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Sheer Venetian Blinds for a Subtle and Elegant Look

Sheer Venetian Blinds

Sheer Venetian Blinds for a Subtle and Elegant Look

We all know that curtains, shades and blinds are a lot more than just a decorative item in this day and age. They are so multifunctional and do as much as any other smart devices can. Making the home interiors look more elegant and pretty is just an added advantage for most curtains and blinds. One of the major function of these window treatments is light control. Light control has always been the deciding factor for most customers when it comes to choosing their window treatments. That said, when it comes to both looks as well as the option of light control, sheer venetian blinds are one of the best choices on the market. There are a lot of designs and variations of window treatments using the sheer fabric, but venetian blinds seem to be the talk of homeowners and designers everywhere.


What are Sheer Venetian Blinds?

Venetian Blinds are one of those basic types of blinds that have horizontal slats one above another, stacked together by tapes or chords on either side of each slat. These horizontals slats are suspended over each other in such a way that they can be rotated in unison through 180 degrees. These slats can also be rolled one over another to open the blinds completely or close them. These window treatments give an option of adjusting the view through the window over various degrees.

That said, sheer venetian blinds are a combination of traditional venetian blinds combined with fabric shades. The fabric of sheer venetian blinds allows you to adjust them in different ways for light control, while still having the look and beauty of fabric. By choosing the right material for these horizontal slats, we can achieve a lot more from sheer venetian blinds such as room darkening, UV protection, noise cancellation etc.

Sheer Horizontal Shades


All about Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer horizontal shades are a type of sheer venetian blind that has two layers of sheer fabric connected by fabric vanes. When lowered all the way, the sheer horizontal shades tilt open to reveal the view and let sunlight through. The sheer fabric shades filter the light falling through them. This softens the sunlight and provides a beautiful glow to the room. You can also go for a room darkening fabric so that when the blinds are closed you can have greater darkness. When closed, the shades will provide privacy as well. These Sheer Venetian Blinds are also very lightweight, breezy and elegant to look at.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Shades


The Beauty of Cascade Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are the gorgeous combination of a shade and blind. The build of these shades are in such a way that they allow us to play around with the light and at the same time provide the required amount of privacy. They are made up of two portions, a sheer fabric and a solid fabric. The beauty of these Cascade Sheer Shades is beyond any words. When they are closed, they almost look as calm and as serene as a cascading waterfall.

Sheer Shades are not just beautiful but they are also very smart. When these Shades are aligned to close, you can achieve the maximum light control and privacy. If you align the shade to open, the light flows in through the sheer fabric part of the curtain, filling the space with a soft light. There is always the option of pulling up the shades completely to obtain an unobstructed view outside. These beautiful and smart, readymade Sheer roller blinds are a must have for every household.

Cascade Sheer Shades


Quick Venetian Blind Repair and Easy Maintenance

One factor that makes these shades easy to maintain are the fabric component of the window treatments. It makes the whole window treatment look a lot more lightweight and they are very easy to operate. Even when they are rolled up completely, they do not look bulky by appearance since the fabric rolls up completely.

Venetian Blind Maintenance


You can clean the shades with a cotton cloth or a duster or even a vacuum cleaner, but with an appropriate nozzle and pressure. Which shades may need a lot of attention and need to be cleaned regularly depends on which room they are used in. The rooms where the Sheer Venetian blinds need the most attention would be our kitchen and bathroom. It also helps to identify the spots which need immediate attention and clean them beforehand. This can then be followed by the cleaning of the entire window treatment. It does not matter which material these Venetian Blinds are made up of, venatian blind repair and maintenance is quite simple task.

The venetian sheer shades are surely a huge step up in the window treatments industry. They are a perfect combination of elegance and sophistication. And they are what every modern home needs in today’s world.


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