and crack-resistant.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds


7. Vertical Blinds

Mostly preferred for patio doors and large size windows, these give a stylish and contemporary look to your home. Elongated vanes have made possible to have perfect privacy and complete light control.

Fabric Vertical Blinds


8. Smart Motorized Blinds –

Equipped with Z-wave radio technology, these smart blinds are cordless and are operated by a remote from anywhere in your room. You can even operate them with your smartphone with the help of built-in Z-wave chip and antenna.

Smart Motorized Window Coverings


Custom Window Shades

These smart home window shades, unlike blinds, are crafted from a continuous roll of materials like fabric, polyester, vinyl, fiberglass, etc. They cover a large swath of a window opening, fitting snugly into your windows and stacking neatly at the top. They can be operated either traditionally using cords or smartly using a remote or a smartphone. Shades do not comprise of slats or vanes resulting a smooth and fine look to your windows. The fabric and feeling of shades are warm and flowing, therefore, they are also called soft window covering treatments. You can control the level of opacity in shades for light preferences. Here is the list of types of shades available:


1. Cellular shades

Known for bringing an understated elegance to your homes, cellular shades are the best window coverings for perfect insulation. Their sleek lines and casual appearance add a touch of class in your home décor. They are also called honeycomb shades because they have honeycomb pockets that trap the air keeping the home warmer in winters and cooler in summers.

Vertical Cellular Shades



2. Exterior Solar Shades

Not only inside your home but shades can be effective for exteriors too. These solar shades can transform your exterior space into a cozy area. They provide advance UV protection keeping the area fresh and comfortable.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades


3. Skylight Window Shades

These shades are preferred for those windows which are too challenging to reach. Easy to install and operate, they can be customized as per the size and shape of your windows.

Best Priced Skylight Shades Canada


4. Roller/Solar shades

Known for their classic style and traditional appearance, these roller shades are budget-friendly and energy-efficient. They can be operated either by cords or by a portable remote which makes them smart home window shades. You can also operate them with your smartphones as they are equipped with Z-wave technology and antenna.

Roller Solar Shades


5. Sheer Vertical Shades

These vertical shades are perfect for sliding or patio doors and large size windows. They block the excess light and hard glare effectively providing privacy and comfortable ambiance.

6. Cellular Vertical Shades

These shades have small pockets that trap the outside air making the atmosphere of inside cool and pleasant. They are perfect for extreme weather conditions.

Vertical Shades for Patio Doors


7. Natural Shades

Made from natural materials like bamboo, jute, grass, and wood, they lend a fresh look to your home. They make you feel close to nature and are available in various colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

8. Sheer Horizontal Roller Shades

You will have the maximum control on lighting and view with these sheer roller shades for windows. With various available specifications of color, opacity range, size, functionality and shape, they can give the exact look you want for your home.

Sheer Horizontal Roller Shades


9. Dual shades

These shades combine roller and solar shades on one headrail. They are crafted with various light filtering, room darkening and blackout materials in trendy color shades, textures and designs. Allowing unparalleled versatility in light control and privacy, they are an incredible addition to your home.

Motorized Dual Shades


10. Day-Night Cellular Shades

Also known as Sun Up-Sun Down cellular shades, these day-night shades combine two types of shades in one stacked on top of each other. You have the control of opening or closing either one of them or both of them simultaneously. For darkness, while sleeping, watching movie, you can opt for room darkening shades. For letting in natural light, go for light filtering or sheer shades.



11. Pleated Shades

Featuring an aura of beauty, elegance, simplicity, and charm, these popular window shades will enhance the look of your home instantly. With smooth operations and easy maintenance, you can avail these shades in various colors, textures, and sizes.

Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades


12. Roman shades

These are a perfect combination of tradition and technology. Perfect for any room, kitchen or bathroom, these shades look stunning. They can be operated with a remote and your smartphones too. You can choose from the various traditional fabrics and styles you want for your personalized roman shades.



13. Smart motorized shades

ZebraBlinds has come up with smart home window shades that can be operated from anywhere in your room with a portable remote or your smartphone. Motorized window shades employ the Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) protocol. You can control a single shade or a group of shades simultaneously with the single channel, five channels or sixteen channels remotes. These smart motorized window shades make it simple and easy to operate hard to reach and large windows. They are also safe for kids and pets as there are no cords attached to them.

Smart Motorized Z-wave Cellular Shades


14. Smart Blackout Shades

These shades are perfect if you have rotational shifts at work or if you work at home or if you want to study. They provide complete darkness making the room perfect for an undisturbed and sound sleep. You can enjoy a good night sleep even during daylight.

Smart Zwave Blackout Roller Shades


Custom Window Shutters

Shutters are often the most popular and stylish option of the three. The designs, colors, patterns and customized options of shutters tailored according to your windows can actually add value to your home. They are durable, cost-effective and take care of privacy and light blockage very efficiently. Available in a myriad of styles, they are a desirable solution which can be easily matched with any kind of home interiors. They are crafted by compiling slats or vanes of different materials. You can adjust the angle of slats in shutters too like blinds according to your need of light entering inside. Shutters are well known for providing a timeless style to homes or offices. The louvers of these cheap window coverings can be operated with ease into open and closed position as per your requirements. They are a preferred choice both for inside and outside mount. You can also get them customized as per the size and shape of your windows to give them a scintillating look.

Graber Plantation Shutters

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