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With Proper Window Shadings, Save Yourself Ounces of Sweat!

This summer, outdoor areas don’t have to be all about soaking in the sun. We’ve got you the right solution to beat the heat! Learn more about these summer saviors on our site. While expansive windows and patios may provide breathtaking views, they also require large-scale shading solutions. In addition to providing decorative and functional shades for large windows, sliding panel shades are perfect for patio doors, and can double as room dividers or even closet doors. When covering a patio door, sliding glass door, or any large space, don’t just settle for any vertical blind. It’s important that the little space you’ve made to enjoy the cool evenings or relaxed mornings is picture perfect and comfortable. Just how you want it to be! And nothing better than Zebrablinds, to get you your customized choices in the most explicit range, at economical prices.

The other day I realized that it had been long since I had taken some time for myself – to sit, rejuvenate and read. Something I’d done all my childhood during summers, at Grandma’s in Vancouver. Grandma’s place was a Victorian style home, with those arched windows that generously invited the scorching heat. The summers were typically hot, and the heat waves were accompanied by high humidity making it difficult to bear the extreme weather. Despite it all, the city’s culture and Grandma’s gastronomic delicacies would lure us there. However, during stormy whirlwinds, it would mean being under house arrest.

Shading your Patio Windows with Exterior Sun Shades



Coming back to my home in Toronto, where the summers are characterized by long stretches of dry weather, making it oppressive for brief periods, and the dense urbanscape makes the nights warm. I wanted a real summer break this year, so to avoid the dust storm and the heat I decided to cover my only Patio Window to enjoy a perfect summer evening with my books! It didn’t take me long to go hunting for the most suitable and sturdy shades for my window. With the blink of an eye and click of a button, came my new Vinyl PVC Vertical Blinds from Graber. The smooth vinyl louvers provide a clean and chic look and also seemed easy to clean. The vinyl vertical blind vanes promise durability and excellent value for money. Traversing the blinds require little effort, thanks to the patented Dura-Vue headrail. Every Graber blind comes with a smooth operating headrail. I wouldn’t have been so technical if not for the ease with which I got to choose among the various options. Each had its own respective feature, like the ones from Crown featured smooth, solid colored vanes for an easy cleaning, rugged use and years of durability. Finally, placing a couch near my window I managed to enjoy a good relaxed summer evening, which was lost somewhere in Vancouver. I did relive a piece of my favorite childhood days in Toronto itself!

I was also able to help my cousins living downtown, who’d been complaining of the wrath of summer. Theirs is a lovely enormous place, but its huge Patio faces the scorching heat as it’s west facing. I suggested that they get the Exterior Solar Shades made by Graber blinds, made with the Phifer sun blocking fabric specially designed to include latest technology and performance. I told them how the Phifer fabric renders effective sun control while being decorative in appeal and easy to maintain. It thoroughly covers the corners of the patio, so no more would they have to bother about the insects and bugs that summer invites. What’s more interesting is, with its varying 3%, 5%, 10% openness factor options, one can conveniently enjoy the country view outside as if you’ve worn your sunglasses, while the onlookers will have to have laser eyes to see through the dark film they see. Moreover, as the shades are crafted with the unique green technology exclusive to Phifer, the HVAC load is reduced to such an extent that they efficiently lower the greenhouse gas emissions by almost 40%. No wonder it has been awarded a GreenGuard certification that ensures the highest quality standards in maintaining clean air for your homes. Plus, its antimicrobial feature prevents the growth of bacteria. Besides being flame retardant, it reduces noise levels, making an oasis of your home. These are also perfect for commercial use – say you own a lovely restaurant, but lately the hot atmosphere results in your cool hangout being abandoned. Covering the patios and large windows with these durable and low maintenance solar shades will do the trick for you! It’ll serve as a worthwhile investment for your business. Plus, all your outdoor upholstery can be covered with the Phifer outdoor fabric, in colors that blend with or contrast with the shades!

A Miraculous gift, Wonder Shades, Sun Solution or whatever you may call it – it’s all just an internet connection away. I’m sure all of you who plan to take a break this summer for a good relaxing time might definitely want to consider covering your windows or patios with the same.

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